The Ordains of MoonPath CUUPS Fort Lauderdale

Beyond our Statement of Purpose we have assembled a set of Ordains as our application of the Wiccan Rede and how we operate and get along with our host Congregation. Found typically within covens, Ordains are more guidelines than rules, and they work better as a social contract than as a set of directives from On High.

Ours is a "work in progress," and as of 9/10/2008, our three areas of focus: Internal, Leadership, and External:



1. We keep peace with our Host Congregation.

2. We hold one Open Ritual for each of the eight Sabbats.

3. We hold a weekly Thursday evening Study Group and start on time. We do self-introductions for the first 20 minutes. This shows us all who is in the room and provides a buffer for late-comers before the presentation begins. 

4. We may also hold classes and invitation-only rituals.

5. We tolerate no use of illegal substances.

6. If we use wine in an Open Ritual, we include a non-alcoholic alternative.

7. We permit no nudity.

8. We are a fun and playful community.

9. We also serve as a stepping stone for aspirants referred by covens.

10. Attendance is optional. Personal responsibility is honored.

11. We charge no dues, but we "pass the cauldron" asking for $1 or more, and we encourage joining Continental CUUPS.

12. We communicate by email and Internet and buy no postage stamps.

13. We clean up our own mess.

14. Empty wine bottles are taken to the outside recycle bin. Otherwise, they attract ants.

15. Ask permission before you take any photos.

16. We do not provide transportation for minors and respect the responsibilities of their parents.

17. Our Gatekeepers are our liaison to our Host Congregation.

18. Disruptive people are not welcome. This includes predatory behavior.

19. Respect that, when someone says no, it does not mean continue to try or ask me later.

20. We see the Sunday 11 AM service as a time for all congregation members and thus do not insist that it be Pagan.

21. Any money goes through the Host Congregation books.

22. We share our income with our Host Congregation. We get more mileage from a gift directed to a specific purchase or cause than from a gift to the General Fund. We look to buy things that are useful both to us and the congregation.

23. We may do a dollar split with our resource people.

24. We ask 9 percent from our vendors (that's 3 x 3).

25. We are an entry point, and, as such, teach no one path or tradition. We seek, instead, to learn and grow from the interaction which develops through the sharing of various paths, traditions and ideas.

26. We perform Dedications for those seriously beginning personal study.

27. To be more inclusive of all those following any path of an Earth Religion, we call ourselves, in public statements, "Pagans" and not "Witches".

28. We may honor those whom we agree have completed their "Year and a Day" of chosen study with a ritual which might resemble a traditional "First Degree" initiation. This is not an official initiation step within CUUPs, nor is this a certification.



1. Members who are of both members of Continental CUUPS and our Host Congregation may be part of our "Steering Committee."

2. We have no Standing Committees. We come together to make each Sabbat happen and with a different HP/HPS.

3. Study Group has presenters from inside our group or guest presenters.

4. A "Responsible Adult" must be in charge of any of our events.

5. Our leaders do not make advances upon our visitors.

6. Partolie's Rule applies also within the pagan community: 80% of the work, joy, nuisance, etc. comes from 20% of the people.

7. A person's past behavior is an excellent indicator of their future behavior.

8. Pagan leaders look for "Marrying Credentials" (Ordination) in order to do legal hand fastings. It is better that they establish these elsewhere or online in order to avoid confusion with fellowshipped UU clergy.

9. Pagan clergy who are members of the Host Congregation will not list themselves in the congregation directory as "Reverend."

10. Occasionally, a "Lord or Lady Muckymuck" will show up. They announce that what we have is a good start and that now they will take over. They don't last long.



1. We do not embarrass our Host Congregation.

2. When friends of friends are invited to private rituals, the energy is different. Be aware that some people do not know how to behave.

3. We find the word "Pagan" more inclusive and less threatening than the word "Witch."

4. Press photographers must have prior permission and an escort.

5. We publish a website with the domain name:

6. We set out a cauldron at our Open Ritual seeking donations, and we get some.

7. We publish an email broadcast newsletter.

8. We include mention of Host Congregation buildings & grounds workdays and rummage sales in our broadcasts.

9. Our email list is blind and private.

10. We maintain a Study Group Roster which we do not share with visitors. We add new people after they show up three times.

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