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Here are historical thoughts from Spelcastor's Email Broadcasts of CUUPS Coming Events that might be of interest to visitors to MoonPathCUUPS.org where we also have resources, coming events, and past rituals posted.


I was listening to Public Radio and learned a new politically correct label: primal religions. That's us. Earth religions is passe. Pre-Christian is degrading. Yes, if anyone asks, we practice a primal religion.

This Thursday in Study Group, we talk about Our Year in Review. We start with the Witches Ball. What worked? What could we do better? Then there is the other seven sabbats. A different person leads each one. Then there is Study Group. WE draw our presenters from among ourselves and from outside. Then there is CUUPS, how it works and how it fits into the rest of the Unitarian Universalist community. We can swap stories, praise ourselves, and examine how we are doing.

This weekend there is Florida Pagan Gathering to the North of us and camelot days going on locally. Both are fun and attract a lot of interesting people. Local classes continue: Intuitive Wicca and Wicca 101 at Modern Zen. The Dead Poets are doing their thing at the Hollywood UU.

And there is one new connection starting up:

Gay Mens Pagan Meetup Of South Florida

The Gay Mens Pagan Meetup is a social networking group for gay pagans, wiccans and witches that meets the second Sunday of each month at Java Boys coffee shop at 2230 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors from 1 to 3 PM. We suggest you wear some sort of magickal pendant outside of your clothing so that we can all identify one another.

Blessed be, Spel


Thank you everyone for making our Witches Ball another great success. We had our Rituals and the cops did not show up until the end. Apparently, we have some new neighbors. I got out of there at 4:15 AM after watching the cleanup happen. At Samhain, we contract that out because who has energy left to move. Other Samhain events continue. Florida Pagan Gathering is next week.

This Thursday is the actual day Halloween, so in Study Group we will mark this time of Samhain and remember our dead. Bring mementoes, photos and stories. Recall that the veil between the worlds is especially thin at this time of year.

This Sunday morning we have a solar eclipse. This could distort any magick you might be working at the time.

Next week we will take a look at how we do things at Moon Path CUUPS, how things are going, and what we might do even better. Some and share your thoughts to that one.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn a little about Zeus and then launch into a ritual to him.

We are coming up on a busy weekend, what with the Full Moon, the Twelfth Annual Gods & Goddesses Masqerade Ball, Howling Hammock at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park., Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo, Bon Festival at Morikami Museum, and then on Sunday, our Pagan Drum/Wicca 101.5 Workshop Picnic at Snyder Park.

The Following week we do our own Witches Ball. I just received some more prizes from Phil & Linda of Crystal Fantasy. Thanks a bunch!

Next week we will do final planning for the Witches Ball coming up Saturday October 26th.

Regardless of the Government Shutdown, FPG Samhain 2013 WILL still be held from Wednesday, November 6 to Sunday, November 10, 2013. However, because of 4H Camp Ocala’s location in the Ocala National Forest, Temple of Earth Gathering has been informed that we will be required to find a different location to host our Samhain event.


This evening at Study Group, we will hear stories of singer/songwriter Loreena McKennitt. Her music pops up at rituals and in movies like Mists of Avalon. We have a short video summing up influences she draws upon, like the Celts and the Moors of mediaeval Spain.

This weekend we have drumming and workshops about town and a Samhain celebration over in St Petersburg, FL.. We have Dead Poets this Saturday in Hollywood.

We have gathered together prizes for the Costume contest at our Witches Ball. We will have a Saturday of magick and ceremonies Saturday October 26. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/wball.htm.


This week in Study Group we learn about the Victim Triangle. This is a concept from modern psychology. Psychology and the Craft have overlaps, like the archetypes described by Carl Jung. Anyway Ceos will be leading us in this and we may pick up a few tips for our banishing or protection spells.

This weekend there is dead Poets and more drumming. There are more workshops popping up around town. There is a new TV Series, the Witches of East End. I haven't seen it yet. You know how this sort of thing excites the Fundies. Margo Alder has produced some comments, below:

I was interviewed by a reporter about Witches of East End. I said I had not read the books, although I had read another series by the author. The reporter really wanted to know why it was so much harder to make movies and TV shows about Witches than Vampires or Zombies, and we both agreed that first of all Witches are real, that there are complicated histories to talk about, persecutions, the takeover of the medical professions, etc. but one of the things that was interesting is he had seen a couple episodes and said that the family of Witches are the heroes and they come off well. We’ll see. Margot

First the government shuts down and now this, Oh My!


Thank you everyone who made Pagan Pride a wonderful event. Tequesta Drum Circle went very well too.

Yahoo Groups has been giving me trouble. AOL bounces my broadcasts so Yahoo blocked the last two broadcasts I sent out. I know another way to send these, and the calendar at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/coming.htm is still accurate but, bummer with this technology.

Our next big event is our 16th Annual Witches Ball. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/wball.htm. Yes, we will have a costume contest this year. I am gathering prizes. Everyone check their altars for deities you are worshiping less than before. The Witches ball is our grand event. there will be deejay music, diviners, and two rituals. One at 10:15 PM and another at Midnight. The veil will be thin and there will be no spirits waiting.

This Thursday is the 26th. That's two times 13. In Study Group we will talk about Good Luck, Bad Luck, No Luck at All and what we do about it. That might be signs, tallismans, tokens, and what does all that stuff mean anyway? Come, share, and find out.

Next week that Sacred Sexuality - Healing Our Wounds program looks interesting. No Boys Allowed, but it looks good anyway. There are other good workshops going on out there. check our calendar.


This Thursday in Study Group, we share stories of the Second Harvest. We are coming up upon the Fall Equinox and more of the crops are coming in. What shall we reap. Then we will plan our Saturday Pagan Pride Day and do a casting call for our late afternoon ritual.

Sunday marks the equinox and the Tequesta Drum. There will be drumming and dancing at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Our weather witches will be on the job. Let's all have a really fine time.

Our Pagan Picnic will be at Hugh Taylor Sunday afternoon. There is more drumming Saturday, the day before.

There will be some very special workshop going on over the next week. These will be opportunities to do some serious learning. We are not always serious. Witches just want to have fun.


This Thursday Spelcastor will share thoughts on the Way of the Wizard. How might a Wizard be different from a Witch. What about mundane Wizards? What about female Wizards? What about Wizard children? How would we go about spotting one anyway. Come bring your thoughts and your pointed hats.

Lord Apollotus is continuing his series at New Age Books and Things. Friday is Friday the 13th. That inspired me to put together a program on luck. The next open date is Sept 26. The next Friday the 13th is in December. Why wait that long?

Saturday there is drumming and Dead Poets at the Hollywood UU Fellowship. There is also a Tarot class starting at New Age Books and Things. Some might say it's pricey, but not everyone presents at CUUPS. Perhaps the others get a different audience.

In two weeks we are coming up on Pagan Pride Day, a Full Moon, and the Tequesta Drum Circle. Busy little Witches and Wizards are we.


This Thursday in Study Group, we will learn about Dark Moon. Some all this New Moon, but before the new crescent appears, the Moon is first dark. This is a time of special magick. SkyBear the Panda will share his learnings and traditions with us.

This weekend we have drumming. Later in the month there are several intriguing workshops at New Age Books and things. If you missed the Sacred Sexuality (Women Only) workshop at the Goddess Shop tonight, it happens again the first Tuesday in October..

While you are exploring, check out the Pagan Educational Network, Inc. at www.paganeducationalnetwork.org There are lots of interesting resources about. Next week I'll describe our upcoming Pagan Pride Day and then there next Tequesta Drum Circle.

'Tis a busy season for us witchy folk.


This week in Study Group, we make wands, staffs and systrums. Select some magical wood and bring tools, wire, drills, and whatever else. The materials you select are important and well as the words you say and spells you cast as you fashion these tools.

This Friday there is WICCA at Modern Zen and then drumming on Saturday. Looking ahead, there is an Intuitive Wicca series beginning at New Age Books and things. This and the one at Modern Zen are special opportunities.

Meanwhile, we coast towards the Second Harvest and the Fall Equinox.


Tonight is the night of the Full Moon. Some of us are out drumming.

This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Hekate, the Great Dark Titan Goddess. I suspect she has been around longer than Zeus. Perhaps traces of her can be found in Egypt. Bring tools, amulets, or whatever to be consecrated. Yes, you will get them back.

Saturday, we have some drumming going on.

I am wondering is anyone has seem any recent studies of the growth of the craft? I have seen some from 10 years ago, but I wonder what is going on now? We are a secretive lot who don't like to stand up and be counted. I see more events than once upon a time but sizes seem to me the same. The press sees us an mainstream. The Fundies still don't like us. Would the recession make any difference in our numbers? Are we still a fast-growing religion? Just wondering.


This week at Study Group, we learn about the Puck Fest. We have heard about Puck from Shakespeare and other story tellers. Puck is a trickster character, like Peter Pan, who turns up in stories and legends. Yes, it's an Irish thing.

See www.discoverireland.com/us/ireland-things-to-see-and-do/whats-on/listings/?fid=fi_9547

Friday there is that Free Wicca 101 over at Modern Zen. Saturday there is drumming. Tuesday, the Moon is Full. You know that that is special.

I have updated my archive at www.MoonpathCUUPS.org/archive.htm. Here is where I preserve the pithy statements I make at the beginnings of these broadcast. Looking back, they become a history of our doings.


Thank you to everyone for making our native American Corn Festival another wonderful gathering. What with the storms, we were inside. There was no humidity and the sound was better.

