A Pagan Exorcism
in the Form of Binding or Banishing
by Spelcastor@aol.com
Florida Pagan Gathering - November 3, 2007

I have done much thinking on the Elements of Pagan Exorcism. 

To perform an exorcism, whether it is a binding or a banishing, I
would follow steps such as these:

I would name my demon, whether it's a spirit, ancestor or person.

I would select some special words from within my tradition and
customize them to fit. I have some general casting and binding
words that I have used before. I am fond of Doreen Valiente's
"Charge of the Dark Goddess." I re-spun these words to
change then from a statement of identity into an invocation. I
give you permission to do the same thing with your special words.

I choose an appropriate date, time, and place. I waxing moon is
a time to raise energy. A waning moon is a time to banish.

I ground & center myself. Pause and take a few breaths,

I clear my space of extraneous stuff.

For castings, I might include an Outer Circle for Energy and an
Inner Circle for my Protection. I use the Seven Goddess Chant
because I am drawn to the Great Goddess in all her many aspects.

I select an Amulet to protect me. I use my usual magickal tools.

I select a Talisman to bind this demon. A cord will do.

Perhaps I would raise some smoke to make the unseen become visible.

I would launch into chants & rhymes and complete my spell. Here is how it
might go in binding an ancestor by using a photograph:

         A Binding at the Dark of the Moon

Center, Cleanse and cast the Circle


Isis, Astarte, Dianna - Hecate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna

Elementals at the Quarters:

(If quarter candles are a hassle in the wind, I place colored
stones at the Quarters.)

From the North, Elemental of the Material, Be steady beneath my
feet. Old Ones of my past, rise up and be with me now.

From the West, Elemental of the Emotion, Still my fears.

From the South, Elemental of Passion, Unleash my courage.

From the East, Elemental of Intellect, Sharpen my wits.

Drawing Down The Goddess (An Adaptation from Doreen Valiente's
Charge of the Dark Goddess):

I call upon you, the Dark Goddess.
You have been known to many people by many names.
You are Lilith, Kali, Tiamet, Hekate, Nix,
The Black Maddona, Nemesis, and Morgaine.
You are the crone.
Tonight you are Cerridwyn.

Be with me tonight.
You are the darkness
behind and beneath the shadows.
You am the absence of air that awaits
at the bottom of every breath.

You are the ending before life begins again,
the decay that fertilizes the living.
You are the bottomless pit,
the never ending struggle
to reclaim that which that which is denied.
You are the key that unlocks every door.

You are the glory of discovery,
for you are that which is hidden,
secluded and forbidden.
Come to be my fiery Cauldron of
Wisdom, Inspiration,
Rebirth and Transformation.

Come to me at this Dark Moon
and show me that which can not be seen.
I shall face the terror that is yours alone.
I swim to you
through the blackest oceans
to the center of my greatest fears.
For you are the Dark Goddess.
Dark Goddess strengthen me and keep me safe.

The Magickal Working:
(Done while wrapping a photograph with three laps of string.)

In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the Ancient Power,
O Goddess Dark and Queen of Night,
I ask you now to bring your might.

Once around bound and tied to be
Twice around bound no more to flee
Thrice around bound and don't bother with me.

For this is the feel, this is to be,
Shape and form it, for all to see,
By the power of three times three,
This spell, bound around, shall be,

The Dismissal:

Blessing to you Dark Goddess, Cerridwyn.
Thank you for always being with me.

Elementals be on your way,
Our work is done, no need to stay.

Rolling up the Circle:
Chant: Isis, Astarte, Dianna - Hecate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna
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