(Wiccaning/Saining) Designed by Eustacia Blackstar, Circle of the Sun
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July, 2001

HP:  And now we have another very important task.  We have been
asked to perform the blessed Rite of Wiccaning or Saining as it
may be called.  It is indeed, our honor to do so in the names of 
the Lord and the Lady.

The purpose of this Rite is to welcome a newborn, and to ask that
the blessings of the Lord and the Lady be bestowed on the child. 
We will thank the Powers, and introduce the child to the
elementals for their blessing and protection.

Traditionally the child's magickal name is spoken for the first
time. You, as members of the child's community will have the
opportunity to offer blessings or best wishes for the child's
health, happiness and prosperity.

The child does not become a member of our circle at this
time.  She is allowed to make her own choice in these matters,
when sufficient age and understanding is attained.  Let us begin.

HPS:  There is new addition to our number.  Let us give her due
welcome.  (Mother and child/family enter circle.)

Who presents this child to the Powers for blessing?

Mother responds.  (I am ---------, her mother.)

What is the magical name of this child by which she shall be
known in these Circles, until she chooses a name for herself?

Mother responds. (I present my daughter------------)

Merry Meet, ------------- and much love to you.

(HPS places blessed water on the head of the child .)

HP:  (laying hands on the child)  May the Blessings of the wise
Father God, far-seeing and far-knowing be upon thee, now and

HPS:  (laying hands on the child)  May the blessings of the
Triple Goddess, of Maiden, Mother and Crone and all their
guidance and protection be upon thee, now and forever.

HP MEDITATION:  (Read slowly and with pauses)

Everyone, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  From overhead, see
the bright light of the Spirit pouring into this place and into
your heart.  Allow this to warm you and fill you to overflowing. 
When you sense the energy reaching a pinnacle within, direct it
outward.  Visualize this energy forming a pink sphere of love and
joy around this sacred space. Think of the child here with us,
and your wishes for her.  Give all your love and support to that 
sphere so that she is surrounded by the blessing of perfect love. 
So mote it be.  You may open your eyes.

HPS:  A family does not stand here alone in this Rite.  Without
the presence and support of a caring community, they can not give
their daughter all that she needs to grow strong and balanced. 
Will you all here present accept the task of providing a
supportive community to this family.

All:  We will.


HPS:  --------------, Your child has received the blessings of
the Lord and Lady and those here gathered.  The bringing of new
life into the world and the linking of one so young to the most
Ancient Ways is a very serious matter. Thus, you must pay close
attention to these exhortations:

You must give your child the finest and deepest training, yet
make not her life one of tedious labor.  One so young must live
well the joys of life.

HP:  You must give your child a home of warmth and gentleness. 
Moderate any conflict so that her world knows no disruption.

HPS:  Respect your child as an individual for she is unique. 
Remember that a small frame and a child's ways often cover a fine
mind that in later years many shall honor.

HP:  Give always fair hearing to your child.  Have patience as
she learns and asks, and remember that you, yourself, once walked
on the same path.

HPS:  Give ever new horizons, new challenges, new worlds so that
your child may go so far as her mind and spirit shall lead. Will 
you abide by these duties to the best of your ability?

Mother:  I will.
HPS:  Then, let us now set the child on the path that she may one
day choose to follow.  

(HP leads the family to each Quarter)

(HPS says the following from the altar)

East:      Oh Air and inspiration, the morning winds, gentle
Powers of the East.  Bless and protect this child. So mote it be.
(Child is given a feather.)

South:    Oh Fire and energy, the noon sun, passionate Powers of 
the South.  Bless and protect this child. So mote it be. ( Child 
is given some chili peppers.)

West:     Oh Water and insight, the evening tides, cleansing
Powers of the West.  Bless and protect this child.  So mote it
be. (Child is given a shell)

North:    Oh Mother Earth and growth, the midnight loam,
steadfast Powers of the North.  Bless and protect this child.  So
mote it be. (Child is given a scrolled copy of the exhortations
by Mother Earth)

HPS: (Taking the child and holds her up)  Behold______________,
the Sun and the Moon.  Only these are greater than you. 

HP:  This tiny flame that we give into your keeping, represents
the new life that is beginning.  As parents, you are charged with
the duty of nurturing this new life. Your child represents the
beginning of the Circle of Life.  Take with you this night our
fondest hopes and brightest blessings.

See also, "A Witches' Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar, Phoenix Publishing,
Part I, Chapter XII, Wiccaning

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