What's a Unitarian Universalist Pagan?

I need a public religious community.

I am accustomed to gathering someplace on Sunday mornings and seeing friends. I like hearing good words and then finishing up with coffee.

My UU Community works for me. My beliefs and practices fit within their Seven Principles. I find them to be friendly, diverse, and accepting of what I do.

What pieces of my puzzle I don't get there, I pick up somewhere else. I can't see confining myself to just one group. I can't imagine any community being all things to me, and I do like to get out and about.

I have a friend who tells me that she can worship nearly anywhere. She says that she has a problem with our Native American way of calling things in from the quarters, but otherwise, she is fine with the chanting, meditating, candle lighting, and prayerful spirituality.

I have seen friends jump between denominations and across what others would call battle lines. There seems to be room within most spiritual communities for variations in path. Do you really know what the person kneeling next to you is praying to? Creedal differences may not be obvious, unless you ask. Asking has the potential of getting really messy.

When I get mystic, I use words that make Christians see me as one of their own. Perhaps, when we let go of the dogma and focuses upon the journey and connection, many paths look the same.

I suppose there are other communities where I could fit. There are multiple places in which I could find a home, as long as there is music and meditative people doing introspection and celebration. But I might just be left with more to pick up on the outside.

Wherever I nest, I would still have to go out and about for whatever pieces are missing, and I can accept that.

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