Performed May 17, 1998
Written and Adapted by Eustacia Blackstar
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May baskets will be filled as participants arrive with offerings.

Centering Activity:  The group will view The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. In
this 20min videotape, a cute little Lorax speaks for the trees
while a Once-ler is chopping down the forest to make highly
profitable Thneeds. This entertaining conservation classic has a
timeless message for all.

HP/HPS bless each other.  HP goes to dress in ritual garb and get

HPS proceeds to ritual area followed by participants.  She casts
the Circle, cleanses it with salt water and asperges with incense. 
She then blesses participants with crystal or oil.
On Beltaine Eve the baalfires burn
To show the way for Light's return.
Death of Winter.  Birth of Spring.
Blessed be the Sun God King.

Gather then the morning dew,
For potions to make dreams come true.
Faeries now may come to play,
As we greet the first of May.

'Round the Maypole dance we might
That God and Goddess will unite.
And earth and beast and home shall be
Blessed with fertility.

We come this night to say Hail and Farewell to the dark days of
Winter. We rejoice in the new hope that this season of Beltaine heralds
in our lives. We often see in the trees the first signs of the fertility
which we seek.
Trees may be the most magical of all living things in nature.
They are particularly honored at Beltaine.  The trees are regarded
as most sacred and as homes for the wild beings - the forest birds
and animals, the Dryads, Wood Elves, Faery Folk and other Forest Spirits.
Tonight's celebration of Beltaine will focus on Connecting with these

Let Us Salute the Quarters:  (this will be done by four

East:   Hail and Welcome, Noble Aspen and Eastern Powers of the
Wind and Air.  Come to Us in the form of the Aspen. We welcome
the energies of the Dryads of the Aspen and All Spirits of the
Trees of Air to this circle.

South:  Hail and Welcome, Flowering Almond and Southern Powers of
Fire and Flame.  Come to Us in the form of the Shining Almond.
We welcome the energies of the Dryads of the Almond and all Spirits
of the Trees of Fire to this circle.

West:  Hail and Welcome, Lady Willow, Tree of Enchantment, and
Western Powers of Rain And Waters.  Come to us in the graceful form
of the Sacred Willow, tree of the Moon.  We Welcome the Willow Dryads
and all Spirits of the Trees of Water to this circle 

North:  Hail and Welcome Wise Pine, Tree of the Elves and Northern
Powers of Mountains, Forests and the Treasures of Earth.  Come to us,
Great Tree, in the form of the Wise Pine.  We Welcome the myriad spirits
of all Pine Trees and all the Trees of Earth and the Sacred Forest Elves
To this circle. 

Invocation:  HPS   All Spirits of Nature are welcome here.  Noble
                   Trees, Lords and Ladies of the Sacred Forest
                   of the Earth, we honor you.  We ask now the Great
                   Forest God, protector of the Trees,
                   Great Master of Fertility come forth and be with us.              

 ( All sing "Turning of the Wheel Song" to tune of "Waltzing Matilda")                                                         

         Lord of the Greenwood
         High on the mountain
         Come greet the Lady
         Awaiting for thee.

         Maiden and Mother
         Circle unbroken
         Thus it will be
         For eternity.

(HP enters circle carrying the tree which he places on the altar)

HPS:  May the Light of thy noble being bless the Earth this sacred
day.  Hail and Welcome. 

HP:   Sacred Mother of all growing things.  We know you have a
special love for the trees.  Join Your Lord and all of us and bring
fruitfulness back to the earth. We welcome you and ask your 

Guided Meditation  HP

Now everyone close your eyes.  Center yourself and begin to breath
deeply.  Think of Yourself as the mighty Oak.  Your roots extend deep
into the earth. Your strong, leafy limbs extend toward The heavens.
As you breath in, draw in Green Light.  As you breath out, send it
out to the Air around You.  Continue to do this for a while.  (pause)

Feel the vibrant current of the life-force as you circulate this
magical energy.  This energy is for Healing.
Now, silently ask the Forest God and all the Forest Spirits invited
here to strengthen the flow of Power.
Draw in this vast power, and breath it out with love.  (pause)

Now, shift your attention.  Know that you are still drawing in
power while you begin to visualize the Forests of the Earth.  They
need your healing energy.   Send your energy to the trees, drawn
from the Mighty Forest God.  See the trees growing with life,
filled with this Green Healing Power.  Feel the trees, 
Be one with them. Continue sending this energy.  Know that it
blesses all the Forests that need Healing.    (pause)

Now thank the Forest God for his help, and ask him to continue
sending the energy to the Forests.  Just 
Know that we have invited  the Forest Spirits and Dryads here, and
that they will carry this Healing energy 
Forth to all trees everywhere.        (pause)

Once more, shift your focus.  Think about yourself and your loved
ones who need Healing, including
Your animal friends.  Send this Green energy to them.  Affirm that
the Great Earth Mother is sending her 
Healing light to them.  Fill yourself with Healing and your loved
ones as well.  Know that they are being
Healed.                       (pause. Allow plenty of time for this)

Return your attention to this sacred place, and to the present. 
Just feel your body and the air around you.
Know that you are here, and that the Healing has been sent.  When
you are ready, open your eyes.

Tree Blessing:  (red and white ribbons are past to participants who
will in turn tie them to the tree)

Chant:  The witches here have cast a spell
        To keep them strong, to guard them well.
        That they might stand for all to see,
        Beware of those who'd harm a tree.

        As we will it, so mote it be!

Cakes and Ale: (pass cookies and ginger ale)

HPS:  Now is the time to give thanks for the Trees and all that
sustains us.   May we ever be aware of all that we owe and be grateful.

Clearing the Temple:   

HP:  The time has come to go forth from this Sacred Circle.  Let us
not forget to share all that we have affirmed here, by our good
example.  Spend some time this week meditating beneath a tree.  Put
your back against it and take in its strength.  Put your arms round
it and give it thanks.  Defend it against those who would harm it.

(All join in the poem "Mother Nature")

The birds and the bees, the plants and the trees,
The skies and the seas, Mother Nature rules these.

Were ever you go above or below,
Her wonders she'll show.  Her magick you'll know.

But as time goes past, her work will not last.
Unless we act fast, out future is cast.

HPS:  We say "Hail and Farewell" to the Quarters and the Spirits
that have been with us this eve.
On this day of the Birth of Summer, I ask that the Great Goddess
and God bless all of us gathered here.
May we share in the Joy of Life and the Power of the Earth.  I ask
for strength and vitality for all of us, and for all who honor the
Old Ways.  Blessed be the trees and the Season of Beltaine.  The
Circle is open but unbroken.

( Rite may be followed by dancing the Maypole and feasting)


Altar:  Gods, candles, incense, salt water, athames, crystal. Altar cloth
Other needs:  gingerale, cookies, cups, video, Maybaskets, Maypole,
potted tree, red and white
Ribbons, torches, matches, ritual garb (green or colorful) 

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