Druid's Rite of Invocation Samhain 2017
Led by Ash the Silent /|\
MoonPath CUUPS

And on this Samhain night, amidst swirling leaves and howling wind, 
we think on those who we have loved and who have passed on. 
Gazing skyward at the moon of promise, we hold them in our hearts and hope. 

We hope.
 Indeed, that the space between the living and the dead is thin so 
 all can cast their loving messages across that void; 
 from the land of the living to the land of the dead; 
 crossing freely thru the rent in the veil. 
 What spirits walk? Whose voice will we hear on the wind? 
 If we but close our eyes, will we hear their whisper? 


As we approach the sacred grove,
With minds and hearts, flesh and bone
Join us now in ways of Old -
We have come Home.

One single spark is all it takes at last
To call a circle into being
A beacon on the farthest hill
For those who are looking - 
For those who are seeing.

So we shall cast a circle.
FireTender, I charge you with lighting the torches
that keep at bay the minions and creatures of the Dark.

Spel: The Watchtower of the North - The realm of the Gods.

AtS:  The Watchtower of the East - The realm of the Sidhe

Spel: The Watchtower of the South - The realm of the Stars

AtS:  The Watchtower of the West -  The realm of the Dead

(Fire Tender races around and torches at the rim of the
circle to MUCH DRUMMING!)

(The Fire Tender will go to microphone and say:)

FT: I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power. 
Sacred fire burn within us. 

Folks: Sacred fire burn within us. 

(FT starts the fire.)

AtS:  Let the drums begin!  

 Much DRUMMING and cheering!!!!!


(Spel light sage.)	

AtS:  Smoke rises up and takes on form. 
It is the sweet breath of the Gods. 
It opens the door to the other worlds, other realms.
To the ultimate and to truth. 

(Spel holds mirror.)

AtS:  Mirrors are also doorways, worlds and realms reflecting into each other.
Smoke is the inner door, mirrors are the outer one.
We are all creatures of many worlds. We are all smoke. We are all mirrors.
Let us all see this ritual thru the smoke and mirrors that reflect our innermost selves. 


We stand at the portal at the end of the year in a place that
is not a place and a time that is not in time. In this portal,
we are neither in the past or the future, nor are we in our
accustomed world, but are in the eternal present in the Summer
Lands, the Lands of the Dead, the Realm of Ancestors.

In this rite we remember and dream: we Dream and Invoke. 
For what are dreams but veiled remembrances?

And so, we walk the pattern, we call our gods to enter us, we remember our past lives, 
loves and lessons. We summon all the dark gods, The Norns of Fate, 
those goddesses who hold our blood in their veins, 
our Ancestors and those who have walked before us on the twisted Path of the Wise. 
At this time, call all the Dark gods and goddess near:

(Everyone calls)

Spel:  It is said that the dead cross a river on their journey.

AtS:   It is said that the river becomes filled with their memories.

Spel:  It is said that the river is filled with their wisdom.

AtS:   It is said that the river comes to the surface as sacred springs.

Spel:  It is said that those who drink from those springs

BOTH:  Receive the wisdom and the memories of the dead.

"Minions, please gather your bowls of fresh spring water that
you might asperse those present with the wisdom and memories
of the dead. 

(They get water from altar and begin aspersing crowd.)

(After they have started.) 

Spel reads:
We are the stricken,
Dying of Death,
Shrouded in weeds,
Wrapped in our loss.

Silent we wait,
Clouded by tears
Torn by the wind
Ragged with mist.

Where we are wounded
there is no healing.
Where we decay
Nothing is sound
Ravaged by night
Abandoned by day,
Silent we wait,
Shadows of Gray.


(AtS speaks, and Spel lights the Ancestor candle:)
We light the way for our Ancestors' return. May they come and
feast with us. 

We ask that everyone partake of juice from the
Apples of Immortality. Minions, please pass out cups?  Please
wait till everyone has a cup to drink. When all have a beverage,
we will have a Toast to Death: We will say:

To Death, To Life, To Rebirth!! (3 times)

Please wait for all to be served.

Minions pass out cups and Apple juice.  When all are served, we toast:

All: To Death, To Life, To Rebirth!! (3 times)

Please dispose of your cups in the Main Firepit. They will
burn at the Midnight Ritual.


The gifts of the people rise to the gods on the smoke of
sacrifice. May our prayers go clearly and without hindrance
to those we have praised. A favor requires a favor; a song
another song, and a gift given requires a gift in return.
This is the law of ancient times, alike between man and
man and mankind and the gods.  We have offered our gifts
to the gods and we ask them in return for knowledge of what
tomorrow will bring. Does the future bode bright, or is
there a somber warning?

 I ask then, that the youngest among us draw a Rune that
 we may know our Fate.

The youngest draws and AtS interprets a rune.

Spel: Here, at the end of the rite, we could speak of harvest and blood sacrifice. 
We could talk about the thinning veil and the shifting worlds that turn and loom up from the dark, 
that gape open like a wound, sewn up again with our firelight and our dancing and our spooked laughter.

But all you need to do, really, to know the season is to listen, and wait.
The days are growing darker.
Although morning blossoms into afternoon as warm as a summer day, 
the light is long and the wind prowls restless through the thinned trees. 
Night will be here soon. Autumn beats like a thready pulse through the years.
Tis, indeed, the season of the Dark Mother.

And so, the formal rite is ended. We bid the gods and
elements farewell; to go or to stay as they will. We bid
our Ancestors to watch over us and guide us on our path. 


Please lend your energies and help me Close the gate.

Let the fire be flame,  (Spel strikes bell or GONG)

Let the well be water, (GONG)

Let all be as it was before, save for the magic we have made!
This rite is ended - go in peace.

Mabinogian, traditional ADF liturgy
all prose and poetry by Valan Evers   - all rights reserved

Well, sacred tree, apple juice and cups, blessing cups, bell, containers of 
water, Runes, sage and mirror.Torches at quarters, On altar:  1 for Sacred Fire, 1 for ancestors. 

2020 MoonPath CUUPS. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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