A Requiem
October 2004

This is a memorial (ritual) or requiem that can be used in an interfaith 

Today we honor "____"

I met and knew "____" briefly and knew "____" was a wonderful person.  I met 
"____" through ________.  "____" had her traditions and I had mine, and we 
shared our beliefs and dreams.  "____" was loving and kind and gentle and 
willing to learn about different things.  Today we come to honor "____" and 
help in her transition from this life to where ever "____" is now, and we 
endeavor to ease the pain that is felt by her closest family and friends. 
And would like to say "____" is out of pain.  "____" is in a better place.

So it is with some sadness that today we honor "____".

At this time of year some traditions honor their Ancestors.  They honor the 
ones whom they love but who have gone on and left them behind.  This is the 
time to celebrate the three phases of life that we all must traverse: death, 
birth, and life.  These are the three stages of transformation of the life 
force energy.  "____" has just gone through such a transformation.

So it is in this stage of life that today we honor "____" and ask for 
"____"ís guidance in how we should carry on with life without "____".  There 
was a saying in Ancient times:  Those who are remembered live.  The spirit 
of the person shall live as long as they are remembered.  So we will 
remember "____" today, and "____" will be remembered and live for as long as 
"____"ís name is remembered.

Through out time, even back to the days of the Neanderthal people honored 
their loved ones who were departed from them.

And today we honor "____".

What comprises our spirit??  No one knows the answer to that or even if 
there is a spirit.  But many people believe in the spirit and that it is in 
each and everyone of us.  Is it connected to the God/dess or higher universe 
intelligence??   No ones knows for sure.

Today we honor "____" and ask that "____" be blessed and:
    "____" goes into Love //  "____" goes Above
    "____" enters the Light  //  "____" reaches the Height

We know that our bodies are comprised of common elements.  And these 
elements return to the earth after the transformation of death.

There are four elements, and they are known as Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.  
We also know that there are four directions, North, East, South, West.

Today we honor "____" and ask that "____" be blessed and:
    "____" goes forth // "____" goes North
    "____" is filled with mirth // "____" leaves this Earth.

Today we honor "____" and ask that "____" be blessed and:
    "____" will feast // "____" goes East
    "____" will always inspire // "____" will avoid the Fire

Today we honor "____" and ask that "____" be blessed and:
    "____" is the mouth // "____" goes South
    "____" will never despair // "____" will float in the Air.

Today we honor "____" and ask that "____" be blessed and:
    "____" will quest // "____" goes West
    "____" is her mother's daughter // "____" will swim in the Water

Today we honor "____"

Blessings to "____" and all of "____"ís family and friends, and everyone 
here.  Blessed Be.  So Mote It Be,
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