Beltane Rite of Passage (Coming of Age) for C
Performed April 28, 2001
Created by Eustacia Blackstar, HPS/Mother of C
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HP  The purpose of this portion of the Sabbat ritual 
is to celebrate C 
who has reached thirteen years in this incarnation.  
In the names of the Goddess, 
may this Rite of Passage honor the years of C's childhood.

A maiden of unlimited potential, 
may she be inspired to attain all her goals, 
now and in the years to come.  
So Mote It Be. 

(HP may also say a few words of his own.)  

(HP goes to get C who is awaiting unseen.)

All sing  (Tune is "Waltzing Matilda" ):

"Lord of the Greenwood, 
high on the mountain, 
come greet the Lady waiting for thee.  
Maiden and Mother, circle unbroken.  
Thus it will be for eternity."  

(C enters with HP)

HP  My Lady, I present the Maiden, C,
who seeks to be initiated into the next level of wisdom.

HPS  As High Priestess of these rites, I acknowledge in myself the 
aspect of the mother Goddess, Demeter, as I welcome my daughter, 
C, whose journey begins from girlhood to womanhood. I hereby 
give her my blessing to pursue this initiation.  

(HP gives a bouquet of flowers to HPS who presents them to C.)

HPS  C, is there a name by which you will be henceforth known 
in these circles?

C  I take the name of Persephone.

HPS  Can you tell us why you have chosen the name of Persephone?

C  This is the time of year when the Goddess Persephone returns 
from the Underworld, and the Earth begins to live again.  
Persephone is the Goddess of Spring and rebirth.  I was born on 
March 20th, the first day of Spring!

HPS  You have chosen well.  Therefore, as Persephone, you shall be 

All hail Persephone! 
All hail Persephone!  
All hail Persephone!  
As it is spoken, so let it be done!

HPS  In the names of the Goddess, 
I charge all here present to welcome you, 
love you, guard you and guide you.
Children of the Goddess, 
if you hear this charge, say, "we will!"

ALL  We will!

HPS  Hear my words, Persephone.  You are a young woman now, 
and before long you will be a full adult, responsible for your own 
choices as you make your way in the would. We expect that you will 
choose wisely and make the most of your goddess given potential.  
All doors are open to you.  All things are possible.  Your goals and 
dreams can be accomplished.  Only you can limit yourself. By 
participating in this Rite, you agree to pursue your highest and best 
ideals in the face of all odds.  You will strive for excellence in all 
things.  You will be a friend to all, both man and beast. You will be a 
staunch protector of our mother, the earth.

HPS  Do you understand and agree to all these things?

HPS  Then receive the blessing:  

(HPS blesses Maiden with oil.)

Blessed Be this maiden, now and forever.
Blessed Be her eyes that she might see the brightest path.
Blessed Be her lips that she might ever speak the truth.
Blessed Be her heart and may she ever seek its council.
Blessed Be her feet and may she ever walk in beauty.
So mote it be!
HPS  Persephone, we are honored that our most esteemed elder and 
Wise Woman has joined us for this Rite of Passage.  You may seek 
her blessing.  Pay close attention to her council.  (Gail says a few 

HPS  Go now, go and seek out the four winds.  May they always 
guard and guide you.  

(C takes up a basket to hold the symbolic gifts from the Quarters.)

Greetings to you young woman.  I am the East from whence come 
the sunrise, the dawn and new beginnings.  May this gift of the wind 
remind you of your creative power to shape your own new 
beginnings as you pass through the gateway of childhood to walk the 
path of emerging adulthood. Love and Blessings to you, now and 

Greetings to you young woman.  I am the South from whence comes 
the fiery warmth that causes what is sown and moistened, to ripen.  
May this gift of the fire assist you in remembering your own fiery 
ability to bring to fruition that which you sow.  Love and Blessings to 
you, now and forever. 

Greetings to you young woman.  I am the West from whence comes 
the rain to water the seeds within our Mother, making her fruitful.  
May this gift of the water remind you that from the sea comes life.  
All life requires your respect and protection.  Love and Blessings to 
you, now and forever. 

Greetings to you young woman.  I am the North from whence come 
the cold and snow that force us to retreat and rest, allowing us to go 
deep within.  May this gift of the earth remind you of the mystery 
and power of your own inner journey as you sit in silence listening to 
the wisdom of the voice within.  Love and Blessings to you, now and 

HP   Beltane is a celebration of fertility. 
It is a celebration of birth itself. 
It also celebrates the connection 
between mother and child.  
We see this in the great love of Demeter 
who roams the world in anguish each year 
searching for her lost child, Persephone. 
To honor this connection 
and in particular the role of mothers, 
I ask all the women 
to assist in the completion of this rite.
All of you who are mothers, 
who will be mothers in the future 
or who have or will assume a mothering role at some time, 
that is all girls and women, 
please take a step forward.