There is a new Wicca 101 in town and it's free. It's every Friday evening at Modern Zen on University in Davie. Do check it out.

This Thursday we celebrate our Annual Chocolate Ritual. this deeply spiritual happening involves the worship and consumption of chocolate in its many aspects. This seems to be especially meaningful for women. Do wear brown and bring chocolate for our altar. Feast to follow.

Coming up this weekend, there will be more drumming and then dead poets.


This Thursday in Study Group, we describe and plan our Ritual of the First Harvest in the Native American Traditions. Native American looks much like the Craft, but with different words. The history of our ritual is online at www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/corn2.htm

We will conclude with a pot luck feast and the menu is at www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/cornfeast.htm In the past someone has brought buffalo stuff. If you have buffalo in your neighborhood, do chop one in and bring it over in a pot.

We will do a casting call this Thursday for the ritual. If you want a part, show up. Part of the Saturday ritual will be a burning of the past. Do bring old tax records or old divorce decrees.

What's the ritual like? See www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/corn4.htm

Otherwise, this weekend, we have drumming on Saturday and a Goddess drum circle next Tuesday.

We do a weekly email broadcast. We used to be able to add interested people, but now they must join Yahoo. If that is really complicated, email me. I expect homeland security already knows all about us.


This Thursday in Study Group, we will learn about Lost & Found Magick. Bring three to five items to help demonstrate how this magick works. See the description below on what Edie Moonday will be showing us.

This Sunday at 11 AM, come back to the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale to hear Edie Moonday present on Urban Tribes for the Sunday Service. Just because we live in the city does not mean that we don't have our circle, our watering hole, and are suspicious of others.

Following this service will be the Psychic Faire. How will it turn out? The psychics already know. There will be readings offered in many styles. Why not add a little certainty to your future?

This week Spelcastor is at the UU Summer Institute in Radford, Virginia. See www.suusi.org Nine years ago, he registered as clergy in that state. See www.moonpathcuups.org/virginia.htm


Last Thursday at Study Group, the excitement was that our Haitian Baptist tenants were raising energy in the church sanctuary. They were there all week for some sort of revival. I had seen them on the calendar and just forgot.

drangnfli gathered folks in the quietest place on the property, out in the back yard around the picnic tables. After the bugs had eaten their fill of all present, she got on with a very enlightening workshop on energy, our kind of energy.

Ever since the fire in our regular meeting room four months ago, we meet where we can. Some day the renovations in our old room will begin. We are not really gathering in a war zone, but it does feel like it some time. The full building schedule is online at www.uucfl.org/home/calendarAll.shtml

But this Thursday, we expect to met quietly in the sanctuary again and learn about Magickal Alphabets. These letters really are quite magickal. Originally, writing was used like an electronic recording device. The reader would sound out the words as they were laid down. Of course, there was lot's of symbolism in the letters, and there was much to do to make about that.

This weekend we have drumming, the Pagan Picnic and then there is the Full Moon on Monday.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Energy. As Witches we raise energy, channel energy, focus energy, hurl energy, repel energy, all that sort of thing. Come meet dragnfli and hear what she does. You may have a few things to share yourself.

This weekend we have drumming and Dead Poets. Next week, our Study Group is still open. Suggest or offer something or maybe some of the rest of us will.


No Study Group tomorrow night. Enjoy your 4th of July in whatever way is meaningful to you. Be safe. Next week we learn about Energy.

Last Thursday MoonLily gave us an introduction to Myers-Briggs personality types and what insights that might offer in how you experience ritual. Below is a link to some notes she since put together for us.



Thank you everyone for a wonderful Litha ritual last Saturday. Our Weather Witches were hard at work holding off the rain. Once we were done, the ladies stopped conjuring, went back to their mead, and the deluge descended.

One of the musical interludes in the ritual was Loreena McKennitt doing Dante's Prayer. See her on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=8op3oYkbcrk Nearly 20 years ago I was standing in a metaphysical shoppe and heard this angelic music. It was my first encounter with Loreena. Her website is at www.quinlanroad.com Such magick.

And Friday we had a great Tequesta Drum Circle. Once again our Weather Witches were on the job.

This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Spiritual Psychology with MoonLily. We will learn new things from one of our newer people. It is good when we have variety on our schedule.

This weekend Tribal Solstice VII is going on. Do try to catch some of this big-deal event. There will be much belly dancing and workshops and skillful talent.


This week at Study Group we swap stories on Mid-Summers and Faeries and then finish our casting call for this Saturday's Sabbat. Some call it Litha. It's a time of faeries and silliness and light-heartedness. There will be a rehearsal after Study Group at 9 PM and another rehearsal Saturday at 5:30 PM. Rehearsals are good.

Last Thursday we looked over our shoulder and into a candle while walking backwards. We looked at a coin in a bowl of water with a light above us. We felt the glow of candle light on our faces coming through a crystal ball. There are many facets to scrying.

This weekend there is a festival up north and Witch's Mark is playing there. Locally this Friday, there is the Tequesta Drum Circle. There will be fire and dancing and well as drumming. Saturday night is our Litha Ritual. Off in Kentucky National CUUPS will be holding their Annual Meeting. There is more to CUUPS than just what you see us doing here. All around the country, people are finding their way into the Craft through CUUPS Chapters.

Otherwise, we have openings on our Thursday schedule. Do offer to present, or volunteer someone else.


I see some of the new folk entering the Craft and they too shun the fuzzy-bunny kumbaya mindset. In their need for the dark, they look to their Christian roots. Now that is really quite unnecessary. We Pagans have many a dark character striding about.

Take the Three Norns. They are three women, of the future, present, and past, who scry the destiny of the gods and humankind. They started out as giants. Giants are how some folk see their ancestors. Now they are goddesses or some sort of supernatural being. The three are pictured under the World Oak, the bright Valkyrie one is Skuld and she holds the future in her hands. Verdandi is the present and holds the tablet on which fate is written (not an iPad). Urd is the old crone who scrys in the ripples of the waters of the well before them. Fate is revealed in the waters of the Well of Urd. Sounds like a Druid thing? Well, it is.

This Thursday in Study Group, we will talk about scrying. Scrying is to look into a reflective, translucent, or luminescent media for meanings that the moving shapes might bring. I will bring some mirrors, crystals, candles, and bowls of water. Glowing coals will work to. This is different from reading runes or a oujii board where you are working with established symbols. Do bring some of your stuff too.

This weekend we have drumming and Pagan Picnic. Next weekend will be packed with events.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday at Study Group, we do a spontaneous lock 'n load ritual, but first we review our tools for working magick. So you cast your circle, summon your elementals and invoke the deities. Now what? If you are doing a ritual with more than eight people, perhaps they will get bored if you just run on at the mouth.

I will bring Sacred Ceamora to throw into the fire, Moon Water for aspersing, a vial of anointing oil that I hang around my neck. ( in a dark space with a cluttered altar, the oil is much easier to find if it is hanging around my neck. And which oil to use, what with all the allergies out there? Consider baby oil, but not the stuff made from real babies.

And then there are post-it notes to toss into the fire. What else do you use for your working magick?

This Saturday there is drumming and then the Dead Poet's Coffee House. Do come out and play.

5/21/13 This Thursday in Study Group we hear from Link. Do you know Link? He has been around in the South Florida pagan Community for the longest time. He turns up in all sorts of places, sometimes traveling alone and sometimes with mysterious people. Do you know Link?

In any event, this Thursday we will learn about Numerology. Numbers have been at the cutting edge of both science and magick for the longest time. Way back when, science and magick were one and the same. So what do you know about numbers? Zero? Surprise! Zero, its symbol and philosophical meanings are late comers to this ancient study. Do come out and play and join us.

What else? There's a Full Moon this Saturday. Yes, there will be drumming. Next week's Study Group topic is open. Is there something you would like to hear about. Is there someone you would like to volunteer? Yourself or the person sitting next to you?


This Thursday at Study Group we do a "Lock 'n Load," a spontaneous ritual. We gather, agree on a common focus, assign roles, and light a fire. Unlike at our public esbats, we use everything but a script.

There is a difference between public speakers and storytellers. The speaker memorizes her presentation. I story teller visualizes pictures and describes them. In ancient times, a deity was not addressed by name but by a description of her attributes. For a mortal to address a deity by name would be disrespectful and thus dangerous. Would a peasant get chummy with the king?

So the Goddess is invoked as, "She who..."

So for this ceremony, bring a photo or drawing of what you plan to invoke: elemental, God, Goddess, glistening circle, or whatever. Then leave the paper inside and describe it in Circle. Neat huh? See if you feel any different.

This weekend we have drumming and the Pagan Picnic. Next weekend, there is a Full Moon and a women's retreat. Magick is everywhere.

B*B, Spel


Last week there was such a big rain storm. Eight of us showed up for Study Group. We had a lively discussion of Witch History (Herstory?) in South Florida and the doings of groups we knew over the years. We have a documented Florida history that goes back into the 60s and earlier.

A belated thanks to everyone who make our Beltaine festival so wonderful. We had vendors and music and dancers. No one had the energy for the Sadie of the Hawk Chase but the May Pole was fun and graphic. Our Ritual was glorious and thanks to Ash and all our participants.

This Thursday in Study Group we learn about "Why Join a Coven?" from real covened folk. This will be a special treat and here is an opportunity you won't find just anywhere. What else is going on this weekend? Drumming and Dead Poets.

In answer to our Pop Quiz, you will not get an eclipse of the Sun during a Full Moon because they are on opposite sides of the Earth. All our Astrologers knew that.


