Elements of Recovery Meets Thursdays

There has been a Pagan 12-step Program 6 - 7 PM Thursdays at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale.  Directions. This group is currently in recess.  (In a room down the hall a group of Free Thinkers still do their version of AA at 7:30 pm.)

The Recovery Spiral:
A Pagan Path to Healing
by Cynthia Jane Collins
Pagan Sanctum Recovery is a support group for today's growing number of persons in recovery who walk the Native American, Wiccan, Pantheist, Shamanist, Odinist, Goddess and other pre-Christian paths known collectively as The Old Religion. Our program is one of abstinence and diligent meditation in maintaining a conscious contact with one's Higher Power, however it may manifest itself, in order to heal and achieve long-term sobriety (or clean time).

PSR embraces Pagan beliefs, vocabulary, and ideologies foe the continued spiritual and physical recovery of its members, no matter the addiction or behavior disorder. For non-pagans and agnostics, it offers a personal plan for identifying and relating to a Higher Power that is both a power within oneself, and one beyond.

All are welcome; there are no dues or fees, and the only requirement for membership is a desire to recover. Pagan Sanctum Recovery provides a safe place to discuss their higher power without fear of prejudice or reprisal. Newcomers, the questioning, and the curious are always welcome! Pagan Sanctum is open to those from other 12 Step groups (including but not limited to A.A., C.A., Al-Anon, O.A., G.A.) who wish to recover from any addiction or behavior that has become damaging or harmful in one's life. Pagan Sanctum is not meant to replace these other excellent programs, but to supplement them for the pagan who needs to hear and socialize with others who have similar spiritual beliefs.

12-step programs started in 1939. They have proved successful in dealing with many forms of addiction. The appeal to a higher power does not have to be Christian, and the people who have been there before you have already heard all the stories.

--Peace, Stephanie the FoxyOwl  foxyowl888@yahoo.com 

Before the creation of the 12-Step program, those who became alcoholics had but one future and that was to drink themselves to death. Twelve Step was born into a Christian era and thus its spiritual aspect was pulled in that direction. Sixty years later, recovery has expanded into other paths including those more familiar to Pagans or even Unitarian Universalists.

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