An Alternative Rite for the Passage of Divorce
MoonpathCUUPS in Fort Lauderdale
February, 2007

(A handfasting is when two people are joined together. A
handparting is when two people are splitting or divorcing. For this
ceremony perhaps only one of them is present. For this example, we
shall assume that this person is a woman and call her the Extant.)

(Present are the Extant (the person who is exiting the relationship), 
a High Priestess (HPS), High Priest (HP), and perhaps some invited guests.)

(The Deities invoked, the energies at the Quarters, and the choices
of colors are quite personal. So are the words to be recited by the
Extant, all depending upon her circumstances.)

(Props include altar tools, a black column candle, a black taper
candle, a white taper candle, anointing oil, a sword, and optional

(The HPS casts the Circle:)

   "I cast this Circle 'round about,
    Good stays in and bad stays out."

(The Quarters are invoked alternately by HPS and HP. Give special
thought to the significance of what you draw from each Quarter.)

HPS: "Elementals of the South representing fire and passion, be
with us tonight."

HP: "Elementals of the East representing intellect and choice, be
with us tonight."

HPS: "Elementals of the North representing earth and the material
world, be with us tonight."

HP: "Elementals of the West representing emotion and finality, be
with us tonight."

(The Goddess and possible a God are invited. Select the Deities
most meaningful.)

(HPS & HP, standing at the altar, declare the intent of the

HPS: "This evening we gather in the sight of the Goddess and the
God to mark a passage. Extant is ending a relationship and moving

HPS: "Extant, is this why you are here?"

(Here Extant steps to the altar and may repeat her intentions.)

HP to the Others present: "Do you come in support of Extant?"

Others: "Yes!"

HPS: "Do you, Extant, bring with you any symbols from your past?"

(Extant responds.)

HPS: "What is, is. What was, used to be. What lies in the future is
guided by our choices today."

HP: "To move forward, we are invited to lighten our load by letting
go of the past."

HPS lights the column candles and starts, "Once there was a
relationship. It was one of two people. There was some good and
some less than good."

(HP picks up the black taper. The Extant picks up the white.
Together they light them from the column candle.)

HP: "A relationship is made of two people and now one of them is

(HP steps away from altar, snuffs his candle, and places it outside
the Circle.)

HPS to Extant): "Do you acknowledge that this relationship is

The Extant states, "I acknowledge that this relationship is over."

HPS uses snuffer to extinguish the column candle. "More than this
candle is extinguished."

HPS: "Tell us of your independence."
The Extant makes a statement on independence, "I, Extant, tonight
begin my life anew.... I am done with _________."

Optional words depending upon the Extant's situation:

(Extant places her burning taper on the altar.)

(I will be amicable enough not to feed fires of past discontent in
whatever links I must maintain to my past. I look back only for
child support or whatever.)

(HPS and HP offer blessings of the Goddess and the God to Extant as
they anoint her with oil.)

HPS: "Extant, the blessings of the Goddess are upon you." 

HP: "Extant, the blessings of the God are upon you."

(HPS and HP present Extant to each of the Quarters:)

HPS/HP: "Elementals of the North, we present to you Extant, a
strong and powerful woman."

HPS/HP: "Elementals of the West, we present to you Extant, a strong
and powerful woman."

HPS/HP: "Elementals of the South, we present to you Extant, a
strong and powerful woman."

HPS/HP: "Elementals of the East, we present to you Extant, a strong
and powerful woman."

HPS and HP present Extant to the others present:

HPS/HP: Friends gathered in support, we present to you Extant, a
strong and powerful woman."

Others: "Raucous applause!"

(The others present offer blessings, encouragement, and token gifts
to Extant.)

"HPS: "Extant, tonight you take the first step in your new life."

HP: "Extant, step over this sword as the first of many obstacles
you will overcome."

(The Extant takes the first step of her new life.)

(Much cheering and applause.)

HPS: "Extant, you are in charge of your own life. Close this Ritual
by thanking the Deities and dismissing the Quarters."

Extant: "I thank the Goddess and the God for their presence
tonight. Be with me on my journey."

Extant: "I dismiss the Elementals at the Quarters: North, West,
South, and East. Heed my call in my time of need."

Extant: "This Circle is open but unbroken. Let food and drink be
brought forth! Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again."
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