Whoops, I forgot to do a broadcast this week.

Tonight in Study Group we hear from Vivian on Structure and Spontaneity in Ritual. It's is always a trade off to craft great words and to speak from the heart.

I see there is a solar eclipse coming up. It happens at night, so our friends in Australia will get to see it.

Pop Quiz: When was the last time an eclipse of the sun occurred during a full moon?


This week in Study Group, we share stories of Beltaine and do a casting call for our Ritual. If you want a part in Saturday's Ritual, show up Thursday. Beltaine is a High Holy Day in the Celtic Tradition and second only to Samhain.

This same Thursday night will be Full Moon and some of us will be over at our usual undisclosed location. Enjoy and then come around Saturday to play. We will have vendors and belly dancers, a Sadie of the Hark Chase, a Queen of the May, a May Pole Dance and a Beltaine Ritual. What fun. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/beltain13.htm

Next week is Florida Pagan Gathering. Think about making the trek up to Ocala National Forest and joining in on the fun.

The following two weeks we have interesting new presenters with interesting topics. There are still program opening for later in the month and we will book them soon.


This Thursday we hear about "Chaos and Waters of Life" with Ash the Silent. Ash and Moonday swapped dates because of work conflicts. So come this Thursday for a little chaos.

To add to the chaos, the church folk are doing their annual Empty Bowls Fund Raiser Dinner. $10 gets you soup and bread for a good cause. Thus we will be moving out to the patio,


This Thursday in Study Group we learn about Chaos and the Waters of Life from Ash the Silent,. We now have Thursday bookings through May 9th. Keep those cars and letters coming.

This Saturday we are weeding and trimming the Butterfly Garden at the UU Church. Do drop by. Out of town, Ren-Faire continues in Miami plus the Beltainia Festival is going on. Locally, we have our own Pagan Picnic plus a Polynesian Festival, plus Dead Poets.

So my plea for Study Group programs has brought us a couple presenters we have not heard from before. Two great topics: Structure and Spontaneity in Ritual followed by Why Join a Coven? Some of us are solitary by choice. Some are solitary by personality.

In two weeks we have our own Beltaine Festival to celebrate. There will be more to follow on this.


Last Thursday, we cast our circle and held our trial of the Fuzzy Bunny. At the last moment, the Easter Bear ran in an d rescued the bunny. Until it's return next year, it will hide out in the Everglades, dodging pythons and living off swamp carrots. Pity, we had held such a fair trial.

This Thursday at Study Group, Lady Nightshade will share with us about Multi-Cultural Pantheons. So who are your Goddesses?

We have a quiet weekend coming up. There is drumming and Miami Ref-Fest going on. Next weekend we are having a Butterfly Garden Reclamation Work Day at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale.

We were having some talk on how we plan our Study Group Programs. Some have said we do a never-ending Wicca 101. More accurately, people volunteer themselves or others. We ask what would be interesting and look for someone to present on it. We publicize our topics so folks can pick what will be interesting. So what makes a topic basic or advanced? I figure that depends on who presents and who shows up to be a part of the evening.


Within the Craft, one serious insult to lay upon a Witch is to call her "Fuzzy Bunny."

OK, there was a time for singing Kumbaya, but a Witch who cannot kill, cannot cure. Thus we shun any labels of sweetness and light. We shall re-examine our lives and put the Fuzzy Bunny on trial.

The Killer Rabbit is more to our liking. And so with full ceremony and roaring fire, the prosecution and defense will present their cases and then we shall decide the fate of the bunny. Knowing that the trial will be fair, we can do whatever we want.

Tomorrow night, the Moon will be full. There will be drumming on the beach at the usual secret location. Tell only the people you want to see there.

There are no festivals we know of this weekend in Broward. Ref-Fest is going on in Miami. There will be local drumming. We have an open date for Study Group April 11. Raise your hand if you want to present something. We keep our calendar online and so far have had very few collisions.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Ostara Ritual last Saturday led by Moonday and Shaper. The Theme
was 1960s hippies and love was in the air.

We put the church back together so it was OK for Sunday Service the next morning.
We put out a cauldron at each ritual to gather thank you donations for our meeting space.

I invite everyone to notice it each Sabbat.


Tomorrow we have the Tequesta Drum Circle over at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We will drum in the spring equinox around a roaring bon fire.

Next Thursday 7:30 PM we will learn about Ouija Boards with Kalimir. We shall see what we conjure up. This weekend there is the Hatsume Faire at Morikami Gardens and the Annual Faerie Show at Lotus Dance Studios. Magick is everywhere

We have two open Thursdays in our April Study Group calendar. Do raise your hand to offer or suggest a program.


This Thursday in Study Group, we swap stories of Ostara and plan for our Ritual this Thursday. Yes, there will be a casting call.

Friday, Elaine Silver will be in concert in Boca. Saturday is our Ritual and the Ren-Faire continues. Sunday is St Patty's Day. The bars won't open til noon, but there is time enough til closing to celebrate and bring back the snakes. Our Pagan Picnic is also going on. Rest up because the Tequesta Drum Circle will be on the following Wednesday. And The following notice the Annual Faerie Show at Lotus Dance Studios.

Last Sunday we re-mulched our labyrinth on the church property. Sixteen pagans showed up to lift and rake. The job was done in an hour and all the pizza was devoured. It was quite magickal. Thanks to everyone.


This week Spelcastor presents on the Power of a Grimoire. A grimoire might be a lab book, it might be a story, it might be a legacy. Some call it a Book of Shadows. I have heard that that label came from Gerald Gardner. Many of us started Books of Shadows as Witchlings. Do you still have yours? What traditions did you follow in building it? Bring your book and your stories. You are not required to share either.

This is the last weekend of Ren-Fest at Quiet Waters Park. Spel was there last Saturday, striding about in his wizard garb. Children wanted their picture taken with him and older males figured he already knew where all the rest rooms were. There was magick in the air.

Sunday come help us re-mulch our Labyrinth. We have beer and pizza for the workers. Have you walked our Labyrinth? It's a moving meditation. See www.uucfl.org/labyrin.htm.

This Sunday Daylight Savings begins. Set your clocks a hour ahead or you will be an hour late for your first event. If you sleep in, you'll be late Monday


This Thursday at Study Group we learn about Interfaith Work, Visibility and Social Justice from Lore. This is a big thing among Unitarian Universalists. Many of them are really into changing the world. We Witches and Pagans have been known to go out and shake the bushes for change. Let's never go back to the Burning Times.

Speaking of being visible, Spelcastor was priesting at a Child Blessing last Monday. We provide a place for those in the Craft to find each other and we help with passages. I told them I don't show up in pictures, but here is the ceremony, www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/irisblessing.htm

This weekend, we have Ren-Faire, the Scottish Festival, the Asian Festival, and the Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert. Plus there is the Climate Policy Initiatives workshop going on at the Boca UU. Here are plenty of opportunities get visible and active.

So Spelcastor went to the opera, This was the story of Dido and Aeneas presented by Seraphic Fire. You scholarly types know that Aeneas is the Roman version of Ulysses and Dido was the Queen of Carthage that he jilted. Good woman done wrong by another lying male. The staging was quite formal. The characters were rather wooden, like Barbie meets Ken Doll and they collide. The really interesting characters were the three Witches. They just wanted to mess with Barbie and Ken, and why not? Their conjuring gestures where deliciously evil and I was ever so entertained.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Cleanings and Blessings. How timely. I think the rug in our meeting room needs a little work. Cleanings and blessings are the sorts of things we Witches might get asked to do when it's not Valentine's Day or Halloween. Magickal talents are always in demand.

This weekend over at the Ren-Faire in Quiet waters park it's Wenches Weekend and the theme will be Bodacious Bodices! This may just lure me out on a spiritual quest. There is so much beer flowing and tips are always welcome.

And then there will be drumming. There is the Full Moon. Some of us will be at our secret location. Don't tell anyone.

I have updated our Rituals section at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/rituals. If yours is missing, do let me know. There is also the Archive of Spelcastor's Broadcasting going all the way back to October 5, 1997. That's at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/archive.htm . We were dedicating somebody, but I don't recall whom at the moment. We would not have put her or his name online. The Craft is a secretive thing.


Happy Valentine's Day. I hope everyone has their Love Spells in order. If not, come to Study Group tonight and pick up a few new techniques. Bring some spells to share too.

I am not sure whether Pagan Picnic is happening this Sunday. Someone told me something about it and I can't remember what. It's rough being a gray-haired wizard,

I have updated our Ritual Page at www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/ I even have Kalimir's Caileach. Also, I updated the Archive Page at www.moonpathcuups.org/archive.htm These are my rantings from past broadcasts. They go all the way back to October 1997 so, among the announcements, there is quite a bit of history.


This Thursday at Study Group, Kalimir presents on the Caileach and then leads us in a ritual.

This weekend, I made my annual pilgrimage to Wicked. I do love theater and especially this play. Alyssa Fox played Elphaba and she reminds me so of one of the witchy ladies I particularly like.

I have updated our broadcast email archive and our online Rituals. Do check for your favorite witticisms or ceremony, and if a ceremony is missing, do tell me.

