Sandra Cheryl Richardson
and the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising

Sandra Cheryl Richardson is an internationally known psychic consultant, paranormal investigator, and metaphysical teacher. Sandra is also the internationally recognized author of the book, "Magicka Formularia." This book, which was first printed in 2001, explores the formulas of magick and answers just about every question on the topic of sympathetic magick. Sandra is the Grand Elder High Priestess of the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising, a Wiccan coven in Miami, Florida. Her involvement with the coven spans the past sixteen years, and the Circle of Isis Rising is the only coven Sandra has ever been initiated into in this life. Her expertise on psychic realms, the occult, and Witchcraft has been sought by local (Miami), national (Discovery Channel) and international television (Telemundo) stations as well as radio programs she has appeared on.

Sandra has also received positive acclaim from various newspapers in Miami. Her lectures on the occult have been enjoyed by Miami high schools, universities, women's groups, and attendees at various public events. The Miami Police Department also invited her to speak before officers from all over the country on the topic of Witchcraft. Serving the South Florida community as a consultant, lecturer, and priestess has been Sandra's full time career for the past fifteen years.


Sandra lives in Miami with her husband Joe, a Bengal leopard cat, two domestic cats, one hermit crab, and numerous fish. (The previously mentioned hermit crab had since died and was properly mourned with all appropriate pageantry.)

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  • Beginning Wicca

    Explore new age the old way with this series of introductory lectures about the religion of Wicca, also known as the Old Religion and Witchcraft. Learn information from a priestess who has walked the path for over 20 years. Experience meditation, learn history, and see the many faces of the Almighty while you are introduced into the world of the occult.

    A few of the things you can expect to learn from the 13 week course:

    Basic Views on Divinity; Sacred Elements and their symbolism; Meaning of the Pentacle; Philosophy of the Wiccan Rede and the Three-Fold Law; Spirit Communications; Meditation; Sabbats; Altars; Religious History and Pagan Origins

    Weekly Course begins on March 8, 2012, Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. at Celestial Treasures, 3444 Main Hwy, #3, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Cost is $17 per person, per week. 13 classes - $221 total class fee. Includes handouts.

    The training and education received in Beginning Wicca begins the preparation of the individual for the priesthood of Wicca, even if the choice is to be solitary. Presented by the School of the Aeon, a teaching facility designed to bring together spiritual, religious, philosophic, and scientific knowledge. A Certificate of Recognition is awarded to students who successfully complete the course. Beginning Wicca is taught by internationally recognized psychic and author, Rev. Sandra Cheryl Richardson, Priestess of the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising, a legally recognized Wiccan coven.

Sandra is a regular at Celestial Treasures Network
3444 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 (305) 461-2341

Magicka Formularia: A Study in Formulary Magick

Magicka Formularia: A Study in Formulary Magick by Sandra Cheryl Richardson

She contributed to a feature on the cleansing aspects of smudging entitled Fear No Evil airing February 22-23, 2006.

See the transcript from Channel 7 News feature called Festival of Fire on Sandra and her Coven from February 3-4, 2005. 

The Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising has been in existence for over twenty yours and is incorporated as a Florida not-for-profit corporation and as a church with recognition from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. The clergy of the Circle of Isis Rising perform the ministries typical of such a religious organization.

Contact Circle of Isis Rising and Sandra at 305-265-2228 or

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