Harvest Full Moon

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Noon to Dark


The Greater Mysteries of Demeter, The Sacred Drama


“The Compromise of Persephone”



Persephone / HPS – Dragnfli

Pluto / HP – Spelcaster

Hecate / Chants & Meditations - Starwind

Demeter / Drumming – Sophia

Rhea / Questioner - Barbie Witch

Faerie Queen/Spirit/Center/White – Smudging, Narration, Libations/Offerings Blessings - Rhiannon (N)


Gnome/North/Earth/Green, Brown & Orange – Theresa Jones

Sylphs/East/Air/Pale Yellow, Lavender & Grey  – Eli Fennell (or Mikal)

Salamander/South/Fire/Red & Gold  – Vicky McCaulley

Undines/West/Water/Blues, Purples & Black – Mr. Y

(those calling the directions will need to provide an altar layout with a clothe, please just keep all other items on the

 altar  in theme with the direction you are calling and of the season,  you will also assist with serving the libations)

Libation Faeries – (7)

Katie (N)

Zac & Lucy (S)

Harmony & Chris (E)

Marley & Valente (W)

Mercury, the Microphone Faerie – Jim Giblin (this faerie will assure that whomever is speaking shall be heard!!!)

Firetender – Joe

Participants – those attending the ritual circle



Path from Patio & Sanctuary through Memorial Garden to the North end of the Ritual Circle

(8) Torches, one at each quarter & cross-quarter

(4) Quarter Altars - tables

(1) Main Altar in NE - table

(1) Throne in NW for Hecate

(1) Firepit with fire in south

sheaves of wheat



other altar tools


Libations & Offerings – to be placed at each Quarter Altar

Pomegranite juice                                             Paper cups for juice

Wheat cakes                                                    Baskets with napkin covers for cakes


PreRitual Cleansing of Sacred Space

This is to be done by Persephone 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the ritual.  Circle Space to be OFF LIMITS to the participants from 5:00pm onwards.


Order of Ritual


I.       Introduction, Meditative, Chanting Walk through Memorial Garden, Cleansing of Participants & Entering the Ritual Circle


1)         Pluto, Hecate and the Participants are to gather at the NE corner of the sanctuary, at the beginning of the path through the memorial garden.  Rhea & the Faerie Queen will be at her position at the end of the Memorial Garden Path, ready to begin smudging and asking the question.


2)         Libation Faeries should go to their assigned quarter after being smudged, and Rhea & the Faerie Queen should end up near the main altar when she is finished smudging.  Demeter, Persephone, the Faerie Queen Mercury, and the Quarter Callers should be in their positions before the beginning of the ritual. 

Persephone and the Faerie Queen will meet with all the Quarter Callers and the Libation Faeries at some time before the ritual to go over instructions on how everything is to be done.


3)         Pluto to give introductory speech:  "Welcome to our Autumnal Equinox Celebration.  I am the God Pluto.  This evenings' ritual is based on the Great Eleusian Mysteries of Greece called the Greater Mysteries of Demeter.  These mysteries are centered around the Demetrian agricultural wheel of the year.  In Greece, as in South Florida, September is a time of preparing to plant crops for the first harvest, which will come in the late winter and early spring.  This is the opposite seasonal cycle of your more northern brothers and sisters who are preparing for the final harvest and the long winter's sleep ahead.  And in honor of this tradition, you will be making an offering to the Cooperative Feeding Program from the Harvest of non-perishable food items that were given by those attending here this night.  For those of you in this clime, however, you are really welcoming Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, and Daughter of the Goddess Demeter, back after her stay with me, Lord of the Underworld, Land of the Dead, husband to the Holy Maiden.  This is the end of your fallow season and the cusp of the beginning of something new.  The compromises that are demanded at this transitional period when all is in balance, requires the freshness and willingness of the maiden & the wisdom and knowledge of the crone.  You will begin your entrance into the mysteries by following Hecate on a chanting, meditative walk through the Memorial Garden and into the ritual circle to hear of and honor the Greater Mysteries of Demeter.  When you get to the end of the pathway you will meet the Titan, Rhea, and the Faerie Queen, who will cleanse you with incense before you enter the ritual circle.  They will ask of you 'How do you enter?' and in reply you shall say, as you will believe, 'In Perfect Love & In Perfect Trust.'”


