Performed April 28, 2001
Ft. Lauderdale CUUP
Designed by Eustacia Blackstar, HPS Circle of the Sun
(email Eustacia)

Ritual Needs:  banner, salt water/ smudge stick and feather, Sacred 
Flame candle, chalices, Cakes and Ale, wand

(Drummers summon the people together.)


BANNER Bearer (enters to altar with Star from the East)  Be it 
known the Grand Sabbat of Beltane is about to begin.  May you all 
participate in perfect love and perfect trust.

STAR SINGS first verse of "Wild Mountain Thyme"

DRUMMING (Drumming may go on throughout the ritual during 
appropriate pauses.)

PROCESSION enters going once around Circle as Quarter take their 
places:    Maiden, Wise Woman, May King and May Queen, Quarters, 
fairies, and  HP 

HP  (stands in front of altar and raises hands)  
Just as we have done before, in many incarnations, 
we gather on this blessed day to celebrate Beltane.  
The fertile summer season will soon be here.  
We come to ask the blessings 
of the bountiful Goddess and her God consort 
who unite today in sacred marriage.  
Come to me my Lady. 
For it is in the joining of male and female 
that all life and this rite begins.

HPS enters  (Star sings next three verses of "Wild Mountain Thyme.)

MAIDEN  performs Irish step dancing. (HP starts/stops tape.)

HPS (CASTS CIRCLE with wand)  I cast the Circle 'round and 'round. 
 By it's protection we are bound.

HP and MAIDEN (CONSECRETE the Circle with salt water and 
smudge stick/feather) 

By earth and air, fire and rain, 
the Circle is closed.  We must remain.

On Beltane Eve the bale fires burn
As we assist, the seasons turn.
Summer soon Her joy will bring.
Then blessed be the Sun God King.

Gather in the morning dew, 
For potions to make dreams come true.
Fairies now may come to play,
As we greet the first of May.                  

(Maiden exits to change clothes)

'Round the Maypole dance we might
so God and Goddess will unite.
And earth and beast and home shall be
Blessed with fertility.

HPS If you believe and remain a child at heart, 
Beltane is the season to see fairies.  Let us call to them now!

(To all Quarter Callers: Say your words up and into the Circle with 
your arms raised.  When you are finished, turn and point your 
athame at your direction when we all say, "So mote it be!").

Children of the Air, fairies all, hearken to this Beltane call! 
Bring winds of magick, breaths of Spring.  
Let our lives with music sing. So mote it be!"

Children of the Fire, fairies all, hearken to this Beltane call!  
Bring sparks of laughter.  Passions enflame.  
Let us all be glad we came. So mote it be!"

Children of the water, fairies all, hearken to this Beltane call!  
Bring waves of gladness.  Cares wash away.  
Quench our thirst for love today. So mote it be!"

Children of the Earth, fairies all, hearken to this Beltane call!  
Bring fertile thoughts and keep us grounded, 
as we strive to be well rounded. So mote it be!"

HP  Blessed spirits, fairies all, hearken to this Beltane call!  
The Lord and Lady we invite.  
Guide and guard us with your might.

HPS  And if you choose to hear our plea, bless us with fertility.

HP and HPS light red star (Sacred Flame)

Beltane is an ancient fire festival.  
As the sacred flame comes to you, 
receive its blessing of passion and energy.  

(Keeper of the Flame passes torch candle for all participants to hold. 
She is assisted by Banner Bearer with lite, in case candle goes out.)  

HP  I now call forth the Keeper of the Flame. (pause) 

(Karen comes forward. Hand flame to Karen.)

May you claim strength and energy for yourself and, thereby 
pass it on to all here gathered.

(HPS lights four Quarter candles from Sacred flame.)  

Quarters come forward and the four candles are passed.)

     Sacred Flame, Holy Fire 
     give us now what we desire.
     As we will it, so mote it be! 

(Some type of fire works or explosive noise may be heard at this time. 
Perhaps something could be tossed into the fire, if one is burning. 
Toss Cremora into the fire.)

HPS to Karen:  Extinguish the flame.  May it rest for another year.

HP   Children of the Lord and Lady, 
we have created sacred space.  
We have called on the fairies to create here a magical realm.  
We have invited the Lord and the Lady 
to preside over these rites. 
We have been blessed by the sacred flame.  
Watch and listen now, 
as we retell the story of the Sabbat. 

SEASONAL ENACTMENT    "How the Maypole Came to Be"

liberally adapted by Eustacia Blackstar.  
The original inspiration is "The Goddess Blesses All Forms of Love" 
by Starhawk.

