Beltaine Fertility Rite
Adapted from Tarot Spells by Janina Renee
April 26, 2003

(The Circle is Cast, the Quarters invoked and the Goddess and God

Rite of Fulfillment:

HP:  And now on this Beltaine day, we have a happy occasion. We
will work some magick for the encouragement of new life. This rite
is designed specifically to ask for Divine help in becoming
pregnant. It is very important to be specific, say baby, not
babies, child not children, if you wish to avoid twins.

HPS:  My Lord, we have guests at the gate. Would you bid them enter
and present them?

(HP brings the couple into the Circle and walks them to alter. He
holds aloft the hand of the woman who walks arm in arm with the

HP:  My Lady and my friends, I present to you ____ & ____.

HPS:  Welcome ____ & ____. We are pleased to have you here. ____,
why have you come before us this day?
Man:  I have come here for a blessing of my wife ____ and myself.

HP:  ____, why have you come before us this day?

Woman:  I have come here for a blessing of my husband ____ and

HP:  And here is the altar you have prepared for this occasion.

(Standing before the Altar of Fulfillment.)

HPS:  And who is your Goddess?

Woman:  My Goddess is _______, and she....

Man:  My Goddess is _______, and she....

HP:  Light your altar candles.

(Woman lights the right candle. Man lights the left candle.)

(The Woman and Man may do other castings???)

(What follows are the motions for the Ritual. Next we agree who is
comfie with what and who says what.)

(HPS hands card to Woman)

HPS:  Take the Ace of Wands Tarot card (Creation, Beginning,
Birth). This card symbolizes new beginnings and undertakings and
can often represent a pregnancy in a reading.

Lay it on your altar and visualize yourself becoming pregnant. See
yourself in the appropriate act of creating a child, and see you
and your partner eagerly anticipating the pregnancy.  Imagine
yourself taking a pregnancy test and discovering it is positive.

See yourself and your partner celebrating the joyous news.
Visualize all the steps you will be taking throughout the
pregnancy, always seeing yourself happy and healthy.

(HP hands card to Man.)

HP:  Next, lay down the Ten of Cups (Happiness, Joy, Pleasure,
Peace) to the right of the first card.

The Ten of Cups symbolizes great happiness and joy in family
matters.  See yourself giving birth to a beautiful baby. See it
being born healthy and strong, and feel the joy of motherhood. Feel
the strength of the bond between yourself, your partner, and the
baby. See all three of you living together in great happiness and

(Both HP and HPS hand card to Woman and Man.)
HPS:  Finally, lay down the Sun card to the right of the second
card. The Sun represents children and warmth. Visualize the loving
light of the Universe enveloping yourself and your family once the
child is born.

HP:  Visualize the light of the Goddess encircling you now as you
prepare for motherhood. Imagine that light protecting you and your
unborn child. Call to your child's soul and ask it to come into
your life. Tell it that you are ready to love it, to care for it,
and to make it a priority in your life.

HPS:  Pause and meditate on this. While ____ and ____ focus, we ask
that all within the circle send their energies toward this
magikal working.

HP:  Now take the green candle. Anoint it with rose oil to draw in
love. Take your athame or a ritual knife and carve appropriate
words into the candle. The candle will draw power into those words.

(Words to use include pregnancy, motherhood, baby, family, etc.)

HPS:  When you are finished, light the candle and chant the words
you have carved. Continue chanting and raise the power of the

When you have raised the power, release it into the Universe, and
see the words taking effect.

(Circle dance or spiral dance here, depending on how many people we

HP:  Next, take the baby item you have chosen and sprinkle it with
a few drops of rose oil. 

In your own words, ask the Goddess to bless the item as a talisman
for your pregnancy. Keep it near you as a reminder of your ritual.

HPS:  Finally, close your ritual with these Words of Power, please
repeat after me:

There is one Power, which is ultimate happiness and fertility,
And I, ____, am a perfect manifestation of that Power.
I hereby draw to me only perfect happiness and fertility,
specifically as a successful and healthy pregnancy
culminating in the birth of a happy, healthy baby.
I hereby release any cause, effect, form, manifestation,
or essence of worry that may be preventing
the free flow of happiness and fertility in my life,
And ultimate happiness and fertility is mine,
here and now.
I work these words of Power for the good of all,
according to the free will of all,
with perfect ease and perfect timing,
And so it must be.

HP:  Allow the green candle to burn until it goes out on its own.
Take the candle home. Relight it and repeat your Power Statement.

(The Goddess and God are Thanked, the Quarters dismissed, and the
Circle opened.)

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