Pluto will then move ahead of Hecate to his place at the main altar.


4)         Hecate will instruct the Participants at this point, on the right way to do the walk, meditation, chant, and breathing.  The chant is "We all come from the Goddess, and to Her we shall return, like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean…"  Then, she will begin to lead participants down the path, through the Memorial Garden to the NE entrance of the ritual circle.  Meanwhile, at the end of the Memorial Garden path, Rhea and the Faerie Queen will be standing smudging & blessing the participants as they enter.  They will ask each Participant before smudging them, "How do you enter?" and the Participant will reply, "In perfect love & in perfect trust."  Then the Participants will enter the circle, and still following Hecate directions, they will walk deosil around to the NW.  When all are in the ritual circle, Hecate will be seated on a throne made for her in the NW, and hopefully, the Participants will move around the circle to the NW side, leaving no gaps.  If there are gaps, Hecate will direct Participants to come together or spread out, as necessary.


II.      Rite of Lustration (Self-Blessing) & Welcome


Persephone:  "Please listen to the lessons of the divine and enter this circle 'In Perfect Love & In

Perfect Trust'.  At this time please follow me as I perform the Rite of Lustration"


All to do the "Rite of Lustration" (or, A Rite of Self-Blessing) – (Reif, 1999, 66-67)


1.         Put the fingers of your right hand in the center of your forehead and say:

            "Eye of spirit where wisdom enters."

2.         Extend your right arm out toward the right saying:

            "May her good enter from the right hand,"

3.         Extend you left are out toward the left saying:

            "May her good enter from the left hand,"

4.         Bring both hands to your heart (mid-chest), and say:

            "For she dwells within…"

5.         Bring your forearms down, palms up, and say:

            "And without,"

6.         Bring your hands again to your heart, as before, and say:

            "In beauty…"

7.         Bow your head and say:

            "And honor,"

8.         Raise your arms up, hands upward, and say:



Persephone will welcome participants:  "Welcome all to the Greater Mysteries of Demeter.  Please concentrate your energies on the altar in preparation for the ritual to begin."


The altar will be prepared at this point, candles and incense will be lit, the water & salt consecrated, and any other preparations needed for the rest of the ritual completed.


III.    Cleansing of the Sacred Space


From the main alter, first Demeter and then Pluto will walk around the circle deosil, behind the Participants with their cleansing agents chanting the following.


            Demeter with bowl of Salt & Water, splashing the outer circle as she walks, will chant:  "I cleanse this circle round and round.  By earth and water it is bound."


Pluto with burning Sage & Lavender Smudge stick & feather to direct smoke as he walks, will chant:  "I cleanse this circle round and round.  By air and fire it is bound."




IV.     Calling the Quarters (Starhawk, 1999, 80-82)

& Invoking the God & Goddesses (Ravenwolf, 1993, 126)


As soon as the Circle is cleansed the quarter callers will begin, starting in the North and going deosil (clockwise).


            North:  "Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North.  Powers of Earth!  We invoke & Call you, Mother, green of the fields, Perseverance, Come!  By the earth that is her body, send forth your strength, Be here now!


East:  "Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East.  Powers of Air!  We invoke & Call you, Daughter, rising sun, Change, Come! By the air that is Her breath, send forth your light, Be here now!


South:  "Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South.  Powers of Fire!  We invoke & Call you, Lover, flames of the fire, Passion, Come!  By the fire that is Her spirit, send forth your flame, Be here now!


West:  "Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West.  Powers of Water!  We invoke & Call you, Grandmother, womb/tomb, Wisdom!  By the waters of Her living womb, send forth your flow, Be here now!


Persephone:  "The circle is cast.  We are between the worlds, Beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, Meet as one."


