Hand Fastings and Legal Marriages

People come to us looking for a Hand Fasting, legal or ceremonial. Pagans want to be joined together within their own tradition and have it recognized in the outside world.

Here is some resource material:

Rev Susan Smith is the settled minister at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. She received her master of Divinity from Southern Methodist University and is ordained as UU clergy. There is a description online of her Weddings and Holy Unions.

Within our CUUPS Chapter there are some with clergy credentials from other avenues. We minister to the people within our own Pagan community. When planning such event, the more you personally put into it, the more meaningful it will be. How long have you been practicing? Who are your deities? How clear are you in your expectations? What sort of props and paraphernalia will you want that you do not already have? Take a look at What about a Wiccan Marriage?

Here are some samples of hand fastings that have happened within our community. There are many more examples to be found online:

Take the time to get to know us and we will build a mutual understanding. We are not in competition with our UU minister or with the local wedding chapels, but perhaps we can help.

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