On February 14th there will be a Marriage Equality Action at the Broward County Court House. Spiritual leaders needed to help perform the "marriage" ceremonies. We will be holding a mock marriage wedding ceremony and applying for marriage licenses (which we will promptly be denied) and hopefully get the point across that plenty of people in Broward are for Marriage Equality. Email Lore at starofinanna@gmail.com and see www,uucfl.org/RightToMarry.pdf

At the foot of the Eildon tree a 13th century bard Thomas the Rhymer met the Queen of Elfland and began a magickal journey. Viviane and Sunspring of Eildon Tree coven are currently interviewing students interested in beginning their own magickal journey with us. If you are interested in training and possible initiation in a Gardnerian coven located in Coral Springs email us at eildontreecoven@gmail.com


So I saw Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters. Spoiler alert!

With beautiful sets, costuming and photography, this film is set in the 1600s with research from Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Malleus Maleficarum, It includes a full-auto crossbow, paper money, angry villagers, brooms more nimble than the Nimbus2000, ample violence, and, of course, a troll. Watch for and laugh at the site gags.

There are some who would take issue with historical accuracy in the portrayal of the Bad Witches. (Say, all of us know some Bad Witches.) Me, I was entertained but I was distressed at the wuss Good Witches who would tend to get themselves martyred for others. Very Christian of them. In any event, at the close of the film, our team of heroes march off into the sunset screaming, Sequel!

Meanwhile last week Jim Davis shared with us wonderful stories from his 40 years as a religion editor. Watch for him popping up around town telling these stories.

Next Thursday Spelcastor will lead us in a discussion of "Magick at the Quarters." Come share 20+ associations we might use for differing occasions. I hear our Druid friends relate to only three directions.

Save the date, June 19-23, Wednesday-Sunday for the Lake Okeechobee Summer Solstice Pagan Festival. See www.indigocrescent.com. This will be a large event and we are looking for vendors, sponsors, and workshops. Contact Tom Evans, Event Coordinator at swampdragon65@gmail.com

Further, the Sons of the Minotaur Grove is actively accepting students and know that they are a teaching coven. Our group is non-sexual group for gay-bi men who are interested in celebrating together. We are with the Minoan Brotherhood tradition. See www.minoan-brotherhood.org and contact Ceos at laertius@aol.com


Thank you Sandra Cheryl Richardson of the Circle of Isis Rising and all the other wonderful people who made our Imbolc Ritual a success. We gathered indoors, safe from the wind and rain, dimmed the lights, and worked some magick to welcome in the First Light of Spring. We set our Contributions Cauldron and gathered $193. That is much better than $55 that came in a year ago. We have yet to be charged rent so gratitude is a good thing.

I have been seeing new people showing up at CUUPS. Some have been into the Craft for a long time. Others are seeking. That is how our world works.

This Thursday in Study Group our guest will be Jim Davis, once upon a time Religious Editor at the Sun-sentinel. That's a newspaper. Remember them? Anyway, we shall hear about his Dance of Faith, in keeping the many religious groups at least content. He always took good care of us.

This Saturday the Moon is full and we will be at our usual secret location on the beach. Don't tell any Muggles.

We have a busy week coming up. Wicked is back in town. Pilgrimage, anyone? Then there are much goings on in Hollywood and, of course, the gladiatorial combat.


This Thursday in Study Group, we are joined by Sandra Cheryl Richardson of the Circle of Isis Rising for our planning of our Imbolc Ritual this Saturday. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/scr Sandra has been a High Priestess for 20+ years in South Miami. She has appeared on radio and TV and other uncloseted places

Next week there is a Full Moon and at our following Study Group, Jim Davis, once upon a time Religious Editor at the Sun-Sentinel will be joining us, "The Dance of Faith: A Religion Writer's Work." He has presented us well in the media where polarization is the norm of the day.

It’s about to get crowded in your hotel room nightstand. The newest addition could soon be a sacred Hindu text called the Bhagavad-Gita. See http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/01/12/hindu-holy-book-coming-to-a-nightstand-near-you/ It's not just the Christian Bible or maybe the Book of Mormon anymore.


This Thursday at Study Group, we Re-Commission our egregore "Claw." Other people do pit bulls but they are not witches. We don't even have to worry about pottie training. That's not what egregores are about. And we have had little trouble this past year so Claw must be on the job.

Sunday there is a Japanese Festival and our own Pagan Picnic going on. Pick your culture. Also on Sunday there is the first of a four week course of Wicca 101 taught by a rather knowledgeable guy. Here is a special opportunity.

The following week, we move on to celebrating Imbolc. We are early this year so we can do a separate celebration for the Full Moon the following week.

Yes, we are finally into the new year.


Although the Mayans were wrong, the Gregorians were right and the year rolled over to 2013 last night. Happy New Year!

I came across a video on YuoTube: Would You Believe Wiccan Ways, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIcHZbR1m6g It seems there are quite a few witch videos out there.

Next Thursday in Study Group, we celebrate our 14th anniversary. How about that! Perhaps we'll burn something. In two weeks our special guest will be Jim Davis, former Religious Editor at the Sun-Sentinel. He always took good care of us.

Here are our Moon Path CUUPS Financials for 2012, in case you wonder how we do it. The low income from Sabbats when we don't have vendors is attracting the attention of the Church Folk trying to balance their budget. These are the times we live in.

2012 Moon Path CUUPS Total Money to UU Church of Ft Lauderdale $5,354.55

Deposit into UUCFL Bank Account
Study Group $1021.02
Rituals $4,333.55
Total Deposit $5,354.55
Expense $ 684.09
Net $4,670.48

Individual Ritual Deposit
Imbolc $ 55.00
Ostara $ 38.00
Beltaine - May Day $ 437.92
Litha $ 27.00
Lammas $ 137.00
Mabon - PPD - Autumn Equinox $ 632.63
Samhain - Witches Ball $2,738,00
Yule - Winter Equinox $ 268.00

Goddess Love and Blessings :))


We have survived the Mayan end of the world and the Muggle Xmas. Now, on to the Gregorian New Year.

OK, so many of us started our new year a month ago. It is difficult to ignore what is going on in the culture all around us, even without Dick Clark.

So Thursday at Study Group, we will ground and center, divide up roles, and go outside and burn stuff. We can banish what we wish to leave behind in this calendar year and welcome what we choose to embrace in the new. Sounds like a healthy thing do to

We had a cold but very popular Tequesta Drum Circle last Friday. Everyone was crowding next to the fire, but no one fell in.

What else is going on? There is a Full Moon Friday and more drumming Saturday. And later on when those of us who acquire hang-overs have recovered, we shall see what we do next.


So will the world end Friday or not? I hear that the Mayans are laughing at us, so I'll be making plans for Saturday.

Actually as I recall, the world is supposed to end at 11 AM on Friday. At 6 PM, the gates open for the Tequesta Drum Circle over at Hugh Birch State Park. It's a weekend so this ought to be a big one. It is fun to whisper into the ear of a newcomer, "Sacrifice?" There are many ways for the world to end.

We had a great Yule Ritual last Saturday. If you want another one, check out the one at the UU Fellowship of Hollywood. Our celebration was earlier because of Tequesta. Next week the Annual UU Winter Institute happens in Homestead, Florida. It's workshops, nature, and partying in a Pagan-friendly environment. Then the Moon will grow full and we will all act accordingly.

This Thursday in Study Group, we shall go a Wassailing. We will share come good thoughts. Perhaps there is someone to whom you want to offer a joke gift? And then there is the wassail. Have you ever done that? Look it up on Google. It is more than just imbibing alcohol-laced cider with fruit. There is a whole ceremony involving placating the Tree Spirits. You wouldn't want a Tree Spirit to be upset with you? That could get as unpleasant as, say, the End of Your World.


This Thursday in Study Group, we swap stories of Yule, the Winter Solstice and Longest Night of the Year, in each of our traditions. Then we move into planning our Yule Ritual led my Max and do a casting call.

This Sunday, it's time for Pagan Picnic in the Park. Here is an opportunity for low key networking and socializing.

Ash is doing a workshop over at New Age Books, and then we have the End of the World coming up with the Mayan New Year. Don't be late.

12/4/12 This weekend I was at the Turning the Tide Festival put on by Covenant of the Goddess. At ritual after dark, in place of scripts, there were IPads and IPhones displaying text in white font on a black background. What modern Witches are We.

As we approach Yule, it's time to get into the spirit. Go to YouTube for Pagan Carols sung by our own. Kristina Skye. See http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL515C921249B284F1&feature=plcp

The Song Book is at www.moonpathcuups.org/PaganYuleSing-a-longBook.pdf

This Thursday in Study Group, we talk about the Thirteen Elements of Ritual and then establish a focus and go outside and burn stuff.

A week later we do our own Yule. There will be another Yule celebration at the Hollywood UU. There will be workshops over at New Age Books and elsewhere. 'Tis the Season!

11/27/12 This Thursday in Study Group, we talk about the Wheel of the Year and Calendars. There are lunar calendars and solar calendars from all around the world. And not everyone celebrates the New Year on December 31. Some do it at Samhain, or Advent, or in the Spring. Some of own Pagan Traditions have their own calendars.

In recognition of the passage of time, I have added 2013 to my CUUPS Calendar at www.moonpathcuups.org/coming.htm I start with last year's full calendar, slide events around, delete what has stopped, and look around for what is new. I include only upcoming events in this broadcast. Do send me events that I might think are witchy or Pagan.

We have people out in the community offering workshops. I see runes, potions, animals, divine feminine, and spiritual health. It's great to educate the masses.

The National CUUPS folk have just come out with pamphlet on UU Pagans. They did a nice job of gathering input from multiple paths and they present it in a very Unitarian Universalist way. I posted it online at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/pamphlet Once upon a time, UUs were a safe place to meet for folks practicing a secret religion.

