A Wiccan Marriage

Some people within the Craft want a legal marriage performed in their tradition. They want the hand fasting to be recognized by our mundane legal system.

Legal marriages are governed by statutes in each state. You need a marriage license and you need to comply with all the rules involved in getting one. Then you need someone to act as a representative of the state to "solemnize your vows." This looks a lot like a spell. The officiant, who has previously established certain external connections, will say a blessing that brings into being this life passage following your exchange of vows.

To learn more, visit How to Perform a Legal Pagan Marriage? Spelcastor has this credential through his association with the Covenant of the Goddess and MoonPath Circle.

However, I am not in the marrying business. I do other mundane things to make a living, and I am reluctant to give up a free afternoon. For people I already know, I will occasionally help.

Be aware that some people are looking just for someone to make the ceremony official. Others are looking for a wedding planner who designs rituals, recruits players, and deals with caterers, photographers, decorations, and other involved people. There is a difference. Either way, a rehearsal is a very good idea.

The Clerk of the Court for each Florida county has a list of Pre-Marital Course Providers who will certify that you have received at least four hours of training about marriage and thus save you $32 off your marriage license. I take marriage very seriously so I feel any training is a good idea, and I got my mundane name added to that list. On rare occasion, I have seen a Wiccan and Fundamentalist Christian who want to marry. I would plead with each of them, "Why would you not choose someone more like yourself?"

Although in the Celtic world, one might marry for "a year and a day," when we are being legal by including the State, what we are doing is a "joining for all time."

The special words I use for the Solemnizing Spell are:

"By the power invested in me by the State of Florida as ordained clergy in good standing, and an Elder in Communion, with the Moon Path Circle, I pronounce you husband and wife (or partner and partner, or whatever)."

In planning your hand fasting, do provide some privacy for a magickal moment. This moment occurs after the solemnizing words are spoken and before your friends and well-wishers embrace you. Leave a pause where you can look each other in the eye and realize what you have just done. Do not hurry, or this moment will be lost.

Enjoy a blessed and legal hand fasting!

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