Spring Equinox at MoonPath CUUPS
The Magick Meadow
The Temple of the Sisterhood of Ahel Adom
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
~Saille Honor~

Cast Members: 
*HPS 1:  Saille, HPS 2:  d'Elf, 
*Dark Moon Council Members, Dedicants
*Spel (Sage)
* Maiden (Emily/RedOrchard & Mother (Melissa/C.W. with drum) stand at 
entrance/gate with bowls of grain
*CUUPS members for minions in the East, North, and South.

Firetender:  Brad M

Incense burning at gate: 
jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, dragon's blood, cinnamon, aloes wood, benzoin, 
musk, sage, lotus, violet flowers, orange peel, thyme, rose petals.

Altar(s) situated either in the NE or SW, NE preferred 

(Chahanpi Weaver calls everyone to ritual, beating the single frame drum)

C.W.:  "Ritual is about to begin.  Please follow me to the patio...."

(at patio, Spel stands on the lawn below the first patio step while others 
collect in patio area.  HPSs will already be at ritual area.)


The Christian holiday of Easter is the most widely-celebrated Spring
holiday in the Western world, with the ancient themes of death and
then resurrection at its core. Easter falls on the first Sunday after
the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, and many of the traditions
of Easter preserve our ancient Pagan connections to land and the changing

The name for the Pagan Sabbat is, of course, Ostara and actually comes
from that of the Teutonic lunar Goddess, Eostre. Her chief symbols were
the bunny - or hare - (for the well-acknowledged ability of this animal
to reproduce itself and because the ancient people who worshipped Her
were said to see the image of a rabbit in the full moon), and the egg
(which represents the "cosmic egg" of creation). This is where the
customs of "Easter Eggs" and the "Easter Bunny" originated.  

Hm.  (pause)

In many cultures, the Goddess at this time of year was not only
worshipped as a Goddess of Fertility, but also as the Goddess of Grain.
Special cakes and breads were baked and given to Her in offering. This
tradition remained, long after the original reasons were lost, and the
tradition of baking special Easter breads and cakes still remains today.

Ostara is a time of renewal and rebirth; those of the heart and soul
as well as the land. Days and nights are of equal length and the year
is radiantly waxing into warmth, fertility and light. The Earth is
ripening. The Wheel of the Year has turned again and it is Spring when
all things are young, playful and new again.

We just might be feeling a little frisky and flirtatious, too.
We can enter this time of the year by tenderly reclaiming childhood -
pampering and honoring our child within - and just play and have fun,
remembering the freedom and joys of childhood.  

Yes, today the dark has once again begun to fade,
the Winter's fulcrum balanced with the Spring.
Once great and mighty shadows turn mere shade,
and green returns to color growing things.
Rejoice! The world is born again from seed.
It cracks the brittle crust of earth to reach
out for the sun's return, its will to breed
and manifest all nature's divine speech.

(~excerpt,Ostara Blessing/21 MAR 2005)

Take a piece of what you do here back with you and weave it into your life.
Let us be inspired!  Let us be childlike!  Let us put our unbridled
visions into liberating, creative motion!  Come...there is magick in the

*Chahanpi's drumbeat starts.  We are led to ritual space by the single 
drumbeat of the frame drum - Maiden first, then Chahanpi, Spel, Ash, 

~Incense burning at the gates~
At gate, a handful of grain is to be taken by every person entering the 
Circle, which is sprinkled, helping to define the Circle as it is walked.  
Maiden is positioned at Gate, holding the bowl of grain, offering it to all 
those who enter, saying:

Maiden:  "Take this grain and sprinkle it, to help create our Sacred Space."

Chahanpi leads, traverses the Circle once, beating the frame drum, then 
returns to the Gate.  Once she is back, all the other drummers join in as 
Sacred Space continues being created.


Saille:  "...and now, let us cast the Circle"
hand-to-hand circle cast.  While energy is connected:

Saille:  "Let us join and be as one.
Our breath breathes as one...(pause)
We stand firm, rooted in our Mother
Our hearts beat as one...(pause)
Our minds become as one...(pause)
Let us begin."

group Ohms (3)  

d'Elf:  "The Circle is cast."