What else? Remember last week's topic of the psychopathy test? Well I scored just average. There is nothing to worry about, and I don't even own a chain saw.


This Thursday is Turkey Day so we will have no Study Group. Time to stay home and do your own turkey ritual. Saturday, the UU Church folk are doing a gathering around a fire out back. Before that, there will be the other drumming at Fern Forest. The following week there are workshops and Study Group resumes.

As you have quiet time this long weekend, consider taking the Great American Psychopath Survey. It's online at http://www.wisdomofpsychopaths.com It's not an entirely negative thing. I know some people I consider psychopaths. I wonder how they would do on this? Maybe I'll take the test too.

What? You want be to be all sweetness and light during this time of gratefulness?


This Thursday in Study Group, we will hold a spontaneous ritual. The theme may be thankfulness. We will gather and build a focus and then go outside and burn stuff

This weekend, you have a second chance at Camelot Days. It's a fine place for happily ever aftering.

2012 Turning The Tide Festival – Registration fees are due to go up Thursday! Check out the link for info. http://florida.pagannewswirecollective.com/2012/11/11/2012-turning-the-tide-festival-registrations-due/

Saturday is also the Turkish Festival. Go check them out. There will be dance and vendors and food. They are Muslim but not Arab. Yes, Dorothy, such people really do exist.

Saturday, there is more drumming and Sunday is Pagan Picnic.

We are in the midst of harvest season.


Now the election is past, we can get back to doing the regular things in our lives, like answering the phone.

This Thursday in Study Group, we will talk about the Witches Ball, all that went well, and all that might have gone better. Much praise to everyone involved. But we get better by looking at our past.

Then we will talk about what was going on in 1995 when Spelcastor took over as gatekeeper for MoonPath CUUPS. What was our connection to the rest of the local church community and what is our connection now? Times are a changing, politics, economy, and just the passage of time.

This weekend begins Camelot Days. I have found this festival to be a fun event and well worth attending.

Looking down the calendar, we have more Study Groups to plan and then come Yule. Max is looking forward to make Slavic Magick happen for this. Then there is next year. The UU Church is wrestling with budget issues and we may be hearing more from them.

Perhaps there will be no more threats of hurricanes and we can get on to the Dark Time of the year.


Thank you everyone for making our 15th Annual Witches Ball come together. Witchs Mark and Karina were awesome. We worked our magick at or rituals. It was a bit windy for candles, so we will perhaps save them for Yule. The coffin did burn well. We did have one disruptive person, rather drunk, who tried to jump the coffin. He was ushered our of circle. Later, he was still hanging around and got to experience a BSO Banishing.

Next up is Yule. Expect some fresh magick with a Slavic spin.

This Thursday at Study group, we make systrums. Bring forked branches and many Heineken bottle caps, wire, and pliers, We take our preparation seriously.

Next week is Florida Pagan Gathering. See www.Flagan.org. 100s of our kind will gather in Ocala for workshops, partying and ritual. There is a Trading Blanket going on at the UU Hollywood Fellowship. Here is a great opportunity to recycle your old treasures and to come home with a new stash.

So Sunday ends Daylight Savings. If you are a church-goer, you may be early for service. If not, you may be early for work, Monday.


Hurricane Sandy is heading away from us. We expect the skies to be clear by 6 PM and that we will be able to do our Rituals under the Waxing Moon.

Doors open at 7:30 PM. Witches Mark starts playing after 8 PM. The Attunment with the Dead is around 9 PM. The Druid's Ritual is at 10:15 PM. and the Midnight Ritual is at, guess when?

It's all $15 at the door and do dress according to your fantasy.

See you at the Ball,



This Thursday at Study Group, we swap stories of Samhain and plan for our Witches Ball. There will be casting calls for Quarter Teams and Altar Minions.

Samhain is our High Holy Day at the time of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is especially thin. We will have live music by Witchs Mark, an Attunment with the Dead, A Druid Ritual at 10:15 PM and A Ritual to the Lion Goddess Sekhmet around Midnight.

There will be outrageous costumes and ritual garb. Come is your favorite fantasy person. Cost is $15 at the door. We will be tossing remembrances of the dead into the fire. This will be a lot of fun. Do think safety and do not leave valuables in your car.

Sunday morning, the church will be all cleaned up for Sunday Service. The Talk will be, "Trying on the Costumes of New Identities." There will be a side altar for remembrances to the dead.

Monday there is Full Moon Drumming.

And speaking of horrors, the election is just a bit more than a week away. Get informed and go vote.


This Thursday we learn about the Magick at the Crossroads. Yes, this is a place for magick. You might see cats, dogs, old ladies with keys, somebody dead hanging from a gallows. And they all come out at midnight.

The Howling Hammock is an annual event over at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. There is a spooking walk awaiting, after the sun goes down. This should be fun and there are still volunteer opportunities.

Sunday is pagan Picnic, a casual networking opportunity for local Pagans, Witches, and such.

I notice an increase in social activist activity around the UU Church. UUs take much pride in such activity. Me, I'm more focused on our local CUUPS group. I look at the news and see the 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai, whose shooting has drawn widespread condemnation. If a young women is seen as such a threat to the patriarchal Taliban, I expect Goddess worship would be particularly distressing. We don't do evangelism, but bringing someone to the Goddess just feels good.

Speaking of Old Time Religion, take a look at the "Year and a Day" pagan calendar. It includes some great information, historical photos and news articles, with pagan feast days from pantheons around the worlds for every day of the year. See www.GBGcalendar.com Check your knowledge on our early history and Gerald Gardner.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about the Egyptian God Tahuti, sometimes called Thoth. We will learn of his traditions and then go outside and so a Ritual. Kalimir does excellent research. And remember as the Greeks say, all things come from Egypt.

This weekend we have drumming and Dead Poets. Outside of Tampa, the harvest Rhythm Festival is going on. Monday our Episcopalian friends walk their beautiful indoor marble labyrinth. These events are full of Goddess energy. Tuesday we have a divine feminine discussion over at Nature's Emporium.

Preparations continue for our 15th Annual Witches Ball. There will be two rituals, an attunement with the dead, live music by Witches Mark and some rather outrageous costumes.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday in Study Group, our very own Ash the Silent returns to Study Group. She was trapped into professorial duties on Thursday nights, but that is now behind her. We shall learn some history of Crooked Path Sorcery and then go outside to a fire and ceremony.

Drumming this weekend, between the rain threats.

I was thinking how Victorian British anthropologist thought that any female over the age of 12 and not married was a prostitute. One of the many labels we hear is "courtesan." A courtesan is a "Lady of the Court," She is an educated and socially connected woman of independent means. She is charming in conversation and uses her mind and her sexuality in whatever ways suite her. Sounds like a thoroughly modern lady to me.

There are other labels you might hear, like consort. This is a spouse or otherwise legally accepted partner who does not share in the power of the lady in question. For example, Queen Elizabeth II has the Duke of Edinburgh. He does not share her power or throne. He gets to be called Prince Phillip because he is also a prince of Greece and Denmark. You know how those Royals stick together.

A person of either sex can be a consort. A same sex consort may be identified in researching the ancient histories.

Aren't you glad you heard all this?


Last Saturday at the Tequesta Drum Circle, the rain stopped by 8 PM. Our Weather Witches had been on the job, but I hear their cauldron filled up with water and it took a while to restart it, We found that rescheduling causes so much confusion, this time we pressed ahead. The fire was burning fine.

Registration is open for the Turning the Tide Festival put on by the Covenant of the Goddess the first weekend in December. These are real, live covened folk, just in case you have been looking for any.

This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Contemporary Shamanism. Shamans compete for the title of "Oldest Profession" and have been in every culture for a long, long time. Shamans provide a bridge to the spirit world and deities for those whose prayer life still needs work. They take on differing colorations within different traditions, but they are still there. So what do they look like in our modern culture? They don't all wear leopard skins.

There is a Full Moon this Saturday. There will be drumming on the beach. It's also a good time to consecrate a fresh vial of Moon Water.


Thank you everyone for making our Pagan Pride Day such a wonderful event. We had many people and much fun concluding with our hooping ritual. That's too for generous contributions into the cauldron by the door. We give back our net to the UU Church so we can continue to hold our sabbats.

Next up is our 14th Annual Witches Ball. The theme is the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet. You know her story? We have channeled the real one at www.moonpathcuups.org/sekhmet.htm

There are events going on all this week. Wednesday you can learn about "Frankenfoods" at the Broward Main Library. Thursday in Study Group, we hear about Hungarian Paganism. Saturday we have drumming, runes, and more drumming.

We have extended our calendar through December 21st. We might schedule further, but that is the day the world ends. I am holding off paying my December bills until the 22nd, just in case.


This Thursday in Study Group, we hear Stories of the Autumn Equinox. Bring your own traditions to share. We will have a casting call and a rehearsal for Saturday's ritual.

Saturday we have our Pagan Pride Day from Noon until 7 PM. There will be food , vendors and belly dancing. Our Ritual will be at 5:30 PM.

Down the hall the Korean Seven Day Adventist will be meeting. They pay rent to be there and we have moved them out of the Sanctuary so we can do Pagan Pride. Let's all be quiet around them and very polite, like they are, when they are there in the early afternoon.

Sunday, we have Pagan Picnic. During the week, there will be workshops going on around town. The following weekend will be Tequesta Drum Circle.

