Faerie Summer Solstice Ritual 2009
Saturday, June 20th, 2009
Moonpath Chapter, CUUPS - Litha 2009
UUCFL, Fort Lauderdale, FL
by dragnfli D. ilfngard

Ritual Players:
Major Domo - Aleph the Seeker
The Bard - Hildegraine
Serpent Dance Leaders - Chahanpi Melissae & Red Orchard
HPS - dragnfli
HP - Owldrum

Fire Master & Firetenders 
(NOTE:  Firetenders should be at their fire just before the ritual begins and throughout the ritual 
(except those at the Ritual Circle Entryway, you only have tiki torches).  Please do not leave your 
lit fire unattended and be sure that it is completely extinguished at the end of the ritual, i.e. 
with water.   
(Thanks for your attention.  From the Fire Faeries!)
Fire Master/Main Fire - FritterMan
Patio Fire - ???
Shrine Fire - ???
Ritual Circle Entryway  - Left/Saille Honor & Right/Ash the Silent

The Elemental Quarter Callers/Helpers 
(NOTE:  Quarter Callers you will need to create an appropriate Quarter Altar.  A table and candle 
to light when your quarter is called will be provided.)
	East /Air - Muunpillow & Edana & Dusk Moon Warrior 
	South/Fire  - Cassandra & Sky Bear & Kalimir
	West/Water - Tigerlily Morningstar & Citrine & Elizabeth
	North/Earth - Chahanpi Melissae & Shael & Red Orchard

Drum Mistress - Sophia Linus
Drummers - whoever is interested that can follow Sophia's leadership

Techno Wizard - lighting & sound - Izrafel

Everyone, except the Bard, HP & HPS, should wear clothing appropriate for faeries of all sorts.
Quarter Callers & Teams please wear colors &/or costumes appropriate for your Direction.  
Wingsies, elf ears, colorful & flowing robes, dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, and scarves, 
costumes, jewelry, and decorations and majikal tools of all sorts are encouraged.

Bard, please wear appropriate Robes or other dramatic outfit with accessories as you so will.

HP and HPS to wear green, red and gold robes and adornments

Ritual Starting Point - The Church Patio Firepit Area
(1) hand-held torch (or some kind of lighting instrument) for the Bard
(3) Tiki Torches
Patio Fire 
(1) "Doorway to the Faerie Realm" on the NE side of the firepit area 
     (this is a garden arch with draped fabric, greenery, etc. flanked by columns outside with sage)
(2) Cauldrons with Sage & Charcoal to smudge people as they enter the Land of Faerie

The Serpent Dance Route
(7) Tiki Torches along path, through Memorial Garden & Shrine, out to ritual circle
Shrine Fire
Boom Box with CD player - batteries & remote control (in Memorial Garden)
Ritual Music CD with Serpent Dance music

Main Ritual Circle
(2) Tiki Torches/Fires for NE Doorway to Ritual Circle
(10) Tiki Torches (2 for Main Altar, and 1 for the drummers, the quarters and cross-quarters)
Main Fire
(4) Quarter Altar Tables
(4) Quarter Colored (yellow, red, blue, green) Candles
PA/Sound System with CD player (next to Main Altar)
Ritual Music CD with the offering & closing music
(1) Table for Main Altar
(3) Altar Clothes
(2) Altar Candles
(1) Special Offering Candle
Incense for Altar
Ritual Tools & Elemental Items
(1) Flower Offerings Altar Table
(4) Large Baskets for Offering Stuffs (to be placed under Main Altar)
(4) medium Plates
(4) small Jugs
(4) Fabric Napkins
Faeire Cakes made by the Luna Road Faerie Troupe
(100+) small Paper Cups
Garbage Bags & Paper Towels

Loreena McKinnitt	Mists of Avalon Sound Track  - "The Mystic's Dream" 7:41 - Song #1 
Book of Secrets - "Dante's Prayer" 7:11 - Song #2
Elaine Silver		Faerie Goddess - "By the Earth" 3:31 - Song #3

 The Celebration Rite
The Scene
Picture the rear of the church including the patio, inside of the sanctuary and the entire rear yard of 
the church, will be in total darkness immediately before the Pre-Ritual Storytelling begins.  The scene 
is one of ancient mystery and hidden realms.  You can see the outlines of the trees and woods 
against the shadowy sky but it is dark and the moon, now waning is very close to the Dark Moon.  
The Moon is not visible in the sky, and the darkness enhances the thinness of the Veil and the 
Mystery of the Place.  It is a scene conducive to deeper thought and feeling, with access to the 
Divine, and deep inner workings becoming manifest through connection with the Old Ones, the Fey, 
the Faeries...

