Hand fasting of Star and Stormy
As written by Jane Dekovitch
13 June, 2009

HPS:  We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of these two 
women, Star Gonzalez and Stormy Rodman.  They are embarking upon the 
journey of two becoming one in the ancient tradition.    They will make a 
magical vow to love, respect, and to support each other.  They will speak 
their vows, not only to each other, but also to be witnessed by their families, 
friends, and under the watchful gaze of their Gods.

The rite of Hand fasting is an ancient tradition found in many parts of the 
world.  The rite has evolved much from antiquity.  It is the original marriage 
vow; later the Christian church borrowed the symbolism to form the marriage 
ceremony used now.  I will toward the end of the ritual ask the guests 
questions, please answer "I will" when prompted.

Due to our biased laws, our hand fasting will not be a legally recognized 
union, but the vows spoken here today, will be recognized by friends, 
families and their deities.

During our ritual today, different deities from various Traditions will be 
called forth to preside over our ritual.  Yemaya is from our Cuban brothers 
and sisters of Santeria; She is the Goddess of seas, oceans, and sea life.  
Hecate is one of the most ancient of deities, pre-dating written history.  She 
has become the Goddess of the cross-roads, guardian of knowledge, and 
protector of our Ancestors.  Hera, who is the patroness of marriage, will be 
our Goddess we will call to bless this union.

The altars you see here symbolize the deities we are calling to our circle:  
Olga's alter is dedicated to Yemaya and (Hecate) Stormy's alter is dedicated 
to Hecate and my alter is dedicated to Hera symbolized by the peacock 
feathers, cows, apples, and the color purple.



We will now call our deities to our rite:

Star calls Yemaya

Stormy calls Hekate

HPS: Hera, Sacred Queen of Heaven, you who was the first bride and 
protector of the marriage vows, we call unto you to bless our circle and to 
bless this union.   We ask that you see fit to bless this rite with your presence.  
We offer incense, apples, peacock feathers, and wine for your pleasure.  
(Light incense and purple candle)

HPS:  Blessed be all who attend this glorious celebration, and blessed be 
those about to be united in the bonds of love. 

HPS:  Who presents our couple?

Maid of Honor: I, as representative of Star's family, do welcome Stormy 
Rodman into our family.

Matron of Honor:  I, as representative of Star's friends, do welcome Stormy 
Rodman into our circle of friendship.

Best Man: I, as representative of Stormy's family, do welcome Star Gonzalez 
into our family.

Best Woman:  I, as representative of Stormy's friends, do welcome Star 
Gonzalez into our circle of friendship.

HPS:  Star what is your intent?

Star: To honor and cherish the one I love

HPS:  Stormy, what is your intent?

Stormy: To join the one I love

You are aware of the reality of the vows you are about to speak to one 
another; of the responsibility that comes when a partnership is created. If 
there is any reason within your hearts that this ceremony should not continue 
at this time, I charge you to voice it now, for marriage is based on honesty 
and trust, and only with those things can you successfully create a 
Pause for effect

May Yemaya, Hekate, and Hera by their divine spirit, bless these rings, the 
symbol of union, with happiness, wholeness, and love.

Star speaks her vows and slips ring on Stormy's finger
Stormy speaks her vows and slips ring on Star's finger

HPS: And if harm is done, will you seek to repair it?

Answer in unison: I will.

HPS: Will you seek to be honest with her in all things?

Answer in unison: I will.

HPS: Will you support her in times of distress?

Answer in unison: I will.

HPS: Will you temper your words and actions with love?

Answer in unison: I will.

HPS: These things you have promised to your partner, before this company 
and the Gods. May you ever be mindful and strive to keep the vows you have 
spoken for as long as love shall last.

HPS: I have spoken, "for as long as love shall last" rather than "until death do 
you part" in the face of the reality that situations and people change. 
However, this does not mean rending your partnership at the first sign of 
trouble or disagreement, for you know that in relationships come difficult 
times. It is your responsibility within this partnership to strive for acceptable 
solutions, to work toward healing the hurts that will occur, and only after 
having exhausted all other avenues of possibility and not reaching a solution 
should such a bond be broken.

                   In Address to the Guests

HPS: Will all of you, present here and witnessing these vows, assist and 
support these two people in their union?
Answer: I will.

HPS: As these two people are joined, so are their families united through 
them. It has been their decision to bind themselves by marriage, and their 
lives will be blessed and enriched by the support you give. Will you 
encourage and bless Star and Stormy in their union? Will you celebrate their 
marriage, standing beside them in rough times, yet not standing between 

Answer: I will.

HPS: So Mote It Be.

HPS: You are friends and relatives of this couple, and thus you are an 
important part of their lives. Their interactions with you are colored by your 
actions and words. You have a responsibility to one another and to this 
couple to be supportive, understanding, and honest, and on this day of their 
marriage do I charge you to temper all of your dealings with love. So Mote It 

Unity candles:

HPS: As two flames become one, this is a symbol of two lives melding into 
one. Is this your intent?

Both: It is

Together: May our love be one

HPS: By this cord you are thus bound to your vow. May this knot remain tied 
for as long as love shall last.  

Great Hera, in Your sight have these people promised themselves to one 
another, made vows before You and these people. Bless them in their new 
life together.
I present to you Stormy and Star!!

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