Ash the Silent: (Stepping forward to the microphone)

To the highest Gods of Heaven, ancient and new, who see to our protection,
who hear our every whisper, who see the seasons come and go as they should,
yin balanced with yang, and by the combined forces of air, fire, water,
and earth, may this rite be blessed, purified, and sealed from any and
all negative forces.

So shall it be!
(everyone repeats, as usual)

                              QUARTER CALLS
C.W., with one heavy *boom!* on the frame drum will cue Sophia and the 

Ash the Silent:  (at microphone) "We will now summon the East.  Let the 
drums sound.

East team traverses the Circle and stops at the microphone.

Ash the Silent:  "Let the words be spoken."

East Minions (before call, standing at the mike together) What is
whispered on the wind?

Iasis/East: Great Ones, whose presence is in our wellspring of creative
energy, Who live in the sky and the clouds, the currents of the wind,
the tempest of a storm, and all things wild and open, We request that
You lend Your independent and free spirit to this rite and send our
worries on a gentle breeze.
So shall it be!

(back to the East with drumming after call)

Ash the Silent:  "And now we summon the South.  Let the drums begin."

South team traverses the Circle and stops at the microphone

Ash the Silent:  "Let the words be spoken."

South Minions:  (before call as above)  What is in the kiss of fire?

Skyefire/South: Great Ones, whose presence is our passionate, primal
soul, Who live in the flames, the sun, the stars, in lightning, and in
all things rapturous and fierce, We request that You lend Your dazzling
and sultry spirit to this rite and rekindle the flames of our hearts.
So shall it be!

(back to the South with drumming after call)

Ash the Silent:  "We will now summon the West.  Let the drums sound."

West team readies to traverse Circle and stops at the microphone

Ash the Silent:  "Let the words be spoken."

Tigerlily & Phoenix:  (before call)  What is the secret of the sea?

Dinah/West:  Great Ones, whose presence is the heart of our emotions,
Who live in the lapping waves, downpour of rain, trickling streams,
foaming seas, and all things joyful and carefree, deep and thoughtful,
We request that You lend Your stirring and tender spirit to this rite
and let us be children again!  So shall it be!

(back to the West with drumming after call)

Ash the Silent:  "We will now summon the North.  Let the drums sound."

North team readies to traverse Circle and stops at the microphone.

Ash the Silent:  "Let the words be spoken."

North Minions:  (before call) What lies at the center of the Earth?

Chahanpi/North:  Great Ones, whose presence is always at our feet, the
anchor of our lives, Who dwell within plants, trees, soil, rocks and all
things steady and solid. We request that You lend Your commanding yet
gentle spirit to this rite and make our bodies strong and whole.
So shall it be!

(back to the North with drumming after call)

Saille and d'Elf are already at the altar.

For the Fifth Element, Ash does not
"sound the drums" but simply says:

Ash the Silent:  "Let the words of Spirit be spoken."

d'Elf:  (before call) What lies at the center of our very being?

Saille/Spirit: In the Center and all around us, Above and Below, Within
and Without, Here and There resides Spirit - a glowing sphere of light
that illuminates our lives and is filled with promise.... Tonight we
ask to receive the blessings of Your Love, Magick, Growth, Prosperity,
Friendship and Community.  So shall it be!

                             ANCESTOR CALL
                                *Ash the Silent*


O Great Goddess,
You who have freed yourself from winter's frozen grip...
Now is the greening,
when the fragrance of flowers drifts on the breeze.
This is the beginning.
Life renews itself by Your magick,
the Earth Goddess.

We invoke thee, the ever-young maiden who brings the new life
that is all around us. 

We invoke Thee by root, by stem and by bud, by leaf and by blossom.
We invoke Thee by seed, by life to transfuse our lives and souls
with fresh energy. As You grow from the ground, so shall all of us
see growth this season, flourishing and honoring the great gifts
of the Earth. Make our hearts full with love for one another. 

