Attunement Rite

Samhain 2004

MoonPathCUUPS Fort Lauderdale

Compiled by Deep Sea Star and Candy



(Ground and Center)


Blessed be and greetings to all who have chosen to take this time to remember our loved ones who have passed on to the Summerland.


As you know, at Samhain, the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. This is a good time to make contact with these spirits, as they may have knowledge to impart, or answers to questions you may have.


Let us begin by grounding and centering. Close your eyes, and breathe in deeply, and very slowly release your breath. Think of your slow, deep, breaths as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Take another slow, deep breath. Feel your feet becoming a part of the earth, with deep roots extending from your legs and feet. Keep breathing, focusing on how it feels to breathe deeply and slowly. It feels good - and you are relaxed.




Take a moment now to picture someone who has passed from this world - this lifetime. Maybe it is a parent, or a grandparent. Maybe it is a sister, or an uncle. Whoever was dear to you.


(An offering to the Dead/Deceased)


We honor the gift their lifetime imparted to us. We bring fruit - that we may remember them at our table as we dine.


We bring flowers, as an offering of love and remembrance of lovely times.


We light a candle in their memory, that the contribution they made to this world, to our lives, will live on, and continue to shine light on our lives.


Think on these words for a moment:


"I lift my hand and declare this is sacred space - divine and holy." 


We gather together on this night of nights,
To welcome ancestors and Dearly Departed back into our realm.
To thank them for their guidance and protection.
Your memory lives on in our hearts every day.
We hope you are pleased with our offerings,
and invite you to stay for as long as you desire.



(Ritual of Remembering)


Even though the body dies,
The soul lives on forever.
In this cycle of birth and death,
The tie of love cannot be severed.


This night we remember,
The memory of loved ones,
Passed on to the Summerland,
Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons.


You still live on,
In our hearts and memory,
Until you are born again,
We all say, Blessed Be!


(Charge of the Dark Goddess)


Oh, Dark Goddess - Cerridwen
Lady of the Cauldron of Birth and Rebirth
You who are known as Hecate, Oya,
Ereshkigal, Freya, Cerridwen, and Hathor!


Join us this night as we remember and honor our loved ones on this our holiest of nights.


We welcome them with love, for they are able to visit us and we are able to speak with them.


Bless this time and this place.
Those who are here, we welcome you and bid you guide the way for our loved ones to this safe and sacred space.


We ask you to open the portals between the worlds.


Welcome, Beloved Ancestors, who have gone before us. Join us in this circle of light and joy. We honor you and your journey, and rejoice in your return.


Blessed Be. 






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