Banishment of the Fuzzy Bunny
October 13, 2005

Some say we can curl up with the Maiden Goddess and feel connected and loved. We scribble a few notes on scraps of paper and burn them, call ourselves witches, and say what we are doing is a religion. All Hail the Great Barbee Doll!

But there is more to life than this. Look at our friends up the road within Christendom, obsessing more on their Christian Devil than with their bland Jesus. Their devil is drawn as such a worthy opponent.

Our lives are not all peaches and cream. There is change, destruction and rebirth. Enter the Crone aspect and the Dark Goddesses: Hecate, Kali, or Hel. These are no Ladies to trifle with. But are they bad? No; however, they CAN play a little rough.

So what are our fears but a circle cast around our comfort zone and keeping us away from our personal treasures.

Consider the learned doctors like Freud, Carl Jung, and whatever might lurk in our collective unconscious.

For a full deck, we embrace all three aspects of the Goddess: Matron and Crone as well as the Maiden. Perhaps, we just don't do it every day.

So, how about a Ritual for the Bunny!

Quarters to Call (Predator Energies):

East: Hawk, Eagle, Owls
South: Dragons
West: Alligators
North: Wolves, Snakes, Raccoons, Coyotes, 'Possums, Weasels

Run rabbit run, run rabbit run.

Gods of the Hunt to invoke: Hern, Cernunus, Gwion
Goddesses of the Hunt to invoke: Ceredwin, Artimis, Pale

Sabbat Sage retells the saga of the tortoise and the hare and how the hare was the one that mattered..

Embrace the Dark, Dance into the Light.

We to a Spiral Dance as a Bunny Hop.

One of our Ladies boasted a tattoo of the Morgan. We lined up between her and the fuzzy bunny placed on a pedestal. We each received energy by touching her tattoo and discharged trivial optimism into the bunny.

Then we tossed the bunny into the fire.

Comment from Aleph the Seeker:

I think we finally reached our darkest spontaneous ritual of all time. That was the funniest ritual done in such a solemn mode. 'Burn the Bunny' chanting was so wickedly hilarious. I would say we have so cast off any residual fuzziness that we couldn't ever be mistaken for 'Fuzzy Bunnies' again. All hail the darkness. The Moonpath is a dark trail in a darker world. I am so proud of our group. Finn was in fine performance and Mac Mage was right on spot with the kerosene. I think the solemn casting off spell with a hand on Jen's Morgan tattoo and the other on the fuzzy bunny effigies was genius. Hopping about like mad rabbits was fun and the corner calls featuring bunny eating carnivores was also hilarious. I think that was the best spontaneous ritual ever.

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