Musical Ritual of the Faerie Moon
with "Faerie" Elaine Silver
February 19, 2005
under the Waxing Moon

The night of the Waxing Moon. Here is the text of the Musical 
Ritual we presented with Faerie Elaine Silver and sponsored by 
our MoonPath Chapter of CUUPS. The music is drawn from her five 

                      G1  I Choose Love 
                      G2  The Lady of the Lake
                      G3  Divine Favorites
                      G4  Faerie Goddess
                      G5  Faeries, Dreams & Other Friends

(We will have a fire circle and Elaine in the east with mics, 
guitar and reading light. HP and HPS are Narrators. There is an 
altar to the right of Elaine with a mic, reading light and props. 
The Moon is full and the circle is otherwise dark.)

(HP welcomes audience to this ritual.)

HP: "`Tis time to return to the Old Ways.  Relax. Let your mind 
wander. We take a step outside of the mundane, and enjoy the 
magick of faerie Elaine Silver. We will invoke, the Goddess in 
her many aspects, the Goddess of the Moon."

G2/8: `Tis Time - Now We Take a Step Outside the Mundane:

"The Moon is waxing full, and it is time for the Gathering. 
Envision a lone faerie who enters walking through the mists in 
her valley towards the high ground where the evening ritual will 
be held. Another follows. They are eager to be with their friends 
gathering in communion."

(As the music plays, HPS enters circle carrying a torch and 
slowly circles docile twice around before stepping up to the 
Altar. She is followed by more faeries. She gives the torch to HP 
who positions it for extra reading light.)

G4/1: Divine Emotion - a Call to Worship:

Little d:  "Next we will call the quarters to our sacred Circle. 
As the directions are named, the HPS, followed by faeries, will 
light each quarter torch: East, South, West, North."

G4/2: Calling All Directions - Blessing the Circle:

Big D: "Now that we have prepared our space, we invite the 
Goddess to extend to us her blessing and guidance."

(HP and faeries extend arms in Goddess position to Elaine as she 
begins singing. Fire tender lights central fire, heavily soaked 
with charcoal lighter. Whoosh!)

G1/4: Call on the Moon - The Goddess joins us

Little d: "The little people were here first. Legend has it that 
there were more peaceful times before invading tribes came from 
the East. The invaders brought with them weapons of iron. Tools 
of bronze were no match.  In honor of the little people, some 
spiritual traditions include no iron among their altar tools."

(HP and faeries dance around circle inviting children, wee 
faeries, and others to join them.)

G4/8: In Days Gone By - The Age of the Faeries:

HP: "We now share a history lesson. We look back to the time of 
the tyranny of patriarchy. We invoke the Goddess in seven of the 
many aspects by she was known in ancient times."

Big D: "Isis - Egyptian Goddess, she enfolds us within her 

Little d: "Astarte - Canaanite Goddess of the sacred groves."

HP: "Diana - Roman Goddess of the Hunt, champion of women and 
with a taste for men."

Faerie #1: "Hekate - Greek, maybe Celtic, Goddess of the 

Faerie #2: "Demeter - Goddess of the Earth, the harvest, and the 
return of spring."

Faerie #3: "Kali - Hindu Goddess of War, destruction, and 

Faerie #4: "Inanna - Mother Goddess of Mesopotamia who descended 
into the Underworld to meet her Dark Sister"

HP: Join us as the chant comes around:

Isis, Astarte, Diana - Hekate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna.
Isis, Astarte, Diana - Hekate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna.
Isis, Astarte, Diana - Hekate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna.

G4/10: Burning Times -  A History Lesson or Guided Meditation:

Big D: "The Goddess offers a blessing to the Children of the 
Moon, and a story of magick."

(During the song, HP and HPS will empower some Moon Water. They 
circle around to the front of the alter. HP raises up a glass 
punch bowl. With great flourish, HPS pours a glass pitcher of 
rose-scented water into the punch bowl. Together they raise the 
bowl towards the moon and then to each of the quarters. Faeries 
circle with them.)

G1/9: The Faerie Blessing Song

HP: "The Goddess offers an anointing to the Children of the Moon. 
We are so bold in our early years. Our confidence is perhaps 
later dashed. The Goddess assures us that we are beloved and 

Little d: "We will pass among you and bless you with a dash of 
moon water."

(During song, HP carries bowl and HPS with sweeping gesture 
sprinkles everyone for the aspersing. Faeries follow along. 
[Dabbing individual foreheads would take far too long.])

G4/5: How Could Anyone - A Song to Children of the Moon:

Big D: "You might visualize angels at the quarters and a healing 
light restoring you.  The full moon of each month has a name.  
February is the Quickening Moon. June is the Faerie Moon. The 
second full moon in a month is called a Blue Moon and occurs `one 
in thirteen.'" The next Blue Moon will be next year or later."

HP: "We raise energy through dancing. Stand with left hand up - 
right hand down.

Little d: "Left hand up - right hand down. Receive energy from 
the person on your left and pass it to the person on your right.

Big D: Receive energy from the person on your left and pass it to 
the person on your right. We will dance dosile (clockwise) with a 
step befitting a waltz."

(Left hand up - Right hand down. HP and HPS step about the Circle 
inviting faeries and others to join in and take their hand. What 
follows is a spiral dance.) 

G4/3: The Blue Moon Song/Faeries (June) Moon - Raising the 

HP: "The Goddess bids us farewell. But she is always with us. We 
are each a Child of the Moon. When you might feel disconnected, 
remember, we are not alone."

G1/11: I Will

(Move right into next song. Using a snuffer, HPS extinguishes the 
four quarter torches starting with the north and moving 
widdershins.  She returns to the altar and HP for final 

G4/13: By the Earth - Opening the Circle:

Little d: "The ritual is ended, go in peace. We thank "Faerir" 
Elaine Silver for her wonderful music for our rite." 

"Stay if you will, leave if you must, go in peace." 

Cast:                               Props:
Faerie Elaine                       Microphones
Big D                               Lamp
Little D                            Punch Bowl
HP                                  2 Water Pitcher
Faeries                             Rose Scent
Fire Tender                         Charcoal Lighter
                                    6 Torches
                                    Altar Candles & Setup
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