WindQuicksilver’s Dedication to Apollo

June 9th, 2005 at 7:30pm, the Moonpath CUUPS Shrine, UUCFL, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Dedicant                                                                    Firetender

WindQuicksilver                                                       Ken


Attendant                                                                   Quartercallers

Dawn – Mother of Dedicant                                    East - Sarasvati

                                                                                   South – Aleph the Seeker

Priestesses                                                               West – Deep Sea Star

Dragonfly                                                                    North – Fionn Stormwing




Ritual Garb

Everyone is to wear white, preferably flowing clothing or robes.


Staging & Props

(6) Tiki Torches for Quarters & Entryway

Fire in Shrine Firepit

Sage Incense, Shell & Feather


Anointing Oil with White Dish

Altar with White Altar Cloth

Apollo Statue & Altar Candles

Red & White 7-Day/50 hr. Candles

(2) Small Tables with White Clothes for Candles & Offerings

CD player & David Bowie music

Dedicant to provide all items for Altar – a special white 7-Day candle, offerings, altar items, tools, etc.



Step #1

(Ken will set-up the tiki torches, for the quarters & entryway, and the fire in the firepit prior to the CUUPS meeting.)


Step #2

(The tables that will be the Altar & Offering Tables will be placed in SE with all the stuff that will go on it near by.  Prior to the ritual, the HPSs will set-up the Altar tables with cloths, the Apollo statue and the glass red & white candles.  The Dedicant will then put her majikal items on the Altar and set-up the Offering Table. The HPSs and Dedicant will then join everyone in the study group room.)


Step #3

(After the CUUPS introduction, everyone who will be in the ritual – HPSs, Dedicant & her Attendant, and the Quarter Callers – will walk out to the Shrine, through the Bathroom Hall and out through the Memorial Garden, followed by everyone else, single file.) 


(When we approach the Ritual Circle, the Dedicant will be led by her Attendant to face the Medusa Tree.  The participants will stop in line so that the ritual space can be cleansed and created by the HPSs.)



(The HPSs will cleanse and create the ritual circle.)


Dragonfly:  (Will cleanse the ritual space with sage and chanting, going clockwise): “Ie……Ie……Paian…….”


dragnfli:  (Will create the ritual circle with her athame after Big D has gone ¼ of the way round.) 


(The HPSs will circle once and end up back at the Entryway.)



dragnfli: (The Participant will now be instructed to enter sacred space and form a circle.)  “Please enter this sacred temple.”


Dragonfly:  (Once everyone is in Circle):  “Please close your eyes and take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth; we will imagine ourselves as being firmly rooted to the earth but with our spirits soaring freely.”


"Now, everyone please follow our example for a self-anointing, while dragnfli says the Rite of Lustration."


dragnfli:  ("Rite of Lustration" [or, A Rite of Self-Blessing], Reif, 1999, 66-67)

1.            Put the fingers of your right hand in the center of your forehead and say:

            "Eye of spirit where wisdom enters."

2.            Extend your right arm out toward the right saying:

            "May her good enter from the right hand,"

3.            Extend you left are out toward the left saying:

            "May her good enter from the left hand,"

4.            Bring both hands to your heart (mid-chest), and say:

            "For she dwells within…"

5.            Bring your forearms down, palms up, and say:

            "And without,"

6.            Bring your hands again to your heart, as before, and say:

            "In beauty…"

7.            Bow your head and say:

            "And honor,"

8.            Raise your arms up, hands upward, and say:



DEDICANT:  “You do the Hockey-Pockey and you turn yourself around.  That’s what it’s all about!”



(The Dedicant and her Attendant will now approach the Entryway, the HPSs will challenge the Dedicant before she enters.)


dragnfli:  “Who approaches this Temple of Apollo?”


Dedicant:  “WindQuicksilver, Seeker of the God of Light.”


Dragonfly:  “What is your purpose here?”


Dedicant:  “To dedicate myself to the God, Apollo.”

 dragnfli:  “Please enter.”


(The Dedicant will now be led to the Altar by the HPSs.  The Attendant will remain at the Entryway.)


OPENING RITUAL - Calling the Elemental Beings & Diety


Dragonfly:  “We will now invite the Elemental Beings to our Rite.”


East Quarter: “Hail Thalia, the ‘Flourishing,’ muse of comedy and idyllic poetry, our Guardian of the East, whose power is of Air.  Elementals of the blowing wind, of the Faes, the Sylphs, and dragons, we call you up.  Please be with us now.”


South Quarter: “Hail Calliope, the ‘Fair-Voiced,’ muse of epic poetry, our Guardian of the South, whose power is of Fire.  Elementals of the licking flames, of the Salamanders, we call you up.  Please be with us now.”


West Quarter: “Hail Terpsichore, the ‘Whirler,’ muse of the dance, our Guardian of the West, whose power is of Water.  Elementals of the roaring seas, of the Dryads, of the sea creatures, of those who dwell in the deep blue waters, we call you up.  Please be with us now.”