Spelcastor is in Alberta, Canada. I was last here in 1995. I picked up a magickal stone. It formed from sediment 550 million years ago. It was buried deep in the earth and then pushed back up as the Rocky Mountains were formed. 17 years ago I brought it to one of our first CUUPS meetings. We all signed it and, with great ceremony, buried it in the back yard. None of us remember just where. Perhaps it will re-surface in another half billion years.

Blessed be, Spel


In this month of August, there are two Full Moons. Some call this second moon, a Blue Moon. Others say, a Blue Moon is the fourth Full Moon in a Quarter. What do you say?

We will talk about this in Study Group come Thursday night, and then we go outside and do a spontaneous Ritual. And what working magick shall we do? Nothing we'd do very often, say, only once in a Blue Moon, These events occur about every two and one-third years. Not all that often.

We could consecrate something. Moon Water for future spell work? A magickal tool? Something we couldn't just run out and do again next week? We could make a promise. We could break a vow. We could leap the fire or steal a kiss.

And what might you do? At a special time that won't come again right away?


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about the Magick at the Crossroads. There are our favorite Dark Goddesses like Hekate plus other happening that go on at this age old location.

This weekend there is drumming, of course, and then CUUPS of Holly is doing a program on Lesser Known magicks.

Lately we got into a discussion about using space at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. Just as it is with Moonpath CUUPS, there is an online calendar. It your event has yet to appear on the calendar, it is not yet fully booked. It is important that the person responsible for the event check the calendar with some regularity. Use of church space is not an entitlement program, even for church members. The church calendar is at http://uucfl.org/home/calendarAll.shtml.

The next big event we do here is Pagan Pride Day. This one, we have well calendared and it will be lots of fun with food, vendors, belly dancing and ritual.


This Thursday in Study Group, Spelcastor leads a guided discussion on the Many Roles of Clergy.

I've come up with 22 roles so far. Nobody can do all that. We will have fun batting the ideas around and picking the roles that suit us personally.

This Saturday, the Bon Festival, Japanese Samhain is going on at the Morikami in the early evening. I hear that there are still tickets available. Better to call. Sunday there is Pagan Picnic.

Our Study Groups are now booked up until September 6th. I look for a variety of programs so no one gets over exposed. Oh, and I setup a website for the Apothecary at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/greenwizardapothecary. That might be helpful in getting him some more exposure. Weddings, Bar Mitzvas? It can't hoit?

And CUUPS of Holly in Hollywood seems to be doing some interesting things too.


This Thursday we celebrate our Annual Chocolate Ritual. Although some see it as a satire of things pagan, many women feel it to be deeply spiritual.

We will invoke the elements of chocolate in their solid, liquid, powdery vapor, and divine aspects. We will perform our acts of worship and then feast upon the bounteous heaps of chocolate everyone is invited to bring. So come have fun and worship with us.

Friday and Saturday, there is drumming. Saturday Night, there is Dead Poets. Sunday, there is CUUPS of Hollywood.

Next week on Thursday, Spel will lead a discussion on "The Many Roles of Clergy." We shall see how many different ideas we can come up with and which ones we feel to be important.

Saturday August 18 at Morikami in the evening, there will be the Bon Festival. This is "Japanese Samhain." Everyone has ancestors and most of them are dead. Harvest time is the place on the Wheel of the Year when communities remember them.


Tonight the Moon is Full. Yes, there will be drumming, of course.

This Thursday we plan our Lammas Native American Corn Festival. This Saturday evening, we will perform a composite of ceremonies honored by Native Americans at this time of year. There will be a casting call, so do come.

I have attached a list of "suggested" dishes that are native-influenced. Also, in the same document, below that, are some drumming and dancing notes for your information (in case you are interested).

I have not heard from anyone who might have accidentally taken my two beaters home last year. One has the two big fluffy white ends (missing since last year) and the other is a small red-ended one (missing for 2 years). Please check in your drum equipment. I would love to have them turn up. Please bring beaters for your personal use as well.

We will need at least 4 - gallon jugs of Arizona Rx Stress Herbal Iced Tea - one for each quarter (available in the juice or soft drink aisle of the supermarket), the small paper "Dixie" cups, and small (or bite-sized cubes) of corn bread for ritual. Also, paper bowls, paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery, etc for feast service. These items are reimbursable by the church. Ordinarily I purchase those out of my pocket and wait for the check. This year, I cannot afford to do so. I will need help obtaining these items.

I will also need assistance early in the day with setting up an arbor and dressing it, carrying tables outside, setting up the sound system, and arranging feast tables indoors. I hope to be there sometime between 10 am and noon to start working.

Don't forget ritual rehearsal and drumming practice on Thursday night after "Corn Stories"!! Attached for my wonderful Quarters are your "cheat sheet" mini-scripts for you to review. Your minions will do the corn meal sprinkling around the circle before you call your quarter.

Thanks! See you soon.

Black Diamond (Lisa)


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Bast, the Egyptian Goddess with cat associations. Come hear more from SkyBear.

The following week, Elrick the Apothecary returns. In between, we have drumming Looking ahead, we have the Full Moon coming and the our Annual Native American Corn Festival. We are moving around the Wheel of the year and next month we have a Blue Moon. How often does that happen?


This Wednesday we have Half-Moon Drumming at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. There may have been some earlier confusion with the date but this is when we drum this month as the moon enters its third quarter.

This Thursday in Study group, we learn about Tricksters. These magickal character pop up in cultures around the world. They are not necessarily bad, or good, they are tricksters. This is a contrast to our neighboring Christian culture that has a good and a bad and no gray in between. Oh, My! Oh, My!

Saturday, the pagan-Friendly Dead Poets do their thing. Sunday we have a service on Psychics at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale followed by a Psychic Faire.

Looks like we have magick all around for the rest of the week.

=+= 7/3/12

Happy Fourth of July. Everyone stay cool and avoid any barbecuing red-necks who demonstrate a religious need to blow themselves up.

But tonight is the Full Moon, and it's the Blessing Moon. We can count our blessings that the Radical Right has not been able to burn us at the stake, along with a few other beloved groups.

This Thursday in Study Group, we celebrate the Birthday of Spelcastor, a gray-haired old wizard who does not act his age. Further, he encourages others to not act their age either. You can always get older later and the alternative is even less cheery. So what shall we do Thursday? Sing praises? Hold a roast? Dance around a fire? At least one birthday cake with black icing and orange trim has been promised. We can count upon our Kitchen Witches.

We had a delightful Tequesta Drum Circle last Friday Night. Attendance was down but the weather was lovely. It's always a problem with re-scheduling.

There is yet another survey of us Pagans. I don't recall whether I participated in this one, but Ash did and she forwarded me the report. Follow the link for no big surprises and some reassurances about ourselves:


And Have a Happy and Safe 4th!


Thanks to everyone who made our Faerie Ritual such a delight. Thanks to dragnfli, the faerie troop, Ahel Adom, and all our supporting folk. We were chased inside by the rain, but we had alcohol fire in a cauldron and much magick about.

We put a cauldron out at rituals. We get to use this facility and so we look for contributions to keep our hosts happy. Help us keep a good thing going. Our next ritual will be our Native American Lammas led by Black Diamond.

I was admiring our CUUPS website. We put much original material there. We are much more than a rehash of what might be gathered from other websites. We are no rehash, and for that we take a bow.

This Thursday in Study Group, we share our favorite Invocations and conjurings. We plan to be out at the fire and hurling inflammable objects into it. Please be careful not to invoke anything you can't banish. We don't want the church folk to notice scaly hissing things lurking about in the morning. If you bring it, take it home with you.

Friday we do the Tequesta Drum Circle. Rescheduled after the last deluge, we hope our Weather Witches are all on the job this time around. And then Full Moon Tuesday? We shall be very busy.


This Thursday in Study Group we learn from drangfli about MidSummers, Faerie Ritual, Litha, and such. It is a time of light-heartedness. Then we will have a casting hall and most likely a rehearsal. Rehearsals are good.

Before that, Wednesday we have the Tesquesta Drum Circle over at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. It's MidSummer all week and we shall have a fine time with drumming and dancing.

Then Saturday, we have our Faerie Summer Solstice Ritual #9 at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. There will be wings and horns and sparkles all about. Note that we feast before this Ritual as we wait for appropriate darkness. We gather at 7 PM, then feast and then at about 8:45 PM we Ritual. Whenever the fireflies come out.

There is a new movie in town called Hysteria. It is set in the 1880s at the height of the Victorian Era. Women who became uppity, aggressive, or frustrated were diagnosed as hysterical. For the upper class ladies, there were a few medical practitioners who would provide them with paroxysms to relieve them of this situation. What unfolds in new technology is the invention of the vibrator. It was the first household appliance to be commonly accepted. Yes, this is a true story and a lovely firm for a MidSummer's Date Night, or a Lady's Night Out.

6/12/12 This Thursday in Study Group, Spelcastor will be presenting on "Large Rituals As Theater." You might do what ever you want as a solitary or in your coven of eight, but when you get 25, 50, 100 people or more, things get very different.

At CUUPS Sabbats, we tend to do Rituals for 50 or more. Come share your experiences about what has to change when the group gets larger.

More drumming and then Pagan Picnic this weekend. More opportunities to come out and play.

Have you heard about the pagan News Wire? Now we can get the news we want to hear about, just like the people who follow FOX Check out:





This Thursday we learn about the Dark Goddess of the Aztecs. We will start with stories and conclude with ritual. Kalimir will lead us as we see it is not just the Celts who can get Dark.

