An Atlantean Magical Ritual
MoonPath CUUPS
February 4, 2010

The Area of Greece is similar to the area of Florida
in that the mainland was less hospitable to Europeans 
and civilization first grew among the islands.  
The Greek civilization as we know it was a collection 
of city states on the mainland and also the islands 
around Greece.

Legend has it that the Athenians held a contest to decide
whether Athena or Neptune would be the patron deity of
their new city. Perhaps this story is born from a decision
to live from the land more than the sea.

The earliest known culture is that called the Minoan on the
Island of Crete. Following the Trojan War, there was a period
called the Grecian Dark Ages from 1200-900 BCE.  Civilization
collapsed, and the skill of writing was forgotten. Legends
were passed down as stories and many were lost.

Around 600 BCE, Solon, the Law Giver of Athens, first heard
of a lost continent from the priests of Egypt. These were a
legend of a great civilization somewhere to the northwest
of Egypt that sank violently into the sea. Solon called
this place Atlantis as he translated the story into Greek.

Some say the legend of Atlantis comes from a civilization
on the islands of Santorini and a volcanic eruption that
destroyed it around 1645 BCE. See

Ash the Silent wrote up some magickal words and Spel assisted.

And so we gathered little gold foil suns and silver ribbons
and the group can make amulets to wear as we gather around
the fire. The idea is to capture the reflection of the fire
in the gold foil of the "little suns" and have it a reminder
of rekindling the flame of our power.

We built our Amulets, told stories of Atlantis, and went out
and lit our fire. Drumming is certainly appreciated
during the ritual!!!

                     Atlantean Magical Ritual

AtS: As our ancestors have done in the past, let us do now.
That we may rekindle the brilliance of our lost heritage.
Spel: Let us revive our former selves and shine with the
magnitude of 10,000 suns – to open ourselves to the blazing
possibilities of our divine selves.

AtS: Our ancestors, the 5th race, the tribe of Atlantis,
were powerful and mighty sages.
Spel: Our ancestors, the 5th race, the tribe of Atlantis,
were strong in the occult arts.
AtS: Our ancestors, the 5th race, the tribe of Atlantis,
held the secrets of the Cosmos in their hands.
Spel: Our ancestors, the 5th race, the tribe of Atlantis,
shone with the brilliance of the noonday sun.

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose here tonight is to take a flame of this blazing fire,
capture it and hold it in this amulet.
A reminder of the brilliance that is our birthright.
A talisman for connecting with our hidden powers.


Invoke Sun...
Invoke the Moon...
Invoke the Stars...


Fire is an earthly manifestation of the Light. 
Thus we honor it knowing as ever, that the Symbol is nothing, 
but the reality of which the symbol is born is everything. 
Tonight, we ally our energies with those of the earth to
invoke heaven. Are you prepared to join your powers now,
that this Light may be reborn?

Lead us from the unreal unto the real.
Lead us out of darkness into light
Lead us from the fear of death to the knowledge of Eternity.
Champions of Light. Arise!
Awake, alive in the mortal sphere,
And as the Moon reflects the Sun
In her glory, ever near.
Join hands sing open vowels, louder and louder - aaaaaeeeeeooooo )
Everyone sings louder and louder and drums beat furiously!!!!!
Blessed be the Light!!!
Come, Light’s children, bathe yourselves in the fire of the spirit.
Bear this light within your hearts.

A spark to make the sunfire blaze
And flame-lit visions fill our gaze
Yet Love endures, we know its ways.
This rite is ended.
The Invited Ones return to their places.
Let all be as it was before.
AtS:  So say we all.

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