Persephone & Pluto to return to the main altar to invoke the Goddesses & the God – Gaea,

Goddess of the Earth (N); Dionysus, God of the vine, grapes, wine, wild mountains, dancing, ecstasy, Joy and Celebration (E); Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth & Home Fires, temples and the

spiritual flame (S); Aphrodite, Goddess of love, passion and sexuality (W) – All of these deities

were involved in the original version of the Greater Mysteries, and gave gifts to bless the union of the Sacred Couple, Persephone and Pluto.


Persephone:  "Please now welcome the divine presence as in this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power of Gaea, Goddess of the Earth, to attend upon this rite."


Pluto:  "In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power of Dionysus, God of Ecstasy, Joy & Celebration, to attend upon this rite."


Persephone:  "In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth & Home Fires, to attend upon this rite."


Pluto:  "In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love & Passion, to attend upon this rite."





V.      Statement of Purpose

A Celebration of The Story of Persephone's Compromise or The Sacred Drama


            Persephone:  "We come here on this night of the Autumnal Equinox, when day and night are equal, and on this Harvest Full Moon, to celebrate the Greater Mysteries of Demeter, the Mysteries of the Cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth."


VI.     The Sacred Drama Begins (Reif, 1999, 224-246)




            Hecate:  "I am the Crone.  This evening we will witness the Sacred Drama, of the Great Mother Goddess, Demeter & her Maiden Daughter, Persephone.  This is the story of the cycles of life and the wheel of the year, of birth, life, death, and rebirth.  They teach us the importance of honest labor, preparation, cultivation, caretaking, and compassion.  These mysteries teach of the divine origin of the soul.  They prepare us for death, and for the new life to come."


Demeter:  "I am Demeter.  When the Holy Daughter descends into the Underworld, the Earth becomes barren and the Mother mourns.  But it is from dark mourning that joy and deep understanding are born.  Then, the Great Mother flourishes once again, as in the spiraling seasons of life, may we in joy also flourish.  So be it."




            Persephone:  "All was green upon the land.  And I, Kore, the Daughter of Holy Demeter played on the woodland hilltops of pine and cypress.  I searched with the Daughters of Oceanus, and we made wreaths of violets, saffron crocus, and white narcissus.  Lush were these crowns of fragile beauty, and when set upon our heads, they became the enchantment of nature's great power.  We maidens walked toward the sea, laughing and dancing, and singing sacred songs.  We reveled in the beauty of Earth and Sea, then, wreathed and garlanded, we rested from our play."


            Demeter:  "Far from the Holy Daughter, I, Mother Demeter, labored.  Tending the fields of wheat and barley and all that grew upon the great Earth.  In joy, I watched the red poppies begin to bloom among the stands of grain now turning to gold.  Here was my gift, precious food for the people of the world.  Soon it would be harvest-time, and my song flowed across the land.  Time moved forward, and so came the harvest.  The green of the season had passed, and I reigned in glorious ecstasies as the Great Harvest Mother."


            Hecate:  "The season was changing.  It was then that I approached the sleeping maidens, Kore and the Daughters of Oceanus, in a saffron cloak.  With the power of my immortal hand, a spell was laid upon the maidens.  Whispering into the ear of Kore, I caused visions of the lands below to enter Her dreams.  I charged Kore to see what was transpiring in the dark of the Underworld, and this is what Demeter's Daughter saw, a great King below, sighing and weeping in loneliness.   On a throne of carved black marble He sat, bent over as one who is forlorn and lost.  Beside Him was an empty throne upon which lay a jeweled silver crown.  Lord Pluto then began to sing a song of such yearning and sadness that all of the souls below began to mourn with Him.  Pluto sang until His beautiful and haunting sounds found the ear of fair Kore."


            Persephone:  "Far above, in the dream, my heart was flooded with love and compassion for He who has been called the Unseen One.  My heart had awakened not only to love but to passion.  I wished only to bring my light and beauty to the lands below; to bring the essence of the Sun, and the beauty of the green Earth, to the Lord Pluto, and to the souls of the dead also."


