The Nice-Nice Ritual
1996 and Ongoing
UU Church of Ft Lauderdale
Since CUUPS Chapters are typically tenants of a host Unitarian
Universalist Congregation, it is important to be familiar with
the steps of the Nice-Nice Ritual. In order to keep the peace with
the folks that grant us access to their property, it behooves us
to know how to do Nice-Nice.

"The more focused the need, the fewer props you will require."

Define the Purpose of the Ritual:
     Are You Doing This To Feel Better about Your Sense of Entitlement
     or to Work Magick of Reconciliation?

Prepare Oneself:
     Free Oneself of Personal Baggage of Past Grievances and

Create a Sacred Space:
     Decide Where You Will Perform This Magick: At the Church, in
     a Private Home, or a Neutral Place.

Select What Else Might Be Appropriate As To When To this Working:
     The Phase of the Moon
     The Position of the Planets
     The Day of the Week
     The Number Involved
     The Ambiance and Scent
     The Moods of Others

Casting the Circle:
     Get with the Other Parties and Mark Out That Which You All Hold

Calling the Quarters:
     Invite the Elementals Most Meaningful for Your Situation:
     East - Thought ( Head Stuff )
     South - Transformation ( Church Growth )
     West - Emotion ( Fear that the Pagans are Taking Over )
     North - Materiality ( Money is Tight and We Want Free Rent )

Invoke the Deity:
     We Pagans understand the many aspects of Deity. Call upon one that  
     fits. Juno is the Roman Goddess of the Hearth and appropriate 
     in placating the Buildings and Grounds Committee. Artemis
     might help you relate to the Social Action Committee. Bacchus is
     the God of Two Faces and might be appropriate when dealing
     with politicians.

Perform the Magical Working:
     Accepting Responsibility for Whatever Happens Can Help A Lot.

Raise Energy:
     Join Together in a Common Purpose with the Church People.

Celebrate Communion:
     Share the Good Things You All Have in Common.

Thank the Lady and the Lord:
     In Private, Thank The Forces You Invoked.

Dismiss the Quarters:
     In Private, Give Thanks to the Elementals you Invited.

Ground and Center:
     Take a Deep Breath

Conclude with Thanks:
     Sharing of Gratitude is Both Healing and Liberating from Feelings of
     Burnout and Oppression.

Open the Circle:
     Get Away from the Church People Before You Do Something Else
     to Upset Them.

    Sometimes the Nice-Nice Ritual must be performed more than once.

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