Seasonal/Ritual Story & Ritual Purpose
HPS & HP:  (Take your places at the Main Altar.)

Techno Master:  (Take your place at the CD player in the Memorial Garden.)

Firetenders:  (Take your places at your firepits.)

Serpent Dance Leaders: (Take your places at the "Doorway to Faerie".)

The Major Domo:  (The Major Domo will turn out the lights and call to everyone to gather to hear 
the Stories of Old & to celebrate the Summer Solstice.)  "Hear Ye, Hear Ye - everyone come to listen 
to the stories of the Bard.  The Summer Solstice Ritual to follow."  (Say it a bunch of times till 
everyone is gathered on the church patio.)

The Bard:  (coming from around the Butterfly Island from out of the darkness, She lights the patio fire 
pit with her torch and begins telling the tales of the Summer Solstice.  There will be a Doorway to 
Faerie [in the NE] into the Ritual/Majikal Realm [path to the ritual circle] and 3 torches around the 
fire pit area, which she will light one by one as she proceeds to tell the stories, myths, lore and 
observances of the season.):

"Long ago, in a time and place as different from now as day from night, the Summer Solstice was a 
time that stirred the Faerie folk to come and interact with the mundane world and the humans who 
inhabited Her.  In the mundane world this is the longest day of the year, the 'beginning of the end' of 
the seasonal year.  The Summer Solstice is the time of the year when the crops that were planted in 
the Spring, around Imbolc and Oestara, are beginning to ripen.  This is the first summer celebration of 
the year; it is now Midsummer."

"In the majikal world, Summer Solstice is one of the three solar celebrations that remembers the veil 
between the worlds is at its thinnest, for this is the time when the days start to die, bringing the 
winter and death, a time of crossing-over. It is therefore a good time to deal with otherworldly matters.  
It is a night when the Fey roam the land, for though they come and go as they please, they are still 
a part of the other realm and this is a particularly strong time for them to contact us."

"It is also the time of the year when the Green Goddess, the Initiatrix who teaches the God The 
Mysteries, is pregnant from the Beltaine nite rites.  It is recognized that the Oak King has given way 
so the Holly King can reemerge, the Son and Lover of the Goddess, at Yule.  It is in the summer, 
when light is the longest, that they meet in union, and the strength of their passion sustains the 
world." (Starhawk, 1999, p53)

"But tonight, tonight, we will be focusing our attention on our Faerie friends, those elemental beings, 
some would say divine messengers, who inhabit both the physical and the ethereal realms."

"There was once a time, very long ago, when the Faerie Folk roamed about freely and all could say 
that they had seen these beautiful and ugly, playful and tricky, otherworldly creatures.  The Faeries 
had great wisdom to teach and joy to bring to the mortals, and there was a relationship between 
them, each believing in the other."

"It is a fact that when you believe in faeries, you encourage them to visit you.  It is said that the 
more you believe in faeries the more often they will come to visit you and the bigger they will get.  
In olden days, some of the Fey were said to be much bigger than in modern times, larger than humans 
often.  Today, however, most folks who are lucky enough to spot a faerie say they are smaller than us."

"There are many different religious and spiritual traditions worldwide who refer to the Old Ones, the 
elemental beings and nature spirits by various names and guises in their teaching, myths, folklore 
and art.  From Africa to Asia to Europe and the Americas, all have stories recalling the spirits of 
nature and the other realms who have visited them and helped them, or stymied them."

"And as to their temperament, well of course a few of the Faeries are, some mortals would say, a little 
more mischevious than others, so care and consideration are always advisable when dealing with 
them.  And, because there is no sense of human morality for the fey - they are AMORAL - they may 
do things we may consider mean, or bad, or even evil BUT we must remember not to impose our 
human ideas of right and wrong upon them.  They operate under a different code of conduct.  They 
appear to operate under a code of ethics that revolves around having fun, being truthful and honoring 
their word.  As you can see, these are things humans sometimes have a hard time with."