            Faerie Queen:  "He had seen Her, the Lord of Tartarus, from His palace whose lamps had grown dim, He went to the grotto of the black stallions.  There, outside of Elysium, He harnessed the steeds to their waiting chariot.  The dry meadows of Nysa turned to flame, and beyond the red and golden flame, the Earth burst asunder.  Great mounds of Earth spewed out as the black stallions entered the world that had not born them.  Beyond the field of ember and flame, the God of the Underworld drew up his chariot and waited.  Hecate raised Kore from the ground, and the Maiden knew fear."


Persephone:   "I removed my flowered crown, and with courage, cast it into the remaining flame, my gaze upon the face of my Beloved.  Uncrowned, I walked across the field of ember and flame to embrace the Lord of the Dark.  My veil, embroidered with lilies, was left behind.  Around my shoulders, invisible ones drew a black himation, bordered with luminous silver threads and set with precious gems.  Then, into the waiting chariot I fled, into the arms of Tartarus.  The brilliance of passion filled my heart as Pluto drove the black steeds around the Earth and then down into the lands below.  With the God of Death, I descended.  Then having arrived below, I drank from the shining silver spring of Memory, and awoke to the knowledge of My Queenship.  The silver crown appeared upon my head, and the voices of the dead rang out in jubilation.  In joy, I was received and a great celebration began."


            Faerie Queen:   "Then, to the plains of Nysa She came, She who is Mother of the land, from whom all that is good and bountiful comes forward.  Holy Demeter came in search of fair Kore.  There, on the broad plains beside the sea, the scar of charred and black remains was to be seen.  The poppies and lupines had gone.  Only the delicate veil embroidered with lilies could She find, cast in haste upon the ground.  Holding the veil to Her heart, the Goddess let out a mournful cry.  To the edge of Nysa She went, calling out to the vast sea before Her, but the sea was silent.  For nine days She searched the mountain hilltops and the woodland meadows.  She did not eat of ambrosia nor drink of divine nectar.  On the ninth day, She found Euboleus, child of Faubo and Dysaules.  Euboleus told the Sorrowing Mother that Kore had descended in the chariot of Tartarus."


            Demeter:  "I, the Divine Mother of all that grows upon the Earth, tore My golden diadem from My head and rent my flowing garments.  I took the form of the black-robed Crone, of Melaina.  In grief, I wandered across the Earth, and the land wasted away.  The rains came.  The farmers cast their seed upon the ground again and again, but to no avail.  To Eleusis I went, hidden in my Crone's garments.  I sat at the well to rest.  It was there that I met Baubo, wife of the farmer Dysaules, Mother of Euboleus, Triptolemos, and Eumolopos.  In kindness, Baubo asked me, the grieving Crone, to come with her, and so to the home of Baubo and Dysaules, I went and was made welcome.  In the home of the Eleusinian family, I sat in silence, eyes cast down.  But Baubo made Me laugh, as I lifted up My garments in a dance.  And in that moment, when the joy of laughter reigned, were my true and holy nature revealed.  I cast the Crone's dark garments aside and I rose glorious in a brilliant and resplendent light.  My golden hair hung in heavy long plaits, my flowing garments embroidered with red poppies and sheaves of wheat.  Upon my head the golden diadem was set and from my very presence emanated a sweet and gentle fragrance.  But even in my great beauty did I still mourn.  Baubo went to the people of Eleusis, and told them of my sorrow.  In awe and reverence, honoring the bounty that they once had, and fearing famine, the people of Eleusis built a temple for Me, the Mother Goddess.  There I went to reside."




            Demeter:  "I am the Erinys, avenging and sad.  The people cry out to me but I have no will to make the land blossom.  Let it whither!  For She who was born of my womb is no longer at my side.  She dwells in that place of darkness, and I mourn.  Together, we brought such beauty to Earth.  She was the child of life, brighter than the morning star.  But once She heard the song of the Dark Lord, I could no longer keep Her as my child.  She who was once blossoming and full of beauty has now descended into Death.  And so now all must prepare for famine for I will not move my immortal hand to bring back the verdant days of Earth, until the Maiden has been restored to me!  May Tartarus be wise and listen to the words of the Erinys."


