The Yum-Yum Ritual
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Performed at the MoonPathCUUPS.Org Study Group
January 23, 2003

This ritual is typically performed between two Wiccans or one 
Wiccan and a Muggle. The focus is flirtation, and thus everyone is 
expected to be a consenting adult, even the Muggle.

What is presented here is an outline. These words are best spoken 
spontaneously and not read from notes. 

When performed by two Wiccans, they alternate or mirror each 
line. When the situation includes only one Wiccan and a Muggle, 
the Muggle watches in awe. Lots of eye contact makes the ritual 
more effective. The lines are best ad-libbed, once you have 
the idea of this ritual within your mind.

The two participants sit facing each other on a blanket or altar 
cloth. Two quarter candles are on each side of each of them. 
Other props are a dish of scented oil, two matching goblets of wine,
some select and very ripe fruit, and optionally, a Turquoise Tablet.

If the two are seated on a carpeted floor or a bed. The props are 
placed so they will be in easy reach but not be knocked over. 
Robes or loose fitting clothes are worn. Choose something soft to the  
touch that can be easily removed. There is an offering of a magick 
philtre. Since this Turquoise Tablet takes about 30 minutes to begin 
working, there is plenty of time for ceremony.

The Turquoise Tablet (Invoking the Jolly Blue Giant):

The Lady Wiccan removes from a velvet pouch, the special tablet 
wrapped in tissue. She kisses it and hands it to the Lord Wiccan. 

  Old male fears be cast aside,
  Bring to life that which has died.
  No more, obsess with self-reliance,
  Take some aid from modern science
  Be not concerned with one-time limits,
  This magick starts in thirty minutes.
  Once invoked, enjoy the powers,
  Take your time, it lasts four hours.

He raises his goblet to her and swallows the potion.  

Creation of the Sacred Space:

(These words are best said without ever breaking eye contact.)

I welcome you to my inner world. We step outside of time and 
space. We move between the worlds, where life and death, 
day and night, birth and death, youth and age, joy and sorrow, 
all meet as one.

I cast about us (gesturing while still sitting) a Circle of 
Protection. May nothing harmful enter from the outside. May all 
that happens within, remain our secret.

Light the East Candle (while still sitting):
"Come join us elementals of Air,
touch our minds,
bring to us creativity,
and no glum thoughts,
Sylphs of the East,
Be with us now."

Light the South Candle (while still sitting):
"Come join us elementals of Fire,
 bring us the heat of passion,
 of energy and life itself,
 of heat, of excitement, of energy, of life itself!
 Lend us your vigor and strength.
 Kindle our hearts.
 Salamanders of the South,
 Be with us now."

Light the West Candle (while still sitting):
"Come join us elementals of Water.
 source of feeling and emotion,
 of dreams and intuition.
 Let flow the currents that we become in tune,
 with the torrents that surge within us,
 Undines of the West.
 Be with us now."

Light the North Candle (while still sitting):
"Come join us elementals of Earth,
 Bring us your rich mystery and abundance.
 Ground us in the energies of nature,
 Gnomes of the North,
 Be with us now."

The Toast:

Celebrate each other and being together.

"Alone at last!" (Add your own thoughts and emotions here.)

The Anointing of the Favored Parts:

I start with the forehead representing the mind, my favorite part. 
Then I move on to other favorites. (Add your own here)

The Fruits of the Garden:

A pomegranate is a fine female symbol, just as a banana is a male 
symbol. Ravish the ripe fruit while staring into each other's eyes 
as a promise of what is to come.

The Invocation of the Goddess:

Choose a Goddess of grace, beauty, envelopment and power. 
(Add your Goddess invocation here.)

The Invocation of the God:

Invoke Pan, satyrs, bulls, stallions, etc.

The Great Rite:

We are G-rated group and must stop here.

The Much-Later-Dismissal of Whatever:

(Whoever remembers this part?)

We performed this Ritual with more detail in 2007 as part of a workshop on Pagan Love.


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