An Initiation to the Priesthood of Sekhmet
On the Beach at Pompano Beach, FL
November, 1999

Location: Just South of Atlantic on Beach at Pompano
Time: Rehearsal at 5 PM Ritual at 7 PM.
Use Pentacle Layout: Balloons or Pinwheels.

In this era, we would use ritual outlines and not write out every word.
Some good ad-libbing was thus lost. Later, we took to writing.

Cast the Circle

Use Sophia's Lioness Quarter Calls

Invoke and Explain Sekmet

Explain "A Year and a Day" before Initiation

The First Degree implies at least a year and a day of study and

By then one might be expected to know something of:

     Our History
     The Eight Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year
     14 ritual tools
     Something of herbs
     Something of runes
     Something of cards
     Something of the stars
     Something of divining
     Something of spellcraft
     Something of other traditions
     Have led a ritual
     Taught some of this to others
     The learning never stops.

Blanket Covering of Dedicant, Struggle and Rebirth Symbolism

Choose a Name: SophiaLinus

Chosen Skills: Healing, Peace, Love, Learning

Cakes and Ake: Red Beer and Barley Bread

Presentation of Sophia to the Five Quarters

Open the Circle

Sekhmet names:
Tameran names: Sekhmet, Sakhmet, Sekhmet the Destroyer
(N.B. In addition to native variations by 
locality or over time, there are often several possible
transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

Sekhmet: The Goddess of sunset, destruction, death, and wisdom. The
cycle of life and death was created when the primeval Goddess
Sekhmet-Bast divided into two sisters, Sekhmet and Bast.
Wife of Ptah. Het Heret is often depicted as Sekhmet's
"more gentle side". Sekhmet is typically shown as a black skinned 
woman with the head of a lioness. Her eyes and hair are often
orange or red.

Halloween was originally celebrated as the Feast of Sekhmet and

"Sekhmet is the wise old grand-mother leg of the divine triangle -
I mean trinity. She is called Kali in the east, and she is also
known as the destroyer Goddess. She helps us to bring a close
to things which do not serve us in our lives." - Majik

"In Astrology she will resonate strongly with Saturn, Pluto, and
the asteroid Chiron. She wants renewal and healing for everything
and relentlessly creates the conditions for us to keep growing
and changing, by moving us out of static patterns and into the
dynamic quality of new experience... She is depicted as a 
woman with the head of a lion." - Majik

"In the tarot she will resonate with the High Priestess card, and
the Death Card, and the Queen of Swords, and the Justice or
Adjustment card...There are probably others." -

"All of these attributions are some not all of the attributions.
She may seem hard on us at times, but it is because we in our
drama enough to be unable to see the rebirth that is always
involved with the endings and "deaths" we encounter through
our experience here at this octave of conciousness." - Majik

"She loves you very much." - Majik

"So much it can be scary!!!!" - Majik
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