            Pluto:  "I roam my palace, moaning and crying out, searching for a way to end my grief.  For, although fair Persephone dwells with me, She is no longer at peace.  Her heart is rent in two.  In the first flush of Our love did we lie upon the couch of Aphrodite, entwining our jeweled arms in the fiery embrace of love and passion.  For days upon days did the Queen of the Underworld rejoice in my arms, the arms of Her beloved, until one day, came the sound of Her Mother's weeping.  And from that day Her heart was rent in two, one half for the Mother and one half for me, Her Beloved.  From that day, She would neither eat, nor drink, nor lie upon the Sacred Couch, nor take Her place in fair Elysium or shadowy Tartarus.  And so, I mourn, not knowing how to heal the heart of My Beloved.  Before She came, I was blind, not knowing joy or light.  Stern Guardian of the Underworld and Host to the Dead, this was my lot and my duty.  It was Hecate who told me of the fair Maiden, possessing a bright and loving nature, and a wisdom that is pure and holy.  And so I began to sing to Her.  The Maiden heard my song and love grew.  We journeyed into the deeper Realms, and lay for seeming eternity in the joys of love and passion.  Through our passions were flowering fields born in the Land of Tartarus, like those of Earth; no different.  An incandescent light arose even in Tartarus, while the groves of the pomegranate were born in fair Elysium.  Everywhere, light and beauty awoke, as I and the souls of the dead were blessed by Her presence.  But now, She begins to waste away.  She only hears the sound of Her Mother's weeping and will receive no love or food or solace.  And so I cry out to the Great Mother of the Land.  Holy Demeter, Beloved of all mortals, hear my voice!  And I cry out to Hecate and to Aphrodite, O come to the aid of the Dark Lord!"




            Faerie Queen:   "Now comes the wisdom of Hecate, who sees the love that lies below.  And so brings She, the magic of Aphrodite.  To the depths of Tartarus Her power flows.  Into Tartarus journeys Aphrodite, bringing myrtle crowns and the red rose.  Into Tartarus goes the Great Hecate, to preside over the wedding vows.  Hecate and Aphrodite move through the Gates of the Underworld and follow the paths of the dead.  They bring with them both Dionysus and Gaea, descending, they come finally to Tartarus' palace.  Finding Persephone alone, they bid Her to rise and have courage.  Together, they moved through the halls of the gemmed palace, until they arrive at the Tartarus' throne." 


Persephone:  "Then Aphrodite spoke, saying, 'Lord Pluto, step down from Your throne.  We have journeyed far to heal sorrow, so that lamentation will be replace by joy.  Pluto, step down and prepare to receive my gifts and the gifts of Gaea, Dionysus, and Hecate.  I bless you both in Your union of Sacred Love.  I sanctify this union, for it is right and proper and in accordance with divine will.  Persephone, let your beauty rise again.  Grow in power, love and courage.  Great Queen of Tartarus and Elysium, bring light and life to those souls who have stumbled in darkness.'


Then spoke Dionysus saying, 'The God of the vine gladly confers his gifts upon You both.  May wildness, fertility, and joy bless Your sacred union.  May the beauty of the high mountains and of the evergreen pine sustain Your love in all times and in all seasons.  Blessing upon you both.'


And Gaea then spoke to the Sacred Couple saying, 'I, Grandmother Gaea, give You what may seem a strange and eerie gift, but I assure You that there is wisdom in it.  The sacred serpent sheds its skin and is reborn over and over again.  In this act of renewal is life and continuity.  The snake knows the undulating rhythms of life, for all things change and change again, in order to be renewed.  This primeval emissary knows the deep and ancient past and can reveal wisdom for the future.  Listen and honor my gift.'


