The Structure of MoonPath CUUPS


We have a Council of congregation members who oversee the operations of our CUUPS chapter. Over all, we have no one belief system; we have no High Priestess or High Priest; and we are open to all except the truly disruptive.

Our purpose is stated online on the front page of and what has worked for us is online at

Our Congregation President suggested that we be more formal in how we form our Council and to elect some officers who will be 1) contact person for the rest of the congregation, 2) keep records of Council membership and decisions, and 3) track our money. Pagan labels for these roles will be First Officer, Scribe and Purse Warden. Each officer may have backup people.

As on August 30, 2009, we see our Counsel as composed of 15 congregation members who are currently active in MoonPath CUUPS.

How do we determine which congregation members may serve on our Council? We make available a sign-up sheet at the close of each sabbat. Any congregation member participating in the ritual AND clean-up provides their name and an email address. Signing at three of the previous eight sabbats is our Council membership requirement.

The Council names a First Officer, Scribe, Purse Warden and multiple Gate Keepers. The Council reviews how Sabbat, Study Group, and other rolls are being assigned and fulfilled. We strive for consensus, but we make 50% our quorum and make tight decisions by majority vote. Council meets quarterly, and we try to do business by email. The beginning of each Study Group includes an opportunity for anyone to discuss how things are going and to suggest any improvements.

The idea is that we govern ourselves with a minimum of amount of busy-work meetings and in a way that is democratic.


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