North Quarter: “Hail Polyhymnia, ‘She of Many Hymns,’ muse of sacred poetry, our Guardian of the North, whose power is of Earth.  Elementals of the fertile earth, of the nymphs, of the woodland creatures, we call you up.  Please be with us now.”



(Together the HPSs will say the “Prayer to the Great Mother” as dragnfli lights the Goddess Candle and then say the Prayer to the “Lord of the Dance” as dragnfli lights the God Candle.)


Prayer to the Great Mother

"Lady, from you all things emerge,

and unto you all things return.

Please bless this work we do now,

That we may feel it flowing from your pleasure and bounty

And boundless intelligence.


Lady, from you all things emerge,

And unto you all things return. 

So now we give this work to you.

For though all is yours,

It is possible to run from your love.

Instead we raise our faces, like the child's to the mother,

That we may live in your pleasure, bounty,

And boundless intelligence.

So mote it be."

(dragnfli to light left altar candle)


Prayer to the Lord of the Dance

"Most holy sacrament of Selfhood,

Who forever lifts His divine head

To be blessed and to bless,

Please be with us now.


You are Her chosen one, Her anointed one.

Bring us these mysteries.


It is all pleasures to love you.

Make us smile with these pleasures.


You see the futures our Mother breathes life into.

Bring us your vision.


You reside in us,

So that we shine with our own unique divinity,

And are in ourself and of ourselves God.


Bless this work.

So mote it be."

(dragnfli to light right altar candle)                                   (Prayers from DeGrandis, 1998, 28-30)



dragnfli:  “On this night of Diana’s Bow New Moon, we invite the eternal twins, the Sun and the Moon, the guardians of young men and women, Apollo and Artemis, to join us this eve’n tide to witness and protect this rite and those participating.  Guide us and guard us as we honor you in this dedication to Apollo.”



Dragonfly:  “We gather here tonight, on this evening of Diana’s Bow New Moon of June 2005, to support WindQuicksilver as she dedicates herself to the God, Apollo.”


dragnfli:  “WindQuicksilver, in your own words, please tell us what you are dedicating yourself to.”


WindQuicksilver:  (The Dedicant  reads her hymn/dedication speech, make her offering and light her special white 7-day candle.  Dedicant may walk around the temple at will, and be DRAMATIC so everyone can hear you!)


Dragonfly:  “What name have you chosen for yourself?”


Dedicant:  “(???????)”


dragnfli:  “Are there any questions for (???????)?”


(PAUSE to wait for Questions.)


Dedicant:  “(REPLY)”


Dragonfly:  “Welcome (???????).”


Present Dedicant to Apollo

Attendant:  (As the Dedicant approaches the Medusa Tree, the Attendant will anoint her head with oil.)


HPSs:  (The HPSs will present (???????) to Apollo by walking her to the Medusa Tree, turning to face the Ritual Circle, and saying the following):


dragnfli: “I, dragnfli DECORIUS ilfngard, Faerie Shaman and Priestess of Apollo & Artemis, do hereby present (???????) to her chosen God, Apollo.  May he give her love, inner knowing, outer strength, guidance, and many blessings on her new journey.  Gnothi sauton [gno-tee sow-ton] {Know thyself.}  So mote it be.”


Dragonfly:  “I, Dragonfly, a Faerie Shaman and Priestess of the Goddess, do hereby present (???????) to her chosen God, Apollo.  May he give her a quick wit, a fleet foot, inspiration, courage, beauty and light on her new journey.  So mote it be.”



Releasing Diety & Elemental Energies:

(The HPSs and Dedicant will now return to the Main Altar.)


dragnfli:  “Apollo & Artemis, thank you for attending this dedication rite in honor of Apollo.  Please be with (???????) as she begins her passage to a new life.  Stay if you will, or go in peace.  Blessed be.”


Dragonfly:  "Holy Mother, thank you for your gifts and blessings.  Blessed be."


dragnfli:  (put out the left altar candle)


Dragonfly:  "Lord, thank you for your presence and love.  Blessed be."


dragnfli:  (put out the right altar candle)


Dragonfly:  “Mother keep us mindful, stay with us in the union of all things.  So mote it be.” 


dragnfli:  "Polyhymnia, Terpischore, Calliope, and Thalia, our Elemental Muses of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air–– we thank you for attending this rite.  Stay if you will, or go in Peace. So be it."



Dance!!! – Music by David Bowie, “Dance Magic Dance” from The Labyrinth


*******EVERYONE TO HUG!!!*******

A Token



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Reif, Jennifer.  (1999)  The Mysteries of Demeter. 


Rose, ???.  (19??)  The Handbook of Greek Mythology. 



Internet Research on Apollo conducted in February 2005, included the following sites:






   (especially regarding Greek ritual content)

Telephone conversation with Antaia, June 1, 2005 at 9:30pm (Thank you!)


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