Finally, Hecate anoints the Sacred Couple and blesses the union:


            Hecate:  "Persephone and Pluto, with the powers that I have been allotted, I confer upon You my blessings:  May you Persephone, continue to grow as Queen, in power, wisdom and beauty, keeping the light always emanating from Your heart.  May You, Pluto, always remain open to that light, as it becomes a part of You, who are King of these Lands.  I bless this Sacred Union; it is perfect and complete, and in accordance with divine will.  May its magic bring joy to You and Your Beloved, and to the souls of the dead also."




            Faerie Queen:  "And now, from above, a miracle occurs.  A great light descends into the Underworld.  It is Holy Demeter.  She has let fall the darkness of Melaina and the face of the Erinys.  For She has seen from above the tender love that the Lord Pluto has for Her Daughter.  The Mother's golden light fills the palace of Tartarus with rays that seem of the Sun."


            Pluto:  "Welcome Great Mother of the land.  Praises!  You have heard my prayers, and have come to our aid!"


            Demeter:  "Greetings, to Tartarus!  Fear not, all will be well.  Lord of this mighty realm, Once I thought that You had conspired with Zeus to rob me of that which is most dear.  But now I have seen that this is not so.  Although I grieve for my loss, I have come to understand the love that You have for my Daughter, and the love that She has for You.  I have missed Her, but I know the ways of Aphrodite.  Beloved Daughter, love has blessed you.  And who am I to question Aphrodite?  I know that nothing can stop the magic of Her powers.  Even I must bow to Her, as I have done, in the fields of Crete with fair Iasos.  So, be at peace again, for I love thee as I ever have.  You are still my child, but You are also a great Queen, to whom I bow."


            Persephone:  "Then Mother, will You make the land bloom again for the people of Earth?"


            Demeter:  "I fear that I have no will to make the land green again without the Blossoming Maiden.  We know not yet what can be done.  Still, knowing of the love between You and Pluto, I do confer my blessings upon Your Sacred Marriage.  And so, be joyful in your union with the Lord Pluto; together, learn from the gifts of Aphrodite, Gaea, Dionysus, and Hecate.  And now, here are my gifts, come, receive them.  With these sheaves of grain I bless You both with the powers of rebirth, and this You may impart to the souls of the dead, that they may be reborn to life on Earth again.  And so may remember, both in Death and in Life, the joy of their eternal souls.  I also bring the pelanos, cakes of wheat and barley.  Let us break bread together, so that life and Death may sit at the table and be at peace.  And I bring ambrosia, and divine nectar.  Come, let us dine together in a great feast, and celebrate the Sacred Marriage."


            Hecate:  "Look!  Another comes into the Realm of Shades!  It is the Goddess Rhea!  Great Titan, welcome!"


            Rhea:  "I was upon my mountain in Phyrgia, when Zeus told me Your story.  And so I drove with speed my harnessed lions to the very Gates of Tartarus.  Immortals all, come and listen to my plan and You will have a feast in which all will truly rejoice.  Let fair Persephone stay with the Lord Pluto from the time the grain is threshed and stored, to the time the seed is brought up for planting.  This will be the season of the fallow time on Earth.  Then, when it is time for the seed to be planted, may the Maiden appear at the Gates of Tartarus and be reunited with Holy Demeter.  This will begin the Earth's season of growth and blooming.  Have pity on the mortals above, for they cry out for the Verdant Goddess to return.  They cry of for Demeter to return the fertility of the land.  Have pity on them, else all will reside below, and none will live above.  And so it may be, from planting to harvest, that the Holy Daughter will reside above.  And from the time the seed grain is stored until the time it is brought up for the planting, that She will reside below.  Persephone, come and tell us what You think of this plan."


            Persephone:  "Now that she who gave me birth has ceased weeping, so have I also ceased weeping.  Rhea and all have so summed up my needs, that love has awakened in my heart again.  Here are those I love…Beloved Mother, and Noble Lord.  Yes Great Rhea, I will gladly abide by your plan.  Rhea's wisdom has set my mind at peace.  And the power of my Mother's understanding pours from my heart; may we all remember this power.  I see that there is a Mystery that provides for me in times of sorrow and is ready to bring me joy."