When mothering is truly valued 
as the priceless gift that it is, 
when mothers are truly honored 
and supported for all the work they do, 
we may see a great shifting 
of priorities in the world. 

HP  Imagine if everyone was parented well enough.  
Imagine if children were brought up 
with no deficit of food, shelter, love or caring.  
Please close your eyes and imagine these things.

HPS  Mother of All, hear our prayer this day for the protection and 
blessing of all the mothers! We call your blessings down to the 
women in our circle who are or will be raising children.  Speak 
through their hearts and hands as they guide the growth of their 
children.  Help them feel your love and guidance.  Help them 
replenish their stores from your endless well of strength and energy. 
 Help remind them even when they think they don't need it, that we 
are all grateful for their work in raising the next generation.

HPS  All of the children are our children, and they bring great joy to 
the world.  We know that what happens to the smallest of us also 
affects the largest.  What befalls one child soon befalls the world.  
And so, Mother of  all Creation, while we bless the mothers here, let 
us also bless ourselves with open hearts and open hands so that no 
child shall go wanting.  By our love and by our efforts, may we be 
known as people who honor mothers, as people who give their 
children what they need to thrive; as people trice blessed by happy 
children, healthy families and the boundless outpouring of your love 
into our lives.  Mother of the World, with your blessing, may we all 
grow in our capacity to love unconditionally, to nurture where there 
is need, and to tend well the fruits of creation.  Blessed be the 
mothers!  So mote it be.

HP   Mothers,  please form two lines starting at the altar facing 
each other.

HPS   Persephone, Child of the Universe, may you ever be aware of 
your celestial beginnings.  May you keep ever true to your purpose 
for being on Earth.  Never forget that your ultimate destiny is among 
the stars.  You have a high calling to fulfill.  Your greatest asset on 
this journey has been and will always be the love and guidance of 
your family. Continue as you have, to make us all proud of you and 
your accomplishments.

HPS This token of my love for you is to symbolize the eternal bond 
between mother and child.

HP   Mothers, now bridge your arms together 
in symbolic representation of the birth canal.

HPS  Persephone, the time has come for you to be reborn into a new 
level of experience.  My Lord, will you take the silver cord and bind 
us together, mother and child, one last time. 

HPS  May the Goddess grant you great courage, Persephone. You 
may go now on your journey. 

(As the Maiden walks slowly through the birth canal,
 all sing 

"We All Come From the Goddess,
And to her we shall return,
Like a drop of rain,
flowing to the ocean."

As she reaches the other side, she will stand with her arms 
raised in the Goddess position.  HP will cut the cord attached to 

HP   So Mote It be! 

Drums sound.  

(HP escorts Maiden back to altar.)

HPS  Just as Winter turns to Spring, so have you transitioned.

HP  Persephone, welcome to this Circle of the Lord and Lady.  
You are hereby welcomed anew by this entire community.  
Blessed Be!

ALL sing:
We are one with the soul of the Earth, Mother Earth.
We are one with the soul of the Earth, Mother Earth.
We are one with the soul of the Earth, Mother Earth.
We are one.

(HP lights candles on cake that has been present on the altar)

HPS  You have yet another task to perform.  As I light your candles, 
think for a moment about your hopes for the future, goals you will 
set and the woman you will endeavor to become.

HPS  Now as the first act of magick as you begin your new path, 
blow out the candles and send your dreams out to the universe.
So mote it Be!

HPS  This Rite of Passage is now ended.  As the first duty on your 
new path, you may now thank the Goddess and dismiss the Quarters.

Persephone:  Lady, I thank you for your blessings today and for 
guiding me safely into young womanhood.  I know this is but the 
first step on a much longer path.  Let your insight, gentile power, 
and beauty within me grow.  Farewell sister Air, sister Fire, sister 
Sea and Mother Earth.  Farewell to all the fairy spirits. As we leave 
from this place, watch over me and all those who have gathered 
here, until we meet again beneath your loving gaze.

Star and HPS sing first verse of 'Wild Mountain Thyme

Lord and Lady, Spirits of Power
Thank you for joining us this hour.
As you return to your place in the light
Bless us and keep us this Beltane night.

HP  The circle is open but unbroken.  
Merry meet.  Merry Part.  Merry meet again.  
Blessed Be!


Have ready:
Altar with white and green cloth, flower bouquet, cake with candles, 
blessing oil, silver cord, ritual knives, gift for C provided by 
mother, small basket to collect Quarter gifts, token Quarter gifts, 
basket for other token gifts that may be brought to the ritual, 

2008 Eustacia Blackstar. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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