The Sidhe Magickal Beltaine Ritual
                Beltaine, 2012, Valan the Druid
                MoonPath CUUPS, Fort Lauderdale

Seed Giver
May Queen
Spel and Ash
Tree, Well, Fire-Giver

All enter the arch of palms and are given grass seeds.
May Queen is first to proceed.

Ash:  Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair Beltaine flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!

As the ancients did before us, 
so we do now, 
and so our descendants may do in the future. 
We are come into the Grove to worship as they did, 
to offer to the Ancestors; 
to offer to the “Aye-sir” and the “Van-eer”
to offer to the Nature Spirits; 
and to offer to the beloved Shining Ones. 
Today we kindle a new flame of HOPE and new beginnings
 as we dance among the Beltaine fires.
And tonight, may we practice the Rites of Love 
in whatever way our spirit may guide us, 
to sustain the Power of Life! 

Ash:  Join us now in the Pledge!

We swear by peace and Love to stand,
Heart to Heart,
Hand to Hand.
Mark, o spirits, hear us now
Confirming this, our sacred vow.

Statement of Purpose

Spel: The sap rises, the buds spring forth into a riot
of blooming colors. New, wee creatures awaken to the gentle
wind and rain of Spring.  The Wheel turns, and the Earth
herself emerges from the silent slumber of Winter.
We rejoice.  In gardens, woods, and the wild places,
shimmering creatures, the Sidhe, the legendary Fae of
the Mounds also emerge to frolic in the freshness of May.

Ash:  So, let us start this Beltaine Festival, in a way
that will please these nature sprites; with bubbles!!!!!

Circle Cast

All the quarters round with bubbles as we chant: 

We cast this circle with joy and light
Nymphs and Sprites, please join our rite!

A Sacrifice to the outsiders 


Ancient and dark ones; unseen, unsightly, and unloved
We make this offering to you
You twisted and misshapen
You cold of heart and dim of mind
Take this offering and trouble not our rite.

(He takes the Blessing cup and 
pours  “ale” onto the earth, outside the circle.) 

The Well, the Tree and the Fire

The Keeper of the Well

(KW)– the “Well” is on the west altar

 Walk  to microphone, Raise “well” bowl on high 
 Please hold it dramatically aloft.  (reading taped to lower bowl)

KW: In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.
Sacred waters flow within us. 

Folk: Sacred waters flow within us.

KW will then asperge the firepit and the Druids from the bowl.
Place  “well” on Main altar (much drumming at this time.

The Tender of the Tree

(TT)– the “Tree” is by or on the North altar

 Walk to microphone. Liift the “tree” on high
Please hold it dramatically aloft.  (reading taped to container)

TT: From the depths to the heights spans the world tree. 
Sacred Tree, grow within us. 

Folk: Sacred tree, grow within us.

TT: will then lower the tree.

TT: The fire, the well, the sacred tree,
Flame and flow and grow in me!

TT: proceeds around the fire with the little Tree and then
places it on or near  the main altar. (much drumming at this time)

The Fire Tender will go to microphone and say:

FT: I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire burn within us. 

Folk: Sacred fire burn within us.

FT: starts the fire.

V:  Let the drums begin!   Much DRUMMING and cheering!!!!!


In ancient times fire, man's greatest tool and nature's fiercest
weapon, defined the meeting place of the sacred and the profane,
the heart of the home and of religious  ceremony. Therefore,
when we come together to celebrate the rites of our ancestors,
we light a fire. We light this fire as the center of our circle,
the symbol of the ancient ways, and as a means by which our
sacrifices may be conveyed to the realms of the gods.

O sacred fire that consumes and transforms
Ancient enemy and first-born friend of humankind.
 Accept this offering of flowers
Become for us the living door to the heavens
The manifestation of the Shining Ones .
And the path of our return home. 
Spel tosses branch on fire.

 O sacred bough of fragrant memory 
May your sweet, rising smoke
Reach the halls of the gods.

May we pray with a good fire!

ALL: May we pray with a good fire!


Spel:  And now we will have the quarters, starting in the East:

Listen to the voice of the wind, small and shy, loud and joyful,
whispering sweet secrets in your ear. Listen, and welcome the joy
of laughter, the frangrance of the flowers, and music that ride
on the gentle breeze.
Hail and welcome.

AtS:  We will now summon the fire and transformation from the South.

