Rituals and Such
as performed in and around MoonPath CUUPS

Here are a few of the Open Rituals and Such we have performed. If you wish to learn from them, good. If you wish to reprint them, please give us credit. If you wish to make lot's of money off of them, they are copyrighted. If you are here exploring, be aware that some see Twelve Elements to Ritual. See how Ritual might be expressed in verse.

Being Solitaires, the starting point for many of our Rituals has been from the published writings, in our case either Raymond Buckland or Stewart and Janet Farrar. With each Sabbat, we rework our words and motions. Over time, we add segments that appeal to us and drop phrases which no longer have meaning. We move towards rhyme and away from windy speeches. Such is the evolution of Ritual.

I have heard it said that a perfect ritual speeds the end of time. Relax, enjoy, and play in your Magick. After doing so many Rituals here, Time has remained very, very safe.

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