SHEology of Song,

The Music of "Faerie" Elaine Silver and a Mirror into the Old Religion

We performed this program in our MoonPath CUUPS Study Group in March of 2000.

Just as there are books from which we learn, there are tapes and CDs containing lessons, stories, and insights into the Craft. When one speaks in song or story, the vows of secrecy are not so near.

On this tape, Faerie Goddess, are 13 songs that may be listened to as a Ritual. The tape is available on Elaine's website where you can also listen to sound clips.

Elaine is into faeries. Her references are to earth symbols and not specific pantheons of goddesses. Earth below, sky above, are female and male symbols.

Set up an altar with a circle of four quarter candles, one Goddess candle in the center and two additional candles representing High Priestess (HPS) and Covenor. HPS candle is in front of Goddess candle and Covenor candle is outside of Circle.

(Gather around the altar and start the tape. Pause before each song and give an explanation to set the mood.)

#1: Divine Emotion - a Call to Worship:
Envision a Covenor walking through the mists in a valley towards the high ground where the evening ritual will be held. She is eager to be with her friends gathering in communion. Before the music starts, light the Covenor candle and then the HPS candle. As the music plays, slowly slide the Covenor candle towards the circle until it is beside the HPS candle.

#2: Calling All Directions - Casting the Circle:
Notice the use of earth symbols. As the directions are named, light each quarter candle: East, South, West, North. (See the reference to the North Star as a symbol for direction and guidance.).

#3: The Blue Moon Song/Faeries (June) Moon - the Drawing Down:
The Circle is cast by dancing. Stand with left hand up - right hand down. Receive energy from the person on your left and pass it to the person on your right. Dance dosile with a step befitting a waltz. You might visualize angels at the quarters and the healing light restoring you. The full moon of each month has a name. June is the "Faerie Moon." The second full moon in a month is called a Blue Moon and occurs "one in thirteen."

#4: I Can See Perfection - Reverence to the Goddess:
The Goddess is in our presence. Here is a reverence for creation. As the song begins, light the Goddess candle. She is now present. Contemplate the Goddess candle.

(Here begins the magical workings.)

#5: How Could Anyone - A Song to a WomanChild:
The Goddess offers a blessing to the Women Children present. They are so bold in their early years until their confidence is demolished at puberty. The Goddess assures them that they are beloved and connected.

#6: Don't You Know - Affirmation to WomanKind:
The Goddess don't make no crap. This would be a raucous celebration with cakes and ale.

#7: One True Love - A Wedding Song:
Here is a handfasting, and the theme is lovers being together through successive incarnations.

#8: In Days Gone By - The Age of the Faeries:
Legend has it that there were more peaceful times before invading tribes came from the West bringing weapon of iron. This is a history lesson reminding us of the shorter people who were here first. In remembrance, some pagans include no iron in their altar tools, except the athame. Note the Irish penny whistle, probably made of wood.

#9: Softening - Let Go of Judgment:
The Goddess exhorts the coven that joy and peace follow the letting go of judgment.

(Here you would insert personal remembrances. Mention those who have gone before us as well as those who have suffered hardship or illness, or those who need help/support/healing.)

#10: Burning Times - A History Lesson or Guided Meditation:
Drums and horn with a heart beat rhythm, tales of patriarchy and suicide. Chanting the Seven Goddesses of multiple pantheons is something that only a neo-pagan would do. This is another dance, but not a joyful one like before. Don't miss the words in this song.

#11: Heavenly Kingdom - Receiving the Energy:
Now the Goddess raises the Coven back from the depths for renewal. The kingdom is inside, not outside, as the patriarchal system would have us believe.

#12: Swimming to the Other Side - Communion with the Goddess:
The Goddess urges us to continue our learning the lessons of the Craft. These can take years or many lifetimes. Energy is raised and released.

#13: By the Earth - Opening the Circle:
Using a snuffer, extinguish first the Goddess candle and then the four quarters starting with the north and moving widdershins. Slowly slide the Covenor candle outside the circle. Extinguish the HPS candle and, as the music ends, the Covenor candle.

The ritual is ended, go in peace. We thank "Faerie" Elaine Silver for her wonderful basis for our rite. Thank you, Elaine Silver. Go in peace!

Order a copy of Elaine's tape "Faerie Goddess" from her website and try this ritual yourself.

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