Listen to the voice of the fire, crackling and laughing and warming
your soul.  Listen, and welcome the Great Transformer, the Elemental
who renews with flames.

Spel:  And from the West, we summon all the water of this,
our Blue Planet.

Listen to the voice of the water, flowing and gentle, wrapping
your body in its cool hands. The waterfalls and streams, the
mysterious Deep, the Wisdom of the Ages. Be with us now.
Hail and Welcome!

AtS:  And now, from the North – The Earth Herself, Our Mother.

Listen to the voice of the forest, deep, low, and strong,
pulsating through out your body.  Listen to the silence of stone,
the whisper of the trees, the sigh of wheat fields and remember,
She is our Mother.
Hail and Welcome.

Working Magick

Our purpose here tonight is to take this handful of seeds,
seeds that hold the promise of new life, and cast them back
to the Earth, our Mother. Renew Her, as She renews us!

On the count of 3 gongs, cast your seeds wide that they may renew
our sacred space.

(Everyone casts seeds)

Spel:And now we will have a poem of beltaine, from our Story Sage:

Warm is the wind with weeping
Flushed with an old desire
This is a night for loving
This is a night for fire

Come with the dark of morning
After the moon has gone
This is a night for loving
That brings a hallowed dawn 



The gifts of the people rise to the gods on the smoke of sacrifice.
May our prayers go clearly and without hindrance to those we have
praised. A favor requires a favor; a song another song, and a gift
given requires a gift in return. This is the law of ancient times,
alike between man and man and mankind and the gods.  We have offered
our gifts to the gods and we ask them in return for knowledge of
what tomorrow will bring. Will our lives be renewed and our Summer

 I ask then, that the youngest among us draw a Rune that we may know
our Fate.

The youngest draws and Ash interprets  a rune. If an, unfavorable
omen is drawn, the participants  are asked to meditate on the gods'
message and consider how to respond individually.

Blessing Cup

Ancient and mighty ones we honor you. Having established the bond
of hospitality with the gods, what the gods have given to us we
distribute freely. Behold the drink of the gods!

We will pass out cups. Please wait for the toast to be made
before drinking!

Quarter teams pass out cups and pour juice.

When all have a drink, 
Spel raises the Blessing cup filled with juice.
Behold the drink of the gods!

All: Behold the drink of the gods!

Ash says:

When we give, we receive and are blessed.
What we share will be shared in return.
Those we praise in joy will respond to our need.
We are kin to the gods when we drink their mead.

The Beltaine Blessing Fires

Spel Speaks:

Now as we stand filled with the power of the Goddess, let us work
the spell of the Beltaine fires to drive away ill and bring us luck
in the coming summer.

Step lightly in the dance and leave your winter cares behind
Receive the blessing of the shining ones
As you pass between the faery fires
Dance now, in the joy of May!
Dance and pass between the two fires!
Fire tender, please lights the Torches.  Drummers – drum!!!!!

Drums drum joyously!!!

(everyone dances and passes between the 2 fires, South quarter team:
start the lines! Pass through to the West. They beckon those at
the South/SouthEast to follow.. Everyone circles sunwise, passing
between the fires.

Much drumming at this time!)


Now the formal sacrifice is ended. We bid  the gods and elements
farewell; to go or to stay as they will. We bid our Ancestors
to watch over us and guide us on our path, and we close with this
lusty thought:

Alternate ending:

"Oh, do not tell the Priest of our art
For he will call it sin,
But we shall be in the woods all night,  conjuring Summer in!
We bring good news by word of mouth For women and cattle and corn
The Sun is coming up from the South By Oak, and Ash, and Thorn."

"Oh, do not tell the Priest of our art  For he will call it sin,
But we shall be in the woods all night,  conjuring Summer in!
We bring good news by word of mouth For women and cattle and corn
The Sun is coming up from the South By Oak, and Ash, and Thorn."

Spel and Ash:

S:  The fires of Beltane kindle the night, reflecting the
Green Man’s glance,

A:  The Queen of the May delights us all, with her spiral dance.

S:  "Follow me to the source of all" he said "I am eternal fire"

A:  "Come with me to the source of all" she said "I am your heart’s desire."

Ash says:
Let the fire be flame. (gong)
Let the well be water. (gong)
Let all be as it was before. (gong)
This rite is ended. (gong)

AtS:  So say we all.
Many thanks to the Drummers, Minions and all who helped make this
ritual such a joyous one!


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©Valan Evers, 2012

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