"Now the faeries of course love a good party, and the night of the Summer Solstice was a night when 
the faeries and the humans got together to celebrate the universal oneness of their being with 
dancing, singing, chanting, drumming, trance work, meditation, fires, divinations, rituals, and of 
course eating and drinking, especially good faerie mead and English beer!  Tonight we will invite the 
fey to join us in our Summer Solstice Rites, we will invite them to participate with us in opening to 
the wider, wilder powers of the universe.  We will be safe and happy and at one with Spirit in this 
rite, receiving and giving back to the Universe, and the Divine in ourselves, and in each other."

"Prepare now to dance the serpent dance into the ritual circle.  We will be following the Dance 
Leaders through the Doorway to Faerie.  (Dance Leaders to light the smudging sage in the 
cauldrons at the Doorway to Faerie).  Please join in the chanting and singing if you wish.  Now, in the 
Celtic Faerie tradition, we enter our ritual space having shaken off the pressures, burdens and 
emotions of our mundane lives, entering our communal ritual space in perfect love and perfect trust.  
So in this spirit I will ask you all to reply in unison, as the faeries like a good hurrah, first with a 
yeah, or, second with a nay, to my challenge:  Do you all enter this ritual space in perfect love and \
in perfect trust?  (PAUSE for a response)  Any Nay Sayers?  (pause, if anyone responds negatively, 
we ask them not to enter the land of faerie with us.)  Then, please, follow me and enter now the 
path to Faerie and onward to this Sacred Summer Solstice Rite!"

Forming the Ritual Circle
Bard: (the Bard will lead Everyone out to the Ritual Circle, and should be the first to step through 
the Doorway to Faerie.)

Techno Master:  (begin the CD player with Song #1 - "The Mystics Dream"  Loreena McKinnett 
[7:41] as soon as the Bard steps through the Doorway to Faerie.)

Serpent Dance Leaders:  (Meanwhile, the Serpent Dance Leaders, who have been in the Doorway 
to Faerie will follow the Bard, and begin to lead the dance as soon as the music Song #1 starts to 

Bard: (will proceed to light the tiki torches on the Pathway to the Ritual Circle and the Shrine 
Firepit as she leads everyone to the NE entrance of the Ritual Circle.  She will proceed inside 
the circle moving sunwise, back to the entrance, continuing to light the tiki torches as she goes, 
and forming the Ritual Circle.  She will then hand her torch to the HP, who lights the Main Fire 
with it, and join the other celebrants in the Ritual Circle.)

Elemental Quarter Teams:  (the Elemental Quarter Teams will help to lead all the people out to the 
Ritual Circle, please come forward and follow the Serpent Dance Leaders and help folks get in the 
dance line.)

Drum Mistress & Drummers:  (the Drum Mistress & her Drummers will begin drumming as soon 
as she sees people coming out of the Shrine and will continue to play the drums until Everybody has 
entered the ritual circle, and all the Elemental Quarter Callers have reached their Direction, or 
the HPS cues her to stop.)

Quarter calls - Calling the Elemental Being (Directions)
HP:  (Once everyone is in the Ritual Circle, the HP will light the main fire and begin):  "We will 
now invite the Elemental Beings to our Rite.  Let the drums sound."

Drummers:  (drum while Quarter Team walks around the circle back to their direction to Call their 

HPS:  "Let the words be spoken."

East -   "Sylphs, faeries and elemental beings of air, of wind, of breathe, of mind, of knowing.  
We do call upon and summon you to witness this rite and guard this circle.  So mote it be." 
(Light Quarter Candle)

HP:  "Let the drums sound."

Drummers:  (drum while Quarter Team walks around the circle back to their direction to Call their 

HPS:  "Let the words be spoken."

South:  "Salamanders and elemental beings of fire, of flame, of passion, of soul, of inspiration.  
We do call upon and summon you to witness this rite and guard this circle.  So mote it be."  
(Light Quarter Candle)

HP:  "Let the drums sound."

Drummers:  (drum while Quarter Team walks around the circle back to their direction to Call their 

HPS:  "Let the words be spoken."

West:  "Undines, sprites and elemental beings of water, of healing, of emotions, of heart, of 
understanding, of imagination.  We do call upon and summon you to witness this rite and guard this 
circle.  So mote it be."  (Light Quarter Candle)

HP:  "Let the drums sound."