Cast:   The (B) Bard, the (Y) young girl, the (W) Wise Woman and the 
(M) Maiden Goddess of Spring.

Props:  A basket of ribbons, a wand, Quarter candles, flowers for the 
Quarter Altars, and a hand microphone for the Bard.)


B: Gather around and I'll tell you a story about how the Maypole 
came to be.

B: Once upon a time, a long time ago-----or maybe in a time not yet 
come-----there was a springtime when no flowers bloomed.  It was 
the Grand Sabbat of Beltane and all had gathered to celebrate. Yet 
the plum trees and cherry trees showed no delicate blossoms.  No 
daffodils pushed up from the cold ground; no buds formed on the 
roses.  No lilacs perfumed the air, and no poppies opened their 
bright petals to the wind.  Everyone stood in silence wondering how 
to proceed.  They all recognized that something was wrong, but no 
one was exactly sure just what it was.

Y: As the people stood there in circle, the small voice of a young girl 
rang out from the crowd.  "Where have all the flowers gone?" she said 
in dismay.

B: No one seemed to know the answer to that question.  No one felt 
much like celebrating either, when there were no visible signs of 

B: Now the Wise Woman of the village had also come to the 
gathering. She was well respected for her vast knowledge of many 
subjects including the cycles of life.  The people looked to her for 
healing and comfort in times of need.  The Wise Woman stepped 
forward and put her hands on the young girl's shoulder.

W: She said kindly, "Some kind of love has gone out of the world, so 
the earth spirits are sick and the flowers have disappeared, but with 
the right kind of love you can call them back again."

Y: "What is the right kind of love?" asked the girl.

W: "Let us see if we can call it in," said the Wise Woman. "Let us all 
hold hands."

B: So all the people held hands and each in turn called out some 
form of love.  The librarian said, "I love to read." A young boy said, "I 
love my dog."  The woodsman said, I love the trees, and on it went 
around the circle each one in turn mentioning one kind of love.  (All 
those present will add what they love.)

Y: When the circle of voices was complete, the young girl asked 
again, "do you think we have found the right kind of love?"

B: The Wise Woman held up her magick wand as if to invoke a spirit.

M: At that moment another voice could be heard.  "There really is no 
right kind of love.  The Goddess blesses all forms of love, just so long 
as it harms no one.  Whenever you join together in a circle with love 
and trust, you call me."

B: Appearing in the circle was a beautiful young women gowned in 
white.  Her hair was crowned with all the flowers of spring.

Y: "Who are you, my lady?" asked the young girl.

M: "I am the Goddess of Spring. You and the Wise Woman have 
called me back from the Otherworld with your circle of love. "
Y: "Then please tell us Lady, how do we bring the flowers back?"
M: "Here is what you must do.  My tree of Life is but a dead stick, 
but you can bring it to life again.  You must take a ring and place it 
on top of my tree.  This is the Circle of Rebirth.  Here are the ribbons 
of love that I bring you.  Tie them all to the circle for they represent 
the many forms of love that exit in the world.  Then you must take 
hold of my ribbons and dance around the tree.  You must wrap the 
tree of life in love and then the flowers will bloom again."

(Maiden Goddess carries flowers to the Quarter Altars.)

B: And so the people built the Maypole as the Goddess had 
instructed and they danced all through the day.  As they danced, 
delicate blossoms appeared on the trees.  Daffodils pushed up from 
the ground, and buds formed on the roses.  Lilacs perfumed the air, 
and poppies opened their bright petals to the wind.

M: When the dance was over the Goddess said, "I must leave you 
now but the flowers will remain to remind you to honor all forms of 
love.  And every year when you dance the Maypole, I will be with 
you, whether you can see me or not, for in that way, I am just like 

(Maiden Goddess leaves)

B: Now the flowers remained through the whole summer.  And ever 
after that, when the spring came, the people danced the Maypole 
with bright ribbons in honor of the flowers and all the colors of love.


(HP announces Cakes & Ale. Cue the drummers.)

(This is passed out to all by the Quarter teams.)

(Chalices are raised)

HP   Now is the time to give thanks to the Lord and Lady 
for the fertile blessings of Beltane.

HPS  May we ever be aware of all that we owe and be grateful.

HP  Eat and drink. Share and be happy

HPS  And as we share, let us remember that all that we have, we 
share with those who have nothing.  So mote it be!

HP  Let there be Drumming!

Here we began the RITE OF PASSAGE (COMING OF AGE) FOR C which
concluded with blessings dismissal of the quarters.

2008 Eustacia Blackstar. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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