Children of the Moon Ritual
The Music of Elaine Silver and a Mirror into the Old Religion
Elaine joined us for this concert and ritual at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale on February 15, 2003.

Just as there are books from which we learn, there are tapes and 
CDs containing lessons, stories, and insights into the Craft. When 
one speaks in song or story, the vows of secrecy are not so near. 

Elaine drew from her CDs, "I Choose Love," "Lady of the Lake," "Divine 
Favorites," "Faerie Goddess," and "Faeries, Dreams & Other Friends." 
These are available on Elaine's website where you can also listen 
to selected sound clips. 

Elaine is truly one with the faeries. Her references are to earth symbols and 
not specific pantheons of goddesses. Earth below and sky above are 
female and male symbols. 

The music is drawn from five CDs:

                                G1  I Choose Love 
                                G2  The Lady of the Lake
                                G3  Divine Favorites
                                G4  Faerie Goddess
                                G5  Faeries, Dreams & Other Friends

                Children of the Moon Ritual

(We will sit Elaine center stage with guitar and mic. She will have a
boom mic for voice and a pickup for guitar. HP and HPS are Narrators.
There will be at the microphoned pulpit beside an altar to the right 
of Elaine.)

The altar beside Elaine has one Goddess candle in the center, 
tea candles and a red candle at each side.

Four quarter candles encircle the room.

HP introduces Faerie Elaine and the Ritual: "Sit back, relax, enter a 
time for magick. It's time to remember the old ways."

The first song is the bridge from the concert into the Ritual. HP will
explain what is about to happen and introduce Elaine, and then step to 
the altar on the right. During the song, he will fiddle with a wand, 
salt & water, and incense or sage. The initiated will see that he is 
creating sacred space.

G2/8: Tis Time - Now We Take a Step Outside the Mundane:

HP: (Lights a candle and places it in the altar.) "The Moon is full and it is 
time for the Gathering. Envision a lone Covenor who enters walking through the 
mists in her valley towards the high ground where the evening ritual will be 
held. She is eager to be with her friends gathering in communion."

(As the music plays, HPS will enter from the rear of the room carrying a
candle and slowly walk up the center aisle. She will end up facing Elaine
and then step off to the right placing her candle on the altar.)

G4/1: Divine Emotion - a Call to Worship:

HP: "Next we will call the quarters to our sacred Circle. As
each direction is named, we will light a quarter candle: East, South,
West, North."

(HPS lights each quarter candle: East, South, West, North. HPS circles back to 

G4/2: Calling All Directions - Blessing the Circle:

HPS: "Now that we have prepared our space, we invite the Goddess to extend to
us her wisdom and guidance."

(HP and HPS extends arms in Goddess position to Elaine as she begins singing, 
and then step.)

G1/4: Call on the Moon - The Goddess Joins us

HP: "And now we look at the source of magick. This is the dreams that flow 
within you.  Believe in blessings. Make a wish. Wishes do come true."

G1/9: The Faerie Blessing Song

HPS: "There is hope with each rising of the moon.  The half moon is a time of 
strengthening energy.  The new moon is a time of beginnings. A blue moon, one 
in thirteen moons, is a special time upon the Wheel of the Year. The Full Moon, 
lasts three nights and is the time of high energy. This is the time for the 
working of Magick."

HP: "The Moon may be up there in the sky, but the spirit of it all lives within 
each of us. And now a chant."

G1/1: Spirit Within Me 

HPS: "And now we will prepare for you a special blessing. Here is how we make 
Moon Water. Right now the Full Moon is Rising out side. It should be just coming 
over the trees to the East. We draw down this energy and capture it in our vial 
of water, for magick."

HP: (with flourishing gestures)

       Goddess Moon, in all your glory,
       Here we meet and share your story.

       Be with us, in our midst tonight,
       Shine above, beam down your light.

       Pass through this blade, and on through me,
       Into this vial, to rest and be.

       These waters gain, force like the ocean,
       And at this time, we'll use this potion.

HPS: "The Goddess offers a blessing to all those present. We have an anointing 
for you. If you would rather pass on this blessing, cross your arms in front of 
you when we stand before you. The Goddess assures us that we are beloved and 
connected. We are Children of the Moon."

HP and HPS anoint group with the Moon Water.  "You are all a Child of the Moon."

G4/5: How Could Anyone - A Song to a Woman Child:

HP: "We raise energy through dancing. Stand with left hand up - right hand 
down. Receive energy from the person on your left and pass it to the person
on your right. Dance dosile (clockwise) with a step befitting a waltz. Our space 
is too tight for a full circle, but we can dance, share, laugh and hug. And we 
shall pass out a special treat to you for this song on the Full Moon."

(HP and HPS pass out Hershey kisses.)

G4/3: The Blue Moon Song

HPS: "The Goddess bids us farewell. She will always be with us. We are each a 
Child of the Moon. Some of us may feel disconnected. But we are not alone."

G1/11: I Will

HP: " We now dismiss the Quarters and open our Circle."

(Using a snuffer, HPS extinguishes the four quarters starting with the North 
and moving to East, South, and West.  She then takes her candle from the altar 
and slowly works to the rear of the church. At the end of the song, HP 
extinguishes the Goddess Candle remaining on the altar.)

G4/13: By the Earth - Opening the Circle:

HPS: "The ritual is ended, go in peace. We thank Faerie Elaine Silver for her
wonderful music for our rite."

HP: "Stay if you wish, leave if you must, go in peace." 


Prop List:
Red bottle candle (Covener)
White bottle candle (Goddess)
Lavender scent
Two vials
Hershey Kisses
Quarter candles
Altar stuff
Black cape, red robe for HP
White Cape with some red for HPS

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