A Dedication
Planned with Eustacia Blackstar
March 23, 1997

Sunday March 23rd, we will meet at the UU Church at 6:30 PM. 
Weather and Goddess permitting, we will carpool to a secluded

Here we will celebrate your next step in your study of the Craft. 
The symbolism is that of rebirth.  The ritual is similar to
Initiation.  We shall gather by the sea and draw down the moon.

You "Dedicants" are to choose a new name for yourselves.

Others will gather to honor you with symbolic gifts.  You shall
hear stories of other people's travels within the Craft and the
passages they have experienced.

Yes, we will be winging it, depending upon the weather, the wind,
who all is there, and still be keeping our sense of humor.

A dip in the sea by you dedicants would be appropriate to symbolize
this new beginning.  Bring a change of clothes in order to leave
yourself this option.  Everything is an option.

We must return to our cars and leave the beach parking by 10 PM.

Share with me what you see to be the next step in your journey, and
we can make this ceremony more focused upon you.

In your special honor, we have already scheduled a lunar eclipse
for this evening, but we are still researching the spell to get the
timing right.

Blessed Be,

The cauldron is used to reflect the light of the moon in the
Drawing Down ritual.  I would just forget it since you are
standing right by the sea. Here are a few ideas:

     There are at least three ways I know to perform the ritual: 
1. The priestess "channels" the words of the Goddess after the
priest draws her down into the priestess.  This of course, requires
a certain ability.

2.  The priestess standing in the Goddess position, recites the
memorized words after the priest has performed a memorized
Drawing Down speech.  Under the circumstances, I feel this would
be the most effective.

3. However, since Kathy is partial to meditations, she may be able to
use the following: 

                          MOON, MOON

( I adapted this from a meditation by Diane Mariechild author of

     Breathe deeply and relax completely. Moving down now, down and
down, deep into the core of your being.  You take in the sea air. 
Your body sinks into the sand beneath you and you feel one with the
earth.  The moon above shimmers on the water and you sense
protection and love as you bask in her light. 

     Gaze at the moon and feel her force and power pull on your
being. Know that primitive peoples believed the moon to be the
giver of fertility. Mother of all living beings, shine on us now. 
Giver of life, all movement, all growth.

     Know the power of the moon, source of divine wisdom, giver of
fantasies, dreams and visions.  Bringer of creativity, originality,
divinity, shine on us now.

     Know the power of the moon.  Our power like hers is light and
dark. Spirit of the
underworld, shepherd of the stars, bringer of sleep, darkness and

     Know the power of the moon.  Feel her wax and wane within you. 
Moon Goddess, Maiden of New Beginnings, She Who Shines for All. 
Ishtar, Mother of All, Opener of the Womb, Silver Shining, Seed
Producing and Pregnant.  Queen of the Underworld, Hecate, the
Transformer, Darkness, Sorrow and Rebirth.

     Feel the moon rising within you as you listen to the words of
the Great Mother:

     "Whenever you have need of  anything, once in the month and
better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye assemble in some
secret place.  To these I will teach things that are yet unknown. 
And ye shall be free from all slavery.  Keep pure your highest
ideal.  Strive ever toward it.  Let naught stop you nor turn you
aside.  Mine is the cup of the wine of life and the cauldron of
Cerridwen.  I am the Mother of All Living, and my love is poured
out upon the earth.  I am the beauty of the green Earth, and the
white moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and the
desire in the hearts of lovers.  Before my face, let thine
innermost self be enfolded in the raptures of the infinite.  Know
the mystery, that if that which thou seekest thou findest not
within, thou wilt never find it without thee.  For behold, I have 
been with thee from the beginning and I await you now."

     Waxing and waning, waxing and waning, gently moving up and
back to this reality.

This is the priest's speech in case you decide to memorize it:

(kneeling before priestess)

"Lovely Lady, you have been known by so many names to so many people.
Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Freya, Isis, Hecate, and many more
have been your names. With your Lord by your side, we give you due
honor and invite you to join with us on this, your special night.
Decend, my lady, descend we pray thee, and speak with us your

     All this is done, of course, within the properly Cast Circle.
After the meditation the Dedication could proceed.

I.  You should be prepared to give the six dedicants a gift to
commemorate the beginning of their journey.  A shell or gift from
the sea might work or perhaps a beginner's book by Cunningham.

2.  A dip in the sea by the dedicants would be appropriate to
symbolize the new beginning. (This should really be done skyclad,
if possible.)

3.  Dedicants must choose a new name.

If the priest draws the Goddess down into the priestess, she would
give her speech standing in the Goddess position (legs spread, arms
raised).  When finished, she folds her arms across her breast, head
down and all meditate.  After, she can come back into character as
the priestess.  She might raise her head and say "Love is the Law
and Love is the Bond.  So mote it be"  All this of course must be
performed with a great deal of sincerity and feeling and even
drama. (It might be interesting if the Goddess could actually come
out of the sea in some way.)
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