The Dedication of Cafell

August 31, 2006

MoonPath CUUPS
UU Church of Ft. Lauderdale



Magical Name:  Cafell [-au, f.] Welsh\, feminine; (n.) Oracle, Cell, Sanctuary,

Deities: Woden, Odin  (German, Woden; Norse Paganism, Odin): In Germanic religion and mythology, the supreme god. God of magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, battle, wisdom, and death. Odin can make the dead speak to question the wisest amongst them. Odin was also a shapechanger, able to alter his form in any way he liked. He was said to travel the world without being recongnized. Odin is said to be a healer, hinting at shamanistic origins, as he is god of magic and prophecy.

Goddess Brigit (Ireland) Goddess of the Sun and of Fire; Goddess of healers, inspiration, learning divination, occult knowledge, poetry, prophecy Goddess of Poets, Smiths, Childbirth and Inspiration

Goddess Rhiannon (Wales)  Goddess of The Moon;  Goddess of  Birds, Horses, Inspiration Enchantment, Fertility and the Otherworld.

Maeve: (Irish) ’Queen of Intoxication’,  in ancient times she was said to hold the entrance to the Otherworld, which is now called the Cave of the Cats. This Goddess conferred sovereignty on the many Kings by a ritual of intoxication and then a 'marriage' to them. Goddess of fertility and the Otherworld.


Sacred Focus: Spiritual Healing

   Psychic Progression 

                      Continuing the Writing of Autobiography         

   Respect  and Care of Nature


Divinations: Rieki



Focus of Interest, Reading or Study:




                    Celtic History and Cultural Philosophy

Nutrition, Healing Foods and Nutrients



Magickal Number: Three

Astrological Sun Sign: Leo


This is the Ritual of Dedication for Cafell to proclaim a rite of passage to a new identity; the beginning of the year and a day of study and practice on their chosen path as Wiccan:


I.                   Casting a circle of purification and blessing: Cafell enters ceremony tied at the wrist with purple cord, later to cut with knife by Spel.


All walking around the circle, Using smudge stick and Sacred Water, the circle is cast by each walking around the outside of the circle, waving the smudge stick and

sprinkling water as we go.  WE can either chant or drum. Circling inside the circle, all participants are cleansed, with smudge stick and sea water. Spelcastor saying:

"Powers of the Sun and Moon, Elements of Nature, Bequests of our Ancestors and Gifts of the Other world, come into this circle of love, peace and tranquility to share your qualities of wisdom, clarity, and knowledge so that we, together may further query the vast wonders of the Heavens".


Incense of Frankincense around Circle or Sage Wand

Drum Chant in Rhythm to Chosen Celtic Music

Sacred Water



II.  Calling the four directions.



Great Father, we give you honor.


 THE EAST: I call upon you powers of Air to witness this rite and to guard this circle.


THE SOUTH: I call upon you powers of Fire to witness this rite and guard this circle.


THE WEST: I call upon you powers of Water to witness this rite and guard this circle.


THE NORTH: I call upon you powers of Earth to witness this rite and guard this circle.


So Mote it be.



III. Calling the Goddesses and the Gods



     Blessed Be Lady moon, mother of all life.  I invite your

     presence in our circle tonight.  Join with us in joyous enchantment

     of this night.  For behold, we stand here in the light of your love

     to worship in the ancient way and to spin moon magick

     Hear me now, my mother, as I bless your bounty and your goodness.

     Bless me in turn with you eternal tenderness.

     Wrap us in your warm silvery light. 

     Hold us forever in the protective embrace of your boundless arms. 

     So mote it be!



     Lord of the Night, join us now in this sacred space.  Your

     Lady rides high in the starry sky and will soon be in and of us.

     Come now to join us in the ancient holy rites.  So mote it is.


IV.              Presentation of Cafell by Elders and Deities


      Sophia, Spelcastor and dragnfli present Cafell to the community.


      These Elders and the community ask Cafell some questions. She answers well.


V.                 Presentation and dedication of tools and gifts to alter.


Cafell: Now I take up my Working Tools:


I unbind and offer this cord (as it is cut from wrist).  This is the sign of power and
command, used to cause courage, inspiration and enlightenment. For to learn you must endure and be strengthened.

I take up the Wand.  Its use is to call up the angels, spirits of guidance and wisdom,  and summon the energies of the universe.

Next I take up the Cup.  This is the vessel of the Goddess, the
Cauldron of Cerridwen, and the Holy Grail of Immortality.  From this, sisters and brothers of the Art drink in comradeship, and in honor of the Goddess.

Next I take up the Pentacle.  This is for the purpose of safety and the calling up appropriate spirits.

Next I take up the Censer of Incense.  This is to encourage and
welcome good spirits and to banish evil spirits.