            Pluto:  "Persephone has grown into a great Queen, and I rejoice to see the Queen happy again.  She has chosen, and I acknowledge that freedom She has, to yearly return to Her Mother above.  Even when She is not with me, I will keep Her in my heart.  I see that there is a Mystery that provides for me in times of sorrow and is ready to bring me joy.  Much praise to all, for my prayers are answered.  And joy has returned to Earth and High Olympus, come and enjoy the splendors of the palace of Persephone and Pluto!'




            Persephone:  "With Our Sacred  love for each other, all souls below awaken to a rebirth of life within the Land of Death, and to the beauty of the Eternal Mystery.  Bright purple flowers grow even at the banks of the River Styx, and the Underworld glows with a mystic light of its own.  All souls dance and sing, celebrating the Sacred Marriage and the power of love and passion, these, placing the light and the dark into accord and Sacred Union.  This is the story of Life, Death, and Rebirth, the Dromena of Holy Demeter and Royal Persephone.  May life bring us beauty, health and good fortune, and may peace rest lightly upon us all!  So be it."



VII.   Offerings & Libations – "The Simple Feast" (Cunningham, 1992, 123)


First, Persepone will give a blessing upon the non-perishable food offering to the Cooperative Feeding Program.  Some of the offering baskets full of items should be in the ritual circle near the main altar.  Then the Faerie Queen will do a prayer and give thanks for libation and give offering to the God & Goddess at the main altar, and will lead the Faeries and Participants in distributing the libations and putting cups in the fire, while Hecate to lead chant & Demeter will drum (with Bear?).


            Persephone:  "At this time we would like to Give Thanks to the Goddess and God for our own life's bounty, and to honor the Mabon Harvest traditions of our northern brothers and sisters, we give an offering of non-perishable food items to the Cooperative Feeding Program.  We Bless this Offering to our Brothers and Sisters, reflections of the God and Goddess.  So be it."


Blessing for Pomegranite Juice - "Gracious Goddess of Abundance, Bless this juice & infuse it with Your love.  In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God, I bless this juice."


            Blessing for Wheat Cakes – "Powerful God of the Harvest, Bless these cakes and infuse them with Your love.  In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God, I bless these cakes."


            Demeter to drum during the handing out of the libations & offerings.


VIII.  Ritual's Conclusion & Final Blessing


Persephone:  "Thank you for attending the Rite of the Greater Mysteries of Demeter, the mysteries of life, death and rebirth.  May the blessing of the Gods and Goddess be with you, filling you with peace, joy and love. So mote it be!  Blessed Be!!!"


IX.  Thanking the Gods for Attending Rite & Releasing the Quarters

(Starhawk, 1999, 185)


            Persephone & Pluto (in union):  "Aphrodite, Hestia, Dionysus, Gaea, we thank you for your presence, for your circle, for light and love, for night and change, we ask for your blessing as you depart.  Hail and farewell!  Blessed be."


West:  "Guardians of the West, Power of Water, we thank you for joining in our circle and we ask for your blessing as you depart.  May there be peace between us now and forever.  Blessed be!"


South:  "Guardians of the South, Power of Fire, we thank you for joining in our circle and we ask for your blessing as you depart.  May there be peace between us now and forever.  Blessed be!"


East:  "Guardians of the East, Power of Air, we thank you for joining in our circle and we ask for your blessing as you depart.  May there be peace between us now and forever.  Blessed be!"


North:  "Guardians of the North, Power of Earth, we thank you for joining in our circle and we ask for your blessing as you depart.  May there be peace between us now and forever.  Blessed be!"


X.      Earthing of Power & Opening of the Circle


Hecate to direct Participants to Ground the excess energy from the ritual, and begin final Walking Meditative Chant windershins (counter-clockwise) around the Ritual Circle led by Hecate.  The chant will be, "The circle is open, but unbroken.  May the peace of the Goddess go in our hearts.  Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again……" (Starhawk, 1999, 69)


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