Dark Moon Ritual
Performed June 13, 1999, at the home of the HPS
Designed by Eustacia Blackstar
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The mood is solemn and introspective.

All participants are asked to arrive wearing bathing suits
beneath black robes.  Prior to the ritual, participants are
invited to take a "ritual bath" in the outdoor spa.  This will be
done in silence as "Time Stands Still" is played on tape. 
Candles light the spa area.  After the "bath," participants will
pass through a gate to the pool area, where they will form a
circle around the pool.  

( Note: As there may be some who do not wish to get wet, they may
be allowed to dangle their feet in the water during the bath and
the main portion of the ritual. )

HP  Be it known that the Esbat is about to begin.  Let none be
here but of their own free will.

HPS  Be it known that the practice of our religion involves
secrets.  Share with no one on the outside the names of those
gathered in this Circle tonight.

Standing in Circle around Pool:

HP  Children of the Goddess, (in your mind's eye) look high above
you into the night sky.  Our shining light, the moon, is nowhere
to be found.  She hides in the dark sea now, awaiting rebirth. 
The dark moon is a representation of deep mysteries and
illusions.  Her lesson speaks of all things unseen, yet ever
present. This is a time of reflection on our own shadows.  It is
a time of rest.  Tonight we will be with the Dark Goddess.  She
will guide us gently back into the womb of night, where we will
each await our own rebirth.

( HPS casts the circle with a sparkler to represent the stars
still shining in the sky. )

HPS  I cast the circle 'round and 'round.  By its protection, we
are bound.  As I will it, so mote it be.

( HP Smudge the Circle )

Quarter Calls: ( HP lights the sparklers that have been inserted
in already lit candles at the four sides of the pool as HPS calls
the Quarters. )

HP  Guardians of the East:

HPS  Gentle winds, blow soft at night.
Keep us sate throughout this rite.
So mote it be.

HP  Guardians of the South:

HPS  Glowing embers in the dark,
do not let Danger find her mark.
So mote it be.

HP  Guardians of the West:

HPS  Tonight we rest in Water's womb.
Guard our temporary tomb.
So mote it be.

HP  Guardians of the North:

HPS  Earth, our solid strength, remain.
Be our fortress from all pain.
So mote it be.

HP  She shines no more in the sky.  The Lady rests, but in our
hearts and minds and souls, the light remains.  This circle is
the world between the worlds where all things are possible, but
Luna is missing.  She hides.  The moon has been swallowed into
the womb of night.  

( HP snuffs out center altar candle. )

HPS leads the chant:

Isis, Astarte, Diana - Hecate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna.

( HP raises athame toward the sky. )

HP  Children of the Goddess, repeat after me -

Dark Moon, hail!
Crone Moon, hail!
In this moment of darkness and quiet
Let us discover clarity, truth
and the light of our own spirits.
So mote it be!

( A knock is heard. HP opens door. )

HP  Behold the Lady of Darkness, old, yet ever young!

( LD appears through door.  Her head is bowed and her hands are
crossed over her breast. She is wearing a black cape and head
wreath. )

( LD lights the candle again. )

LD  My children, know this to be the truth.  As the moon passes
through its phases there is birth, death and rebirth.  Every end
has a beginning.  You must never despair, as every stop has a
fresh starting point.  Maiden, Mother and Crone, I am all of
these and more.  Whenever you have need of anything, call upon
me, for I abide within you all.  Even at the darkest times when
there seems no single spark to warm you, and the night seems
blackest of all, I am here, watching and waiting to grow with
you, in strength and in love.  I am she who is at the beginning
and the end of all time.

( LD removes veils.  With candle in hand, she steps onto the pool
and offers her hand. )

LD  Come, take my hand, receive the blessing and return for a
time to the place of your beginning.

( As participants enter the pool, a pentagram is traced on each
forehead with the water. )

( HPS' Meditation:  "Shepherd Moon" by Enya is played on tape. )

HPS  Find a position where you can relax completely.  Breathe
deeply.  You are perfectly safe in the arms of the Mother.  Take
another deep breath. As you exhale release all you cares and
worries.  Know that you are being cleansed of all those issues in
your life that cause you pain.  For tonight you are free, and
nothing else matters.

HPS  Look high above you. Spend some time searching the heavens.
Though the moon is dark, her apparent absence is only an
illusion.  The Goddess is always available to you. Perhaps you
have questions for her.  Perhaps you need assistance with a
problem.  Maybe it is healing that you require.  Though we are
together, each of us is now alone with the Dark Goddess.  Listen
to her.  Remember what she has to teach you. Take some time with

( Wait for music to end. LD leaves poolside. )

HPS  It is done.  Soon there will be a new moon and a new
beginning.  You may emerge from this place of rest with a new
understanding, which will become even clearer as the moon
continues on her course.  Come back to the circle now.  

(Participants may wish to get their towels, then return to the

HP  We ask now that you share with the group, something about
this experience, perhaps one thing that you learned tonight from
the Dark Goddess.  

(Pass candle around Circle as each person speaks.)

"Part of the Goddess" is played on tape

( A knock is heard at the door. )

HP  Behold, the Maiden Goddess of New Beginnings

( Maiden appears carrying the cauldron filled with water. 
Polished river stones, ie. "moon rocks," are at the bottom. )

HP  The Maiden brings you a gift, that you might always remember
the illusion of the Dark Moon.  Reach into the depths of the
cauldron and discover for yourself.  Although Luna may not be
seen, she is ever present.  Come to the altar one by one.

( Participants come to the altar one by one as all chant:  "We
All Come From the Goddess" )

Cakes and Ale:

( Marshmallows and ginger ale are passed. )

HP  Now is the time to give thanks for the blessing of new
beginnings that the Goddess bestows each month after every Dark
Moon.  The cake tonight represents the full promise of that
blessing, the full moon of abundance, the representation of our
hopes and ambitions that will soon be fulfilled.

HP  Eat and drink.  Share and be happy.

HPS  And as we share, let us remember that all that we have, we
share with those who have nothing.

So mote it be.

HP  The time has come to bid farewell to the Quarters that have
served us so well.

HP  Guardians of the East, go in peace.

HPS  Soft breezes of magic wherever you blow, take with you our
hopes.  As above, so below.

HP  Guardians of the South, go in peace.

HPS  Warm fires within us, now flames burning bright, thank you
for lighting our way through the night.

HP  Guardians of the West, go in peace.

HPS  Now you will leave us as the tide rolls, soothing, the
waters that comfort our souls.

HP  Guardians of the North, go in peace.

HPS  In your rich, fertile soil our spirits have flourished. 'Til
we meet again, may our ideals be nourished.

A Child's Moon Prayer: ( This is recited by the Maiden Goddess. )

Queen of Light.  Warm at night.
And thy be there, hear our prayer:
Let all the little children be 
Free to know you, just like me.
Guard their nights and Guide their days.
That they might grow in Wiccan ways.

HPS  We have come together in love and peace.  Let us leave the
same way.  Love is the Law. Love is the bond.

HP  The Circle is open but unbroken.  Merry meet. Merry part.
Merry meet again.  So mote it be.

( It is our tradition that, following each Ritual, we hug one
another. )

2008 Eustacia Blackstar. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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