Speaking of dark, I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Such a visual delight of effects. Such an Evil Queen. And Snow White in armor for the final battle had me thinking of Joan d'Arc. And in between, there was a faerie land of such flitting delights.

Yes, there is much slicing and chopping, and even a troll with bad breath. (Don't all trolls have bad breath?) So I have had my eye candy for the week. The Huntsman was pretty but much upstaged by the leading ladies. The Little People's Association are very upset because the seven dwarfs were all played by big people who were shrunk through special effects magick. So the film is not politically correct for everyone. I must remember to reread the Grimm's Faerie Tale version to see how much they reclaimed from the original text from the Disney purified version.

Hey, there is drumming this weekend and the Dead Poet's Society Saturday night.


This Thursday in Study Group, we hear from Lady Nighshade. Her topic is "Light within the Dark Side". As much as many of us like the dark, I am tempted to hope that this will not be a very short program. But Lady Nightshade has far more depth than that. We shall see what she has to bring us.

This Friday, Magickal Pathways meets in Hollywood. Looking for a more formal Craft study program outside of the world of covens? Check it out.

This weekend we have drumming. Of course we have drumming. And then Monday the Moon is Full. More drumming. Then Tuesday, the Goddess Spirit Drum Circle, Contrary ti earlier pronouncements, "boys and allowed" at this gathering. Yes, there are some women only events that go on, but this isn't one of them.

What else, we missed Byrle. He piled into Jacksonville. But it's summer in South Florida, so keep a plastic bag near your drum.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about the Chinese Goddess Kuan-yin. She is an aspect of the Goddess showing mercy and compassion. Some say she was a model for other Goddesses showing compassion later in history.

This weekend we have drumming, but no local festivals that we know about.

I was researching an ancient Goddess and found myself thinking about 35mm color slides. Do you remember slides, back before digital photography when people still used something called film? If not, ask your parents.

Anyway, to view a slide, you might hold it up to the light, if your projector wasn't handy. Place three slides together, one on top of the next, and what you see is a composite from all three. This is what I see when I look at stories of the Goddess. These stories came down to us through thousands of years. Perhaps they picked up new layers from different centuries. As I wonder about the oldest stories, I look for layers I might strip away. Have you noticed how the Ancient Goddesses acquired fathers and husbands later in their careers?


This Thursday at Study Group, Elrick the Apothecary returns. Back by popular return, we will learn more about herbal alternatives to modern drugs. Stay healthy the old fashioned way.

We are gathering together topics for the coming weeks. Keep those thoughts and suggestions coming. Are there any candidates for Second Degree out there who need a play to present?

The teacher learns more than the student. I will be looking around at my musty books and see what I can make interesting.

This Sunday we have drum circles and then the Pagan Picnic. There are no sabbats until mid June.


This Thursday in Study Group, we will gather for a spontaneous ritual. We build a common purpose among ourselves, divide up roles, and the go outside and build a big fire and have our Ritual.

Anything but a script is OK. This does teach us to ad lib, and occasionally during a more formal ritual, Loki will show up and then we had better be able to wing it.

It's Earth Day Every Day at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. And they mean it. They got rained out on their first try so here comes Earth Day Again. Come hug a tree. And there is Drumming at fern Forest too.

Then Saturday night, it is Pagan Friendly Dead Poet's at the Hollywood Fellowship. Sunday, don't forget to be nice to Mom. The restaurants will be packed so take her to the beach. Also Sunday, the Sons of the Goddess are gathering.


This Thursday in Study Group, we hear from Melanie MUUnpillow. We shall have "Conversations with an Anarchist Faerie". I have not noticed that any faerie be overly concerned with structure and order. How does one stand out as an anarchist? We shall find out.

We had a lovely Beltaine. The rains paused long enough for us to do our May Pole Dance and to celebrate our Beltaine Ritual. The runes drawn were quite auspicious. Thanks to everyone who made our gala event happen and for helping with cleanup. The Air Show had it's own problems with the rain. We had advised all our ladies flying in from out-of-town to be especially weary of the stealth fighters. One is just not pretty after getting sucked through one of those supersonic engines.

This Thursday, Florida Pagan Gathering is happening north of Ocala, FL. There will be 500+ pagans there on varying paths. Also, BNP authors, Big Name Pagans, will dazzle us with their stories and workshops.

This Friday there is the Magickal Pathways Study Group at the Hollywood Fellowship. Come add to your Craft skills.

For those staying home and who dimly recall the 60s, there is the 9th Annual Greynolds Park Love-In. Put on your favorite tie dye and remember: one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the one's that Mother gives you, don't do anything at all.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday in Study Group, we honor our pets. Bring a photo, and not your pet T-Rex, please. It's Saint Francis Meets the Green Man.

This Saturday it's Earth Day Every Day at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Come and be green and check out the events. There's drumming Saturday too. Around the state there are festivals. There's a Sacred Geometry Retreat up at the Duncan Center. We'll do our own Beltaine next week, but that is next week. This is the moment, this is the hour, live in this moment, rise on the power.

Blessed be.


This Thursday in Study Group, we honor our pets. Bring a photo, and not your pet T-Rex, please. It's Saint Francis Meets the Green Man.

This Saturday it's Earth Day Every Day at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Come and be green and check out the events. There's drumming Saturday too. Around the state there are festivals. There's a Sacred Geometry Retreat up at the Duncan Center. We'll do our own Beltaine next week, but that is next week. This is the moment, this is the hour, live in this moment, rise on the power.

Blessed be.


This Thursday at Study Group, we hear from The Apothecary. You may have seen him at the Renaissance Faire. Mediaeval times were exciting times for medicine. Why, folks might use just any old thing or whatever they could conjure up. Long before giant pharmaceutical companies or imported meds containing paint thinner, there were risks as to who might be a quack or the local poisoner. Learn a touch about "Magickal Herbs: Potions, Philters, and Balms" with the Apothecary.

Prior to CUUPS, the Church folks are holding their annual Empty Bowls Fundraising Dinner. $10 buys you a bowl of soup and it all goes for a good cause to feed the homeless. Do come early. Spoons will be provided.

This Saturday, join us for the Work day at John U Lloyd State Park and then consider putting your feet up at the Dead Poets gathering. Sunday is our monthly pagan picnic.

Another busy week for us witchy folk. Blessed be.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Earth Day.

Earth Day was started by guys wearing coats and ties in the late 60's. Who'd o' thunk? But now it is a widespread celebration of the coming summer season and the good earth. Come and learn more from dragnfli.

There is a once-a-month Friday Study Group starting up in Hollywood. Come on by and check it out.

We have drumming this weekend but to other major events unless you want to travel to South Miami for the last weekend of Ren-Faire. Later in April we have many events popping up, sort of like Spring.


A witch who cannot kill, cannot heal. There is a double edge to the magick as well as the knives we wield.

Thus it is quite an insult to call us, "Fuzzy Bunny." So as a ceremony of self-empowerment, we shall banish the Fuzzy Bunny this Thursday at Study Group. Yes, we will have fire and incantations. This is not an auspicious night to be a bunny, fuzzy or otherwise.

So what's going on this weekend? Well, drumming, of course. There are no festivals handy, although there will be a bunch of them in April. We are between Ostara and Beltaine.


Thank you to everyone for making a wonderful Tequesta Drum Circle. We had 300+ paying people and everyone appeared to behave. The weather was wonderful, the drums were pulsing, the fire was glorious, and the bugs did not stay long.

This Thursday in Study Group, we hear from Ranger Mark about "Florida's Wheel of the Year / Ecosystem Sanctuaries for the Florida Witch to Know." Yet, we have marvelous Nature all around us and it does not look the same from what we might remember up North.

The following Thursday, we anticipate, "The Return of the Bunny." We who see ourselves as serious Witches know that we must have our Dark side as well as the light. Stay tuned as we perform a communal shunning is things too chipper to be healthy.

Did I say thanks for a wonderful Ostara to Shaper and MoonDay? There is nothing like getting back from one's Honey Moon and Launching into a Grand Sabbat!

Saturday marks the seventh anniversary gathering of the Broward Drum Circle. Didn't they just start up a few months ago?


This Thursday at Study Group, we will share stories of Ostara and Saint Patrick's Day. Then we will plan our Ostara Ritual for Saturday, do a final casting call, and then rehearse. If you agree to fill a part and then do not show up, it is considered very bad manners.

This weekend we also have our monthly Pagan Picnic, and the Hatsume Faire at the Morikami, and then a labyrinth walk Monday at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach. Meanwhile, we have re-mulched our own labyrinth at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. There is still some raking to be done plus some stones have yet to be lifted up and placed on top of the new mulch.

I was thinking about coven secrets. There is so much published in books and the Internet. Who is to say that it all looks that different from what is practiced in private? Think of receiving Coven Secrets as you being given a very large and heavy bowl filled with water. This water is blessed with magickal powers and your assignment is to carry it from here to way over there, without spilling any.

If you let any of this water spill, probably no outside person would take notice. Everyone has seen water. But your Craft assignment is to carry this bowl of water from your teachers way over to your future students, and to not spill any of it. This all takes practice and is an acquired skill, and here is what the Craft is about.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Candle Magick with Skybear. Candles have been around since they edged out oil lamps. Perhaps the end of the lamp ear put a lot of genies out of work. They had to hang out in woods and ponds which wasn't quite the same.

Anyway, there is much you can do with a candle. After choosing its color and composition, you an carve on it, anoint it, march about with it, and stick it various places. One can still do magick without a genie.

