On Saturday, March 10, 2001, the Full Moon Shines above Us.

Here is a draft of the Musical Ritual we will present with
Faerie Elaine Silver
sponsored by our MoonPath Chapter of CUUPS. 

The music is drawn from three CDs:

                                G1  Faerie Goddess
				G2  Divine Favorites
                                G3  The Lady of the Lake

(We will have Elaine center stage with guitar and mic. She will have a
boom mic for voice and a pickup for guitar. HP and HPS are Narrators.
There will be an altar to the right of Elaine.)

The first song is the bridge from the concert into the Ritual. HP will
explain what is about to happen and introduce Elaine, and then step to the
altar on the right. During the song, without being a distraction, he will
fiddle with a wand, salt & water, and incense or sage. The initiated will
see that he is creating sacred space.

G3/8: Tis Time - Now We Take a Step Outside the Mundane:

HP: (Lights a candle and places it in the altar.) 

"The Moon is full and it is time for the Gathering. Envision a lone Covenor
who enters walking through the mists in her valley towards the high ground
where the evening ritual will be held. She is eager to be with her friends
gathering in communion."

(As the music plays, HPS will enter from the rear of the room carrying a
candle and slowly walk up the center aisle. She will end up facing Elaine
and then step off to the right placing her candle on the altar.)

G1/1: Divine Emotion - a Call to Worship:

HPS explains that next we will call the quarters to our sacred Circle. As
the directions are named, she will light each quarter candle: East, South,
West, North. She will end up on the left side. 

G1/2: Calling All Directions - Blessing the Circle:

HP: Now that we have prepared our space, we invite the Goddess to extend to
us her wisdom and guidance.  (HP and HPS extends arms in Goddess position 
to Elaine and step further aside.)

G3/9: Goddess Guide Us - The Goddess Joins us

(Here begins the magickal workings.)

HPS: "Legend has it that there were more peaceful times before invading
tribes came from the East. They brought with them weapon of iron. The shorter 
people were here first. In remembrance, some spiritual traditions include no 
iron among their altar tools."

G1/8: In Days Gone By - The Age of the Faeries:

HP: "We now share a history lesson. We look back to the time of the tyranny
of patriarchy." (HP and HPS softly join into the chanting of the seven
goddess names.)

G1/10: Burning Times -  A History Lesson or Guided Meditation:

HPS: "There is hope with each rising of the moon.  The half moon is a time of 
strengthening energy.  The new moon is a time of beginnings. A blue moon, one 
in thirteen moons, is a special time upon the Wheel of the Year."

G2/8: Half Moon Rising

HP: "The Goddess offers a blessing to the Women Children present. They are 
so bold in their early years. Their confidence is often dashed during puberty. 
Who recalls the recent book, saving Ophilia?  The Goddess assures them that 
they are beloved and connected."

G1/5: How Could Anyone - A Song to a Woman Child:

HPS: "We raise energy through dancing. Stand with left hand up - right hand 
down. Receive energy from the person on your left and pass it to the person
on your right. Dance dosile (clockwise) with a step befitting a waltz.  Cakes
and ale will appear. Our space is too tight for a full circle, but we can
dance, share, laugh and hug."

(Trays of cakes and cups of ale will be brought from behind the altar and 
passed as far as they will go.)

HP: "You might visualize angels at the quarters and a healing light restoring 
you.  The full moon of each month has a name.  June is the Faerie Moon. The 
fourth full moon in a quarter is called a Blue Moon and occurs `one in 

G1/3: The Blue Moon Song/Faeries (June) Moon - Raising the Energy:

HPS: "The Goddess bids us farewell. We are each a Hidden Child of the 
Goddess. Some of us are disconnected, perhaps orphaned. We have been given 
a new family. We are not alone."

G2:/12 Angel Orphan (Bio - Bio)

(Using a snuffer, HPS extinguishes the four quarters starting with the north 
and moving widdershins.  She takes her candle from the altar and slowly works 
to the rear of the church. At the end of the song, HP extinguishes the candle 
remaining on the altar.)

G1/13: By the Earth - Opening the Circle:

HP: "The ritual is ended, go in peace. We thank "Faerie" Elaine Silver 
for her wonderful basis for our rite." 

"Stay if you will, leave if you must, go in peace."