Pagan Night
November 5, 1995
at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale
The Time is the Dark of the Moon
An Evening of Ritual and Stories

We have 10 people plus the 2 of us signed up for our ceremony.
(We can have one more.)

They want something fun, educational, and that includes fire.  The
Gonzalez want a marriage re-affirmation. 

We give them an entertaining tour of pagan traditions and history.
We show them how to recpgnize examples of paganism in their day-to-
day world.

There are the formal Gardnerian pagans with their rules and
historical link.  There is Starhawk and Margot Adler.  There are
the playful self-generating groups who make up rituals as they go
along.  They spring up like plants on fertile ground.  There are
the eclectic solitaries.

There are the goddess religions, the earth religions,  Native
Americans, Celtic Christians, and Africans.

We start by displaying an alter full of props, closing the circle,
and invocations.

We can use a naming rock.  To check people in, we write everyone's
name on a large flat stone.  Then we do a naming and invite them to
give themselves a second name for inside the circle. (We carry the
stone around to remind us of who is who.)

We can set up different rooms with different props and use lots of
candles and shadows.  For an air of mystery, we can draw lots to
select which room we enter next.

In one room, we can cast runes.  (We use a poster display as an aid
to remember which rune means what.)

In one room, we can do tarot.  We tell a history of cards, and tell
a future or two.

We can draw lots to select which room we visit next.

Somewhere we need a reverence to the goddess of agriculture and the
birth of civilization.

For the wedding re-affirmation, we can use stepping over the broom. 
We form a circle and chant.  The couple hold hands and step
together.  To add to their excitement, the couple could wear robes
without underwear.

Somewhere we need a full moon.

Somewhere we explain a personal Book of Shadows.

Somewhere we need a campfire.  I will make black powder "puff

We talk about Mother Nature and Easter.

We talk of the seasons and the special days.

We look for pagans on TV.  Remember Bewitched?

Somewhere we need an eating and drinking session.

Somewhere we explain resources: Books, shops, CUUPS, Internet.

Recall a delightful movie, "Bell, Book & Candle."

Somewhere we need to talk about induction.

Much of this stuff is in Solitary Practitioner.  What are your

Spell Casting

A Naming Stone from the foot of the Athabasca Glacier

Family Altars

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