Tonight all things stand together in balance with the Goddess.
Life and death, light and dark, tonight the light will conquer
the dark, and new life will burst forth
on the face of Mother Earth.

So shall it be!

The God stretches and rises,
eager in His youth.
He bursts with the promise of summer.

God of the growing light 
With love we greet you 
As night and day once again 
Greet each other in passing. 

O, Great Horned God
Be with us, complete our circle 
And help us always to see your face 
In all that lives.

Yin balanced with yang

So shall it be!

Saille:  "Now, in the playful spirit of the season, we're gonna blow bubble 
wishes to the Gods!"

BLOW BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RedOrchard will take any children who are in the Circle, one or two at a
time, to blow bubbles with her inside the Circle.


Drumming while libations are passed around by Quarter teams.  No one is 
to partake until all are served, then cakes are blessed:

Saille:  "Please wait to eat and drink until everyone is served and the
offering is blessed."

"Sacred Mother, we acknowledge our needs and offer our appreciation to that 
which sustains us. 

"May we ever remember the blessings of the Earth.  Let the fortune you
provide us now take root and grow.  So shall it be."

Drumming while libating into the fire.

                      CLOSING QUARTERS

d'Elf:  (LOUD) "What lies at the center of our very being?  Hope, Strength,
Playfulness, Ecstasy - Great Magick is at the Center and all around us!" 

Saille/Spirit:  "...and so we are beholden to Spirit for revealing this
Sacred Mystery as we are able to see it.  Renewal lies within the Great
Mother. With humility we welcome the return of the Sun."

Minions:  (LOUD) "What lies at the center of the Earth?  Strength lies
at the center of the Earth! " 

Chahanpi/North: "We thank you for your gifts of Groundedness, Strength,
Comfort and Sustenance and we bid you a very fond farewell."

Tigerlily and Phoenix:  (LOUD) "What is the secret of the sea?
Playfulness, as children, is the secret of the sea!" 

Dinah/West:  We thank you for your gifts of Tranquility, Peace, and
nurturing and we bid you a very fond farewell.

Minions:  (LOUD) "What is in the kiss of fire?  Ecstasy is found in the
kiss of fire!"  

Skyefire/South: We thank you for your gifts of Passion, Pleasure, Joy,
and Happiness and we bid you a very fond farewell.  

Minions:  (LOUD) "What is whispered on the wind? Hope is whispered on the 
wind! " 

Iasis/East:  "We thank you for your gifts of Truth, Communication, Wisdom,
Vision, and the refreshing breeze that blows away the cold bringing new
life of Spring.  Powers of the Air, we bid you a very fond farewell."

                    RELEASING THE ANCESTORS
                               *Ash the Silent*

                  Devocation of Goddess/God

Saille:  "Great Mother, Sweet Maiden, and Noble Wisewoman, we continue to 
be comforted, thankful, and ever-awed by your cyclical gifts of hope in
our lives.

d'Elf:  Having stood together with the Goddess, Holy Creatrix and with
the God, the Hallowed Blaze of Heaven - in balance and union, yin
and yang, we now bid each of You a most loving farewell.

                     FAREWELL/Release of Circle


And so tonight we have celebrated the turning of the wheel in sacred
community honoring the fecundity of Earth...
Rejoice! No more on cold and bitter thoughts
allow the hibernating heart to dwell;
The fallow time, when actions come to naught,
has ended. Broken is the sunless spell.
Today, the light is returning to take its place,
with Summer's children growing in its womb.
Let melancholy no more taint your face;
Throw back the shutters! Let Spring in the room!
Rejoice! The season for despair is through;
Just look --- snow melts, and leaves begin to show.
Once more, the world is sacred, fresh and new,
and waits for you likewise to find it so.
This equinox I wish for friend and foe alike
to find the perspective they may lack;
in our own darkness, to see some light grow,
and in our sun-washed days, respect the black.
So shall it be!

Ostara poem, posted by John Litzenberg 21/March/05
~portions adapted from Scott Cunningham Ostara ritual

(play "Here Comes the Sun")
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