The Croning of Valan, the Druid

Dark Moon, November, 2004


Altar set with

Fire bowl


my little sharp knife and gauze

cups and ale

(Note:  Please do ALL action facing into the circle, so all can see!)


All are gathered in the Goddess Grove, altar in Southeast.

Sophia, D,  and d. lead Valan into circle. Each carries

Well,  (Big D.)

Tree  (d.)

Fire (S.)



Sophia:  when everyone is in big circle


As we approach the sacred grove

With heart and mind, flesh and bone,

Join us now in ways of old.

We have come home.


Join now for the Druids Pledge:


We swear by Peace and Love to stand

Heart to heart and hand to hand

Mark, Oh Spirits, hear us now

Confirming this, our sacred vow.



We are gathered here on this Darkening Plain

In witness of the turning of the Great Wheel


This is the passage of the Druid, Valan to her Croning.




The Keeper of the Well (BigD.)

 Walks  to Altar, faces inward.  Raise “well” bowl on high

 Please hold it dramatically aloft.  (reading taped to lower bowl)


Big D.: In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.

Sacred waters flow within us.


Folk: Sacred waters flow within us.


Big D. will then asperge everyone from the bowl. Lastly V, S. and d.

. Place  “well” on main altar (much drumming at this time)




The Tender of the Tree (d.) 

Walk  to Altar, will  lift  the “tree” on high



d.: From the depths to the heights spans the world tree.

Sacred Tree, grow within us.


Folk: Sacred tree, grow within us.


d.: will then lower the tree.

d.: The fire, the well, the sacred tree,

Flame and flow and grow in me!


d. proceeds around the fire with the little Tree and then places it on the main altar. (much drumming  at this  time)



The Fire Tender  (S.) will light the  Fire bowl first saying: (Please face into the circle so people can see)


S.: I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.

Sacred fire burn within us.


Folk: Sacred fire burn within us.



Quarter calls:


East - Goddesses and guardians of the east, keepers of knowledge, champions of justice, eyes of the mind, with your breath grant us new beginnings so we may know our truths


South - Goddesses and guardians of the south, of the warm lands, impart the fire of your desires, stir our hearts with your flaming will. Awaken fierce, bright passions within.


West - Goddesses and guardians of the west, waters of our Ancestors, serpents of the endless sea, birth us with the waters of your living womb.


North - Goddesses and guardians of the north , bedrock of all earth magic. Home of the old and wise ones. Find us a place

in your stone circle.




Hail to the center, direction of the spirit.

Goddesses of the void, place out of time. Spiraling out to hold you.

The center is calm and still. You dive into the unknown. As if in a trance.


It is hypnotic. The Goddess appears between the worlds. Keeper of the gates.

She turns her key. Opening them for you, opening you enter.

She illuminates us with the light of all colors.

Shower your blessings upon this new Crone and all here present.




Red day is gone, so too the gold,

we have come into the time of owls

and silver night in a ring

like an owl's eye opening

on the black circle of space


Big D.:

now we will walk into the ways of earth

enter her passages of stone and frost,

her black bone hole.

And we will take the Night Journey

enter the feasting mouth of the tide, flow

into the throat of the deep sea song.



and you and I will fly!

with wildcat and wing

with nightmare and hare

with stars on our skirts

we will dance the waning moon.



So we will burn.

Let fire take the dross

of our old weights and meanings

and nothing will remain the same


All:  nothing will remain the same



Red day will change

into this white edge of owl-light,

shining as we begin the adventure

into the future.



Big D.

You stand in this moment,

Stripped of outer trapping,

Naked to the universe.

To reflect on your life thus far

and to set a course to follow on your path.



Name yourself that the gods may see you!



I   am a child of the earth, the sky and the sea,

I am your daughter, answer unto me.

Know me by my blood oath, know me by the blood of my Ancestors that flows true in my veins. (little blood onto fire pot)



Farther West than west

beyond the land

My people are dancing

On the other wind.




Know this Druid by her true name, which shall not be spoken in Open Circle; but which resounds through space and time -

whose Bardic name is Imbas,  (IM-bas)

whose Ovate name is Ansuz. (On-SOOS)


What have you wrought?



The craft of the Wise, through diligent study and reflection

My practice of Runecraft, Spellcraft and Potions

A focused and disciplined mind and body.

Teaching and encouraging others in the Old Ways. Keeping them alive through my Art.

A path of Ecological Husbandry.



What do you seek?





I seek the unalterable.

I seek the true name of God.

A difficult, perilous and lonely journey.


Big D:

What name do you take?

Ash, the Silent.


Ash, for the World Tree. The tree whose roots are the foundation, and whose branches are the vault of the Universe.

The tree that Odin hung on for 9 days, to gain knowledge of the Runes.


“The Silent” for this reason.

One can listen only in the silence.

For a word to be spoken there must be silence. Before, and after.




Only in silence, the word

Only in dark, the light

Only in dying, life:
…bright the hawk’s flight

On an empty sky.




Is there any here to gainsay her request?
(wait for a reply, then go on…)
Is there any here that would vouch for her worthiness?

(Sophia, d., and  BigD., please vouch for me?…and encourage everyone to speak up?)


When everyone is done, continue with:



From this day forward, let the use-name of this Druid be Ash, the Silent.

May the blessings of the Universe rain down upon this Druid as she journeys on her path!


So mote it be!



So mote it be!




Let us drink a toast to this newly made Crone.


(Pass out cups and beverage)  When all have a cup raise a toast:

“Hail and welcome, Ash the Silent!”

“Hail and welcome, Ash the Silent!”




Rise up and array yourself in garments bright, that you may shine like a beacon to those who follow in your path!


(Put on robe of many colors)


Menfolk, raise up this Crone and carry her to greet the quarters, that the elementals may know her well.  (Laughing and  carrying on!!) When this is done,


Sophia says:

May the Life of the Earth be in us.

May the Strength of the Earth be in us. May the Wisdom of the Earth be in us.


Now the formal rite is ended. We bid the goddess and elements farewell; to go or to stay as they will. We bid our Ancestors to watch over us and guide us on our path.




V says:

Let the fire be flame. (gong)

Let the well be water. (gong)

Let all be as it was before. (gong)

This rite is ended. (gong)



Hugs, little circle song




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