A Beltaine Seasonal Enactment and May Queen Chase
April 29, 2000
Robin Hood and Maid Marian
Adapted by Eustacia Blackstar for enactment at Beltane 2000
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(The purpose of the Seasonal Enactment is to portray the theme of the Sabbat.)

'Twas the merriest of all days in Sherwood Forest.  It was the first of May,
the Festival of Beltane.  All the followers of Robin Hood had gathered in a
green wood glade.  It was a bewitching day of Elfin splendor. The Fairy Queen,
herself made a rare appearance to bless the occasion. (Enter Fairy Queen with

(Enter Robin Hood.)  Our hero, Robin Hood was strong of limb and stout of
heart.  Of truth and justice he was champion and for this the people loved
him well.  All the splendor of the day warmed Robin's heart, but alas, good
Robin was lonely.

Robin was enchanted by a lovely lass known as Maid Marian.  Yet, he could
not coax her from her safe and sheltered home to share his wild life in
the forest.  Thinking on his dear Marian, he wandered sadly away from the

He came at last to a narrow bridge over a babbling brook.  Here he had first
met Little John and challenged him to a contest.  Little John had proved
himself so skillful at staves, that Robin had invited him to join his band
and ever after dearly loved him.  As Robin stood by this memorable spot,
he saw come tripping down the road a jaunty little pageboy, his hair tied
in back of his neck as was the fashion. (Enter Maid Marian.)

Robin said to himself, "though I see this fellow none too clearly his looks
speak too much of courts and baron's halls to be of my liking.  Still he
has a confident gait.  I will test this youth.

And covering his face with a mask, Robin stepped out in front of the young

"Ho, fellow!  Stop and march back from whence thou came. None passes here
save as I will it."

"Nay now, good sir.  I mean no mischief, but have business beyond.  Pray let
me pass."

"Pass thou shalt not, save as a dead man." 

"Pass I surely will."   He drew his sword and lunged forward.

"Enough stranger!  I have challenged thee and found in spite of thy clothes,
a right brave fellow.  Come join my band and range the green wood with me.
'Tis Robin Hood who bids thee!"  And Robin pulled the mask from off his face.

Then the youth dropped his sword and all his bold strength vanished.  "Oh
Robin, so near I had wounded thee!  Dost thou not know thine own Maid Marian?
(untie hair and shake head)   I am come to the Greenwood just to seek thee,
my Robin.  I have come to dwell with thee forever."

Good Robin could scarce believe his ears.  He raised up the maiden's face
and there, sure enough, but with hair cut short was his own dear Marian.

Robin's heart leaped for joy.  He took Marian by the hand and led her back
to where the others had gathered.  All were delighted with this happy turn
of events.  Robin presented Marion to the Fairy Queen.  The maid was
immediately crowned May Queen by the fairy.  All those gathered shouted,
"Hail Robin, Lord of the Forest. Hail Marian, Queen of the May."  And the
Beltane festivities continued that day with great merriment.

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