Next I take up the Book of Shadow.  This is the symbol of passage and inspiration.  The passage of time, events, and transition. The inspiration of wisdom, courage, and endurance.

And with this Necklace, which is the Circle of Rebirth, I seal my
commitment to the Craft of the Wise.


And with this Gown and Veil which surround my body, I seal my
commitment to pledge my mind to learning, my heart to love, my body to life, my life to peace as the Goddess and God so will it. So mote it be.



VI. Meditation and Visualization: by dragnfli:  

"On the evening of Cafell's Dedication, I thought it would be appropriate to do a guided meditation on New Beginnings. Now is the waxing, or growing, phase of the Moon, and this dedication is a new step for Cafell, as she begins the next leg of her journey on her newly chosen path to God, self-discovery, joy and peace. Perhaps some of you also have new beginnings that would benefit from a little focused and intentional meditation....So let us begin. Now everybody please relax and stand comfortably. feel yourself to be centered and connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. in through the nose and out through the mouth. breathe in the positive, clean, new air that surrounds you. and breath out the negative and the old. releasing anything that is holding you back from true connection with the Divine on this next step of your journey. Breath in and breath out."

"To commence a new journey, it can be helpful to reflect on what you have done before, keeping useful information and skills that you have learned and experiences you have had so far, the foundations of who you have become. This can be a most important step before setting out on any fresh quest. Now breath in the Heavenly and Mundane knowledge you have gathered and the talents you have trained in. Think about and remember the useful things you have learned so they may aide you as you continue on your way...Breath in and breath out."

"New Roads can be scary and exciting, inhibiting and freeing, while leading us on to new heights and depths of learning. enabling us to love and accept ourselves and others. Breath in the Airy and Ethereal Land of the Otherworld so that it may be with you and inside you, guiding you and comforting you on your continued quests for self-knowledge. Breath in and breath out."

"Successful new beginnings take commitment, courage, drive and perseverance in order for us to reap the benefits of their possibilities. Now breathing in the sweet, clean Summer Air, let it's winds of possibility take you high so you may receive these gifts to take back with you. and then they will gently ease you back down to the ground after your flight into the unknown. Breath in and breath out."

"Now that you have returned with your gifts and you are ready to start your new journey, please return to the mundane world. slowly open your eyes and refocus on the here and now. and then gently stretch your limbs and body to ensure that you reconnect safely and happily with the present. Thank you Mother and Father for your presence and blessings during this meditation. Breath in and breath out."

VII. Song of Transition: ‘Bend Little Willow’ Pre-recorded music is played



Little Willow

By Paul McCartney


Bend little willow

‘Winds going to blow you

Hard and long tonight


Life, as it happens…

Nobody warns you

Willow, hold on tight


Nothing’s going to shake your love

Take your love away

No one’s out to break your heart

It only seems that way…hey


Sleep, little willow

Peace gonna follow

Time will heal your wounds


Grow to the heavens

Now and forever

Always came too soon.




VIII. Dedication of Cafell


Spelcastor holds athame to Cafell’s throat.


I, Cafell, come into this sacred place willingly. I come to dedicate my myself to the pagan ways and to the Craft of the "Old Religion, whose power is still strong and vital. "Here I give my word-bond to follow the ancient paths that lead to true wisdom and knowledge. I will serve the Great Goddess and give reverence to the Great God. I am a pagan, a stone of the ancient circle, standing firmly balanced upon the Earth, yet open to the winds of the heavens, and enduring through time. May the Old Celtic Gods witness these works.


By my own free will, I most solemnly swear that I ever never reveal those secrets of the Craft which shall be entrusted to me, except it be to a proper person; and that I will never deny the secrets to such an ethical person whom has taken honorable oath of the Craft.  All this I swear by my unity to the life around me.


IX.             Introduction to the Quarters

Sophia, Spelcastor, and dragnfli present Cafell to each of the Quarters as Witch, Priestess, and Hidden Child of the Goddess. Then they present her to the community, with much applause.




X. Ceremony of Bread & Wine  


Cafell leads and anoints those in circle with essence oil as bread and wine are served…


Happiness Runs

By D.P Leitch


Donovan, Vocal and acoustical guitar;

Graham Nash, Leslie Duncan and Mike McCartney, Vocals



XI.  Cafell Thanks the Deities, Dismisses the Quarters, and Opens the Circle.

“Thanks be given to Brigit, Rhianon, and Odin”


 NORTH: Depart in peace, powers of Earth. My thanks and blessings.

 WEST:   Depart in peace, powers of Water. My thanks and blessings.

 SOUTH: Depart in peace, powers of Fire. My thanks and blessings.

 EAST:    Depart in peace, powers of Air. My thanks and blessings.


The Circle is open, but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!


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