A Study Group on the Pagan Paths

Thursdays at 7:30 PM, we gather for our Pagan Study Group in Room 5/7 at the UU Congregation of Fort Lauderdale.

We begin with a centering ritual. Next we share briefly who we are and where we are coming from. Then we move into our evening program.

This is a drop-in meeting; however, regular attendance builds trust and community.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale        MAP
3970 NW 21 Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 484-6734

A general outline of our topics looks something like this:

  • A Ritual for a special occasion.
  • Herbal Discussion.
  • Divination: One of us share about the Tarot, Runes, Sticks, Scrying, or whatever.
  • Discussion on the practices and traditions of a coming Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year and what the season means to us.
  • Healing Ritual - We will send healing energy.
  • The Elements of Ritual - What we do and why and who are we talking to.
  • Music Within the Craft - It's lessons and emotions.
  • Wicca on the Web - A Tour of Internet Resources.
  • The Spiritual Path of Drumming.
  • The Mechanics of Magick.
  • The Irish Ogham Alphabet.
  • Was Jesus a Pagan Shaman?
  • Thirteen Moons - The Traditions of Lunar Calendars.
  • Writing Your Own Book of Shadows.
  • Tools and Altars of Differing Traditions.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • The Mystical Mind.
  • Native American Pathways.
  • Protection Spells.
  • The Role of the Wizard.
  • The Music of Loreena McKennitt
  • The Ireland Saint Patrick Saw.
  • Runes: Stories and Castings.
  • Magickal Recipes of the Kitchen Witch.
  • Mead Making and Tasting
  • Consecration Ritual.
  • Candle Magick.
  • Buy / Sell / Trade: Bring in your old altar stuff and their stories.
  • Spells of the Waxing Moon.
  • Rehearsal for an upcoming Ritual with much pageantry.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • Was the Christian Yeshua Really a Pagan?
  • Wand Making.
  • Book Discussion - We read and review one of the Wicca 101 Books or something more advanced. (See the List below.)
  • Ritual Garb Making. Bring your own cloth, needle and thread.
  • A Presentation by one of our members one a topic she finds especially interesting.
  • A Dedication for someone beginning her year and a day of study and practice.
  • Sometimes We Do Movie Night: We watch some classic involving Witchcraft like:
  • Party: We do that sometimes too.
Other Ideas:
  • Astral Candles - Candle making session. One idea I suggested was a weekend workshop, offering my home if everyone would like to join us, that way we have access to my facilities. We could also potentially use UU facilities, if we can work this out. Needs your input.
  • Sabbat Discussion - Just prior to each of the Sabbats, a meeting discussing practices, customs and ideas on how to celebrate. These have the potential of ritual creation/addition as well.
  • Wand Making - This was received enthusiastically. I have a copper wand with a crystal mounted in the end to use as a model... wooden wands and other forms could be created as well. This will take a bit of advance planning, we'll need to determine what materials will be needed, etc.
  • Witch Bottles - Mikal (Eustacia) suggested this magikal craft. We'll need to see if she wants to lead, and what we need.
  • Field Trip to the Hollywood Labyrinth - Everyone is most interested in doing this, so that we can see how they did theirs. A note here, DawenWalker needs to get an estimate on number of bricks needed as soon as we can manage it. In talking with some people who have experience at this, it is my feeling that creating an actual brick walkway, which will be more labor intensive, might be a better way to go. It is the opinion of some that a single brick path might be more difficult for the grounds crew.
  • Lectures by Leslie - Leslie has two lectures, one on Natural Companions and one on Philosophy, that she can present to us. All were very interested.
  • Dedication Ritual - We have several folks who would like a dedication to mark the beginning of their year and a day of study and practice.
  • Numerology Discussion - DawenWalker and I are putting together material for this.
  • Tai Chi & Chi Gong - DawenWalker teaches this, and would be glad to offer a session.
  • Crystal Lecture - We'd like to invite Linda from Crystal Fantasy to come talk to us about crystals and their energies, uses. Our thought is to ask her to bring some crystals for sale, too, in the hope that she can sell some product, and thus be enticed to do future things. She is also a Reiki healer, we might think about that for future consideration.
Top 14 Books
Even for covened folks, introduction to the basics can include general readings:

Questions? Email the GateKeeper.

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