Summer Solstice 2000
Ritual Outline
Moonpath CUUPS
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Participants: Lord Athos, Lady Caru, Lady Hope, FoxesJewel, Leslie,
              StarWind, Spelcastor

6PM set up & walk thru (I will bring Alar Bell) altar set up in the
North to the South.

The drummers (Leslie leading)

I will bring a basket for the requesting of Donation for CUUPS/UU

I. Procession
     (a) chanting Earth I am , fire I am ..... (Star leading)
     (b) we are a circle within a circle ......(Jill and Robert leading)

II Creation of Circle
     (a) Star will sing in the Directions
     (b) consecrating Elements (Jill and Robert)
     (c) blessing the circle with elements (Jill and Robert)
     (d) staff (Robert)

III. Invoking the God/Goddess (Jill)

IV.  Explanation of the meaning of the Sabbat (Star)

V.   Ladies to the Center of Circle

VI.  Invoking of Lugh into Robert

VII. Invoking of Cerridwen into Jill

VIII. Lugh/Robert takes mask
     (a) Star directs people to rid themselves of neg. energy (to the mask)
     (b) Have Robert taken over to Altar ground out any neg energy

VIV .  Passing of the energy of Mother/Maiden and Crone to the 3
           Ladies in the Center of Circle
     (a) they give the gifts/blessings to the people
     (b) make sure they give blessings to Robert

X. Blot - the toasting of the Gods and the ancestors

XI Grounding

XII Closing
     (a) Thanking of the God/dess for attending
     (b) Starís song of Closing

XIII Dancing
     (a) Indian Spiral dance
     (b) free form dance
XIV  Feast

Blessed Be

Lord Athos & Lady Caru
All acts of love and pleasure are my rites

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