A Cone of Protection Spell

July 23, 2002
By Shining Spirit

              Cone of Protection Ritual

HPS: "Be ye far from us, O ye profane, for we are
about to invoke the power of the goddess and the god. 
Enter their temple with clean hands and a pure heart,
lest ye defile the source of life."

(HPS and HP lead the others in symbolic cleansing with
a bowl of water. We dip our fingers in the bowl and
wipe them with a towel, and process into the room, all
while chanting.)

We all come from the goddess
And to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean.

The participants form a Circle, still chanting.

HP: "Be it known that our ritual is about to begin. 
Let none be here but of their own free will."

HPS: "Be it known that the practice of our religion
involves secrets, even in this, the Outer Court. 
Share with no one on the outside the names of those
gathered in this Circle tonight."

HP/HPS: "And now, let us begin."

(HPS rings bell three times.)

HPS: By the air that is her breath and the fire that
is her bright spirit; 
By the water that is her living womb and the earth
that is her body,  
We shall cast a Circle and  make this place sacred and

(HP takes up athame and casts Circle with this chant:)
     “We cast our Circle round and round.
     By its power we are bound.”

(HP returns to alter and rings bell three times.)

(HPS casts the Circle with besom.)

Chant: "We cleanse our Circle to purify
     our sacred space twixt earth and sky."

(HPS returns to altar and HPS rings bell three times.)

(HP takes up sensor or feather and casts the Circle
with this chant:)

     "Smoke and fire in the air
      we see witches everywhere."

(HPS chimes three times.)

      "The Circle is cast!
       The Bell is rung,
       The Candles are lit,
       The Chant is sung.
       The Book is opened,
       The Altar is set, 
       The Cauldron is stirred,
       The Group is met.
       We now proclaim to everyone
       That our Ritual has begun."

(HP taps altar three times with Athame)


HP:  "By their names, our quarters call,
      May the Spirits join us all.
      North and South and East and West,
      All by Mother earth are blest."

(Calling the Directions: With athames, wands, or hands
raised, all draw invoking pentagram, starting from the
top, then down to left; gives the salute and kisses

Spirit of the Earth, of North, 
Be here as we call you forth.

Spirit of the East, of Air,
Join us with your spirit fair.

Spirit of the South, of Fire,
Be with us is our desire.

Spirit of Water, of the West, 
Join us now with all the rest.


   "Earth I am, Water I am,
    Air and Fire and Spirit I am."

HP: "In this night and in this hour,
     I call upon the Ancient Power,
     Oh Goddess Bride and Consort Bright,
     I ask you now to bring your light."

HPS: "In no way may these spells reverse,
       or place upon us any curse."

Goddess Prayer from The White Goddess, Robert Graves
(Prayer found in Latin in a twelfth century English
herbal)  Adapted for this ritual.

HPS:  "The Goddess speaks to us~and she says...
I am the Earth, the divine goddess, Mother Nature. 
I generate all things and bring forth ever anew the
sun which I have given to the nations; 
I am Guardian of sky and sea and of all Gods and powers;  
through my influence all nature is hushed and sinks to sleep...
Again, when it pleases me, I send forth the glad daylight, 
and nurture life with my eternal surety;  
And when the spirit of man passes, to me it returns.
Indeed I am rightly named Great Mother of the Gods; 
Victory is in my divine name.  
I am the source of the strength of peoples and of
gods;  without me nothing can either be born or made perfect;
I am mighty, Queen of the Gods.  
You shall adore me as divine, and invoke my name;  
And I shall vouchsafe to grant that which you ask of me.
I am Earth, the universal parent. 
I have borne and given life to all peoples.
My presence now is of the most benefit to humankind.
I am present here with my virtues, for the peace and
good will of all."

Call of the God from the Greenman book:
HP:  "The god speaks to us and he says...
I am the face in the leaves,
I am the laughter in the forest,
I am the king in the wood.
And I am the blade of grass
that thrusts through the stone-cold clay
at the death of winter.
I am before and I am after,
I am always until the end.
I am the face in the forest,
I am the laughter in the leaves." 

HP/HPS:  "May you all be here in peace and love.
          We bid you welcome."

(HPS chimes 3 times.)

(HPS and HP anoint each other with these words:)
"The Goddess and the God are within you.  Welcome to
this, their Circle."

(Both take up the Oil and make their was around the
Circle anointing everyone. Males by the HPS, females by HP.)

HP/HPS:  "The Goddess and the God are within you.  
          Welcome to this their Circle.  
          Merry Meet."

Cone of Protection

HP:  "We meet together to share our joy of life and of
the Earth, and to reaffirm our feelings for the
Goddess and the God.  
We ask them to favor us now as we crate a Cone of
Protection to keep us safe ~ in this place, as we
return to our homes, and throughout our lives.  
We recognize the need to continually revisit and
strengthen this Cone of Protection."

HPS: "I ask you each, now, to close your eyes. 
Visualize a cone surrounding yourself.  
When you see that cone and feel it around you, breathe
in deeply.  
It is safe here within our Circle.  We have created a
space sacred and apart.   
The air you breathe is safe.  Breathe that safe air
in, and then out and into your cone.  
Continue to fill your cone with air from the safety of
our Circle, breathing in and out.  
The air from our Circle contains the energy to make
your cones strong and safe and protecting.
Continue in silence, filling your Cone of Protection
with the warm breath of the safe air from our Circle."

(Allow a bit of time to pass, then HP and HPS say
together, softly:)

"I am protected by your might,
Lord and Lady, day and night."

(Group takes up chant and the energy builds.)

HPS:  We give thanks to the Goddess and the God for
their love and protection this day and throughout our
lives.  As they care for us, so do we honor them.

HP: "And now we all kneel to touch the Earth 
     and ground the excess of the energy we have raised."

(HPS rings chime 3 times.)


HPS:  "We came together in love and friendship; 
       let us part the same way.
       Let us spread the love we have known in this Circle 
       outward to all; 
       Sharing it with those we meet."

(Dismissing the Quarters: With athame raised, all draw
banishing pentagrams, starting from the bottom left
and moving up; gives the salute and kisses blade.)

HP:  "Let us now dismiss the Quarters widdershens, 
      starting with the North:"

"Farewell, Spirits of the North,
We thank you.  Now you may go forth."

"Farewell, Spirits of the West,
We thank you. You may go and rest."

"Farewell, Spirits of the South,
Our truth be spread by word of mouth."

"Farewell, Spirits of the East,
We thank you.  You may go and feast."

The light of the maiden surrounds you.
The love of the lady enfolds you.
The power of Gaia flows through you.
Where ever you are, the Goddess is,
And all is well.

HPS and HP:  "The Circle is open but unbroken,
 May the Peace of the Goddess,
 And the Strength of the God,
 Be ever in your hearts.

Merry Meet and Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again.”

HP:  "It is a part of my tradition that we hug one another
following a Circle."

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