A Rune for all Reasons -- Jack Veasey
from To Light a Sacred Flame by Silver RavenWolf, p.160,
LLlewellen Press, 1999

(Here is a complete Ritual within a Poem.
 Insert your own workings and do a magickal read.)

Up through my roots, down through my wings,
into my core, energy sings.
Through mind gone still, through words that dance,
descend upon me sacred trance.

Let all impediments to grace
now be banished from this place.
Salted water, smoke of sage,
cast out all trace of doubt, fear, rage.

Rise up, flame, and circle 'round --
within, protection will be found.
The forces raised within your frame,
Circle of Power, you'll contain.

Spirits of East, South, West, North,
I summon, stir, and call you forth.
Graces of thought, change, feeling, fact --
these gifts now let your strength attract.

O Lady, Queen of Earth and Sea,
come to my aid, I cry to Thee.
O Lord of Air, O lord of Fire,
come and bring form to my desire.

O light that rises, light that spins,
I raise you as the Work begins.
O swirling cone of power, I pray
that you now do as I now say.

Insert your magickal workings here:

   These people here have come to learn
   Traditions for which some did burn.
   Take ancient books down from the shelf,
   Touch God and Goddess, within oneself.

O mighty Ones, you are released
with thanks and love by this your priest.
O Circle, open your embrace,
O Power, to your task make haste.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, now hear ye --
align yourselves compatibly!
Let no reversal trouble me --
as is my will, So mote it be!

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