Drummers:  (drum while Quarter Team walks around the circle back to their direction to Call their 

HPS:  "Let the words be spoken."

North:  "Elves, gnomes, and elemental beings of earth, of nature, of sustenance, of body, of 
manifestation.  We do call upon and summon you to witness this rite and guard this circle.  
So mote it be."  (Light Quarter Candle)

HP & HPS:  (to be standing near the Main Altar which will be in the North.)

HP:  (PAUSE)  Prayer to the Great Mother
"Lady, from you all things emerge,
and unto you all things return.
Please bless this work we do now, 
That we may feel it flowing from your pleasure and bounty
And boundless intelligence.

Lady, from you all things emerge,
And unto you all things return.  
So now we give this work to you.
For though all is yours,
It is possible to run from your love.
Instead we raise our faces, like the child's to the mother,
That we may live in your pleasure, bounty,
And boundless intelligence.
So mote it be."
(light left altar candle)

HPS:  Prayer to the Lord of the Dance
"Most holy sacrament of Selfhood,
Who forever lifts His divine head
To be blessed and to bless,
Please be with us now.

You are Her chosen one, Her anointed one.
Bring us these mysteries.

It is all pleasures to love you.
Make us smile with these pleasures.

You see the futures our Mother breathes life into.
Bring us your vision.

You reside in us,
So that we shine with our own unique divinity,
And are in ourself and of ourselves God.

Bless this work.
So mote it be."
(light right altar candle)

HPS:  (Everyone to anoint their own foreheads with "spit & earth blend" as HPS prays): 
"Everyone please follow our example for a self-anointing, while we say the prayer."

"Goddess, bring the body of God into our beings
that like Him we may shine and be loved by you.
Lend us earth and water, air and fire - 
Fill us with these elements, these powers of creation,
That we may tend them because they are your garden,
And that we may be safe in this work,
And happy and one with you.
So mote it be."					(prayers adapted from DeGrandis,1999, 29-30)
(light "Faerie Candle" in center of altar together)

HPS:  (to explain the Purpose & Intent of the Ritual) 
"The intent of this ritual is to celebrate both the Summer Solstice, the ecstatic love of the Goddess 
for the God, and the universal oneness of our being with the Fey and with Spirit.  Now that the fey have 
joined us, they will assist us in opening to the wider powers of the universe.  We will receive from and 
give back to the Universe, the Divine in ourselves, and in each other through the flow of universal 
energies.  The following meditation includes breathing, listening, chanting and trance-dancing.  
Please join in as appropriate."

Seasonal Meditation
HP:  (Slowly Ring Bell three times.)  "Now, ladies and gentlemen, please relax as we begin the 
Meditation.  (PAUSE) Close your eyes and take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through 
the mouth.  (PAUSE) Breathe in clean, new, energizing air; (PAUSE) and breathe out any negative, 
old, stale breath that holds you back.  (PAUSE)  Listen now, sisters & brothers, to the story of 
the season, a story of love, unity and ecstasy, also of endings and pain.  Imagine how some version 
of this myth could be manifesting in your everyday, mundane existence.  Allow its wisdom to open 
you to growth and empowerment."  (PAUSE, ring bell once)

HPS:  (steps to the center of the circle to read - be VERY DRAMATIC!) 
"This is the time of the rose, 
of blossom and thorn, 
of fragrance and blood.  
Now on this longest day, light triumphs, 
and yet begins the decline into dark. 

The Oak King grown embraces the Queen of Summer, the Green Goddess, 
in the love that is death because it is so complete 
that all dissolves into the single song of ecstasy 
that moves the worlds.  

So the Lord of Light dies to Himself, 
and sets sail across the dark seas of time, 
searching for the isle of light that is rebirth.  

We turn the Wheel and share his fate, 
for we have planted the seeds of our own changes, 
and to grow we must accept even the passing of the sun."
(Starhawk, 1999, 205-207)

(PAUSE - Ring Bell Once - PAUSE)

"(Ecstasy) is the song, the energy and power that fills Unity.  There is nothing else but that song - 
no voice to sing, no ears to hear, just the infinite and eternal song, the energy of which completely 
fills eternity and infinity.  This rhapsodic song of bliss is what powers the cosmos and what gives it 
order and harmony.  It is the song that holds the atoms together, the stars in their places, the 
galaxies in theirs (- it is what brings the god & goddess together).  It keeps our hearts beating, 
and it is the love and trust that flows through them."  (Froud & Macbeth, 2000, 54-55).

(PAUSE - Ring Bell Once - PAUSE)

Bard:  (to lead the Chanting x 7) 
"She walks in Brilliance of the Moon!"
"He strides in Solar Splendor!"

HPS, HP & Quarter Teams:   (to begin chant with Bard, CHANT x7)

Drum Mistress:  (play a simple accompaniment to the chant - the chant tempo goes "da-da da-da 
da-da da-da! Da-daa da da da da-da!"  [8 counts, 7 counts] She-walks in-brilliance-of the-moon!  
He-strides in So-lar Splen-dor!)

(When the chanting has ended, Drum Mistress start the trance drumming and dance for about 5-
10 minutes as the energy seems to be flowing.  Drum Mistress, please end the trancing by slowing 
down and bringing folks back gently.)

HPS:  (Once Everyone has stopped dancing and drumming, PAUSE and Ring Bell Once.)  "In this 
time of Awareness - of Self, the Fey and Divinity - allow yourself to be open to the flow of the 
Universe and the ways in which you can experience new avenues of consciousness in your life.  
What are your hopes and dreams?  In this time of Love, be aware of the energy flowing within this 
Circle and, if you can, focus on allowing yourself to free these Loving Energies, making them 
available to yourself, your brothers & sisters, the Earth and the Spirits that inhabit Her. " (PAUSE)

HP:  (ring bell three times to bring everyone back and pause)  "Now that you have merged with the 
Mysteries, and now that you have freed your Loving Energies, reach your hands up to our Father, the 
Sky, and then place them upon our Mother, the Earth, grounding yourself and your energies, keeping 
what you need for yourself and letting go of the rest.  Keeping open to the flow of the Universe 
and its possibilities." (PAUSE)

HPS:  (Signal the Quarter Teams to come forward now.)  "In many traditions there is a sharing of 
food and drink, representing sharing with and partaking of the God and Goddess within the sacred 
spaces created.  It is also a good way to ground yourself after a trip to Faerie.  With this in mind, 
the Elemental Faerie Helpers will now pass out Faerie Cakes and Nectar to Everyone."

(PAUSE) "Please wait for a moment before you partake until everyone has their Offering.  Also, after 
I have done so, please libate into the fire.  A libation is an offering of a portion of your food and 
drink to the God and Goddess, a sharing, in turn, of yourself with the Divine."

Techno Master:  (to begin the CD player with Song #2 - "Please Remember Me" Loreena McKinnett 
[7:11], as soon as the HPS has finished speaking.)

CLOSING RITUAL - Closing Statement
HP:  (when Song #2 has ended):  "Thank you for participating in this ritual to honor the Oak King, 
the Green Goddess, the Summer Solstice and the Fey.  It is hoped that you feel more connected to the 
Gods, to the fey and to each other.  Faeries are here and they appreciate all acts done to honor 

The Blessing:
HPS:  "And now, please close your eyes and open yourself to the Blessing." (PAUSE)  

HP:  "Holy Mother, thank you for your gifts and blessings. Blessed be." (put out the left altar candle)

HPS:  "Lord, thank you for your presence and love.  Blessed be." (put out the right altar candle)
HPS:  "We pray the Mother keep us mindful, and stay with us in the union of all things.  So mote it 

Releasing Elemental Energies & Diety
HP:  "Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit -- we thank you for attending this rite.  
Stay if you will, or go in Peace. Blessed be."

HPS:  (put out the Offering Candle)
The Elemental Quarter Callers:  (put out elemental fires in order N, W, S, & E.)

Close Ritual Space
Techno Master:  (to begin the CD player with Song #3 - "By the Earth" Elaine Silver [3:31], as soon 
as the Offering Candle is extinguished.)
Bard:  (as soon as Song #3 is over, the Bard will step forward and end the rite):  "Let it be known 
that this rite is ended.  Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again.  BLESSED BE!!!  SO MOTE IT 

Everyone to assist with the putting away of tables, techno-stuff, props and tools, extinguish fires 
and tiki torches, and generally CLEAN-UP!!!  

Thank You Very Much for Your Participation.
May the Goddess & the God, in their many forms, bless you always!  So Be It!!!
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