Did you notice the Witchie TV ads? There's one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHpqCNMUlWs and yet another: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=UZFlffnP1wE&feature=endscreen all on YouTube. Do these ads exploit our religion or are they just good clean fun?

New Moon Books in Pompano Beach is hiring. Are you magickal and looking for people-related work that won't make you rich. See www.creativemedicineonline.com and then ask for Lawren.

CUUPS Pagan Survey: The UUs are putting together a pamphlet and seek your input. See the note below and contribute your story.


This Thursday Lady Nightshade will share with us thoughts and traditions on Reincarnation. Reincarnation is a popular belief in Pagan circles. What goes around, comes around.

Congratulations to SophiaLunus. She is now a Great Grandmother. We did once do a croning for her, didn't we?

This weekend we have Scottish and Asian Festivals going on. Yes, there will be drumming going on too.

Are you into dolphins? Next weekend our Episcopalian neighbors in Boca will be hosting a free lecture by Dr. Diana Reiss, one of the world's leading experts on dolphin intelligence and producer of the documentary, "The Cove." Remember, when visiting Episcopalians, it is considered good manners to nor wear your largest pentacle. The movie is the same Sunday we remulch our Labyrinth. Busy day.

I updated my Spelcastor Archive over at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/archive.htm. Here is where I post all the pithy things I say each week. Some weeks are better than others, and they go back to 1997. If you enjoy me being pithy, here is more than you will ever want to unearth.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Lillith. Within the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Creation legends, Lillith was the first wife of Adam. She was the woman who would not submit and stomped off into the dessert. She is associated with the screech owl. and the Babylonian Goddess of the Underworld, Ereshkigal. She has been accused of being rather harsh towards Adam's children with her.

Looking ahead on the calendar, we have an educational opportunity coming up at New Age Books & Things and a later one in Miami offered by Sandra Richardson. These events cost money. These people do these things for a living. There are those who will gain from attending.

And then there is drumming going on. The following week, we have doings by both Asians and Scotts.

We have much diversity along our Pagan path.


This Thursday in Study Group we reconsider what our magickal workings brought us on Valentine's Day and maybe do a little damage control.

Otherwise this weekend, we have drumming, the Pagan Picnic, and the 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert. Do people still do that sort of thing? What with all the good mead in the world?

Have a magickal day.


Here we come up upon St Valentine's Day. Time to practice our spell work.

That is what we will talk about this Thursday in Study Group. There is more to love spells than meets the eye. Meets the eye? We're talking about glamour. But there are other facets too that might not be obvious to the average Muggle. Ethics? Do we really want to cloud the season with that? And the following week, we'll move on to banishings.

What else is going on? Drum Circles, a sweat lodge in Homestead, dead poets singing, Ren Faire is cranking up, and then there's a gay men's Pagan study group. Wonder why I never see a gay woman's Pagan study group?

Now, back to the spells,


Thank you to everyone for making our Imbolc Ritual wonderful. Thank you to Sandra, James, and Ana for leading us and everyone else participating. Everything went well, even cleanup. And there were dollars in the cauldron when we were done. The church folk do not charge us rent for our use of the property for sabbats so these donations help pay for the A/C and create good will.

Want to see a really bad movie? Get together some Pagan friends, medicate your minds and go see The Wicker Tree. I hear it is like the remake of The Wicker Man but even worse. No effort was wasted on research.

Thursday is Bridget's Day. Whether you know her as a Celtic Goddess or a Roman Catholic Saint, now is her time and the time of the Maiden. She will be celebrated in St Petersburg, FL, for those of you who like to travel.

This Thursday in Study Group, we shall learn about Tribal Belly Dance. This should be inspirational and educational. Dance has been a part of worship and religion since the beginnings of time.


This Thursday at Study Group, we swap stories on Imbolc and then plan our Saturday Ritual. We will be joined by James R. Jones and Ana Easton of the Circle of Isis Rising. Sandra will be here Saturday.

I was thinking about the myths and legends we gather on our pagan path. The same story may have been around for a thousand years and would have many variations. It is part of our modern culture to look for the one true story. Also, there may be parts of the story that made sense to the people of antiquity that we would miss.

Take the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She carried a basket of goodies through the forest to grandmother's house. There the wolf was hiding in bed pretending to be grandmother whom he had eaten. A nearby woodsman hears Red's cries, bursts in, and kills the wolf with his axe.

OK, now wolves are a beloved and endangered species that are being restored to Yellowstone National Park. In mediaeval times they were quite a nuisance, what with carrying off farm animals and small children, In the Middle Ages, there were no police and the sheriff was off chasing Robin Hood. Who else would save Red but a woodsman?

It our times, it would have been the militia. If the guy shows up with an H&K assault rifle, he would be recognized as part of some European elite force. If he showed up with an AK-47, he would be a third world revolutionary.

And does the story have a metaphor, like Red is a priestess carrying an offering through the mundane world of the forest to the temple of her grandmother the Goddess. The wolf is a male usurper taking over with his new religion. And what f instead the militia man kills Red and runs off with the wolf amid rumors that they are gay?


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Death Ministries from Spelcastor.

We are seen as clergy by our Pagan community and they will call upon us in such time of passage. It is helpful if we have thought through before hand how we might best serve them. There are needs leading up to this event, then surrounding the event, and more long after the event. It is helpful if we are not doing on-the-job learning when others are in need. And let us not imagine we will know everything ourselves.

Come share your experiences in this guided discussion.


This Thursday at Study Group, we recharge our egregore. Don't know what that is. Come on by.

Then Friday is the 13th. Stroke your black cat and walk under a ladder. It's time to make the superstitious people crazy. We witches aren't superstitious, we just know what works.

There's lot's of drumming this weekend, plus the Pagan Picnic. It's a time to be magickal.


This week in Study Group we celebrate our 13th anniversary. We'll swap stories of events long gone and the many people who have passed thru. If you are one of those, come on back and tell us your tale. Or email me, if you are on another plane.

This Ayllu thing Wednesday looks interesting. It's from the Andes and pre-Incan cultures. Sounds Pagan to me. I wonder what they are doing at the Duncan Center in Deerfield Beach?

I was thinking about the Goddess and wondering how she came to fall from grace. There was a Goddess aspect to the early Hebrew culture. Some scholars suggest that there was more to it than the occasional male back-sliding to Canaanite women who met up on the hill in a grove. Perhaps the Hebrew prophets, with all their finger pointing were standing on the side-lines line of the times like Fox News. And then everyone got carried off to Babylon and The Captivity. That would have been very traumatic.

What if we woke up one morning and found we were all working for Bolivians? That would traumatic too. Maybe we would start thinking that Fox News was right? Maybe we would change and do things the Fox way. Perhaps the Children of Israel were so traumatized that they tossed out their Goddess, edited her out of her sacred texts, and added the Fox crowd as their Books of the Prophets. This all-male monotheism became such a popular invention among males that....well, take a look around.

The Prophets have always been my least favorite books in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic scriptures.


This Thursday in Study Group we celebrate a "Fire & Ice Ritual, Chaos Magick Style." It's still that time of year, so why stop with the magick.

We are coming up upon the Gregorian New Year, the time on the Gregorian calendar when the year changes. This had to do with the civil calendar. The Christian church and the Celts both started their new year the beginning of November. Other start their year earlier or later.

This calendar was degreed by Pope Gregory VIII in 1582. What else was going on at that time? The Protestant Reformation. No way were any good Protestants going to be so papist as to adopt that new calendar. It took the American colonies 200 years to get around to it.

Beyond that, there are Sky Gods and Earth Mothers. The Mother Goddess does circular time like a wheel. There is much going out, coming back, and going 'round again. In contrast, Sky Gods do linear time, like a arrow. They are big on a beginning and an end. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic gods are sky gods.

But however you spin it, December 31st is a reminder to us all that time is moving on. Whether you journey towards the grave, a heavenly reward, or to a return to the Mother Goddess, at the stroke of midnight, it is difficult to deny that the wheel has turned.

Blessed be.


Wednesday night we celebrate the Winter Solstice with the Tequesta Drum Circle over at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. There was some earlier publicity with a different date, but the solstice really is this Wednesday and that is when we celebrate. 'Tis the reason....

This Thursday in Study Group, we will do still more ceremony for the darkness of this time of year. We will act out and probably burn some stuff.

Sunday our Christian friends will celebrate the Feast of the Nativity. This used to be something only Papists would do while Protestants waited twelve more days for Epiphany, another light festival. Not to be out done, are Roman Catholic friends south of our Anglo Border call that Three Kings Day and crank up yet another celebration.

All the while, the candles of Hanukah and Kwanzaa are burning brightly. Somewhere in all of this Scandinavian maidens are wondering about with wreaths of burning candles in their hair. Hopefully, it's not hair and maidens burning.

So this a big time on the Wheel of the Year for Fire Festivals and, always a favorite with us, burning stuff.

So enjoy this festive season and please don't exhale into the fire.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday in Study Group we swap stories of Yule and then plan our Yule Sabat.

Max will be leading us in a Slavic tradition with real live Slavic folk included. We will have a casting call for ritual parts. Come join the fun. Slavic folk really understand this thing about long nights and increasing cold. Expect colorful costumes and special effects. Max & Marcus lead us in quite a show.

This Sunday we have Pagan Picnic for a laid-back moment in the midst of the holiday rush. And if your pet is stressed, then see the Pet Psychic below. Why might your favorite critter be barking up the wrong astral plane? OK, this is not for everyone, but these resources do exist for those looking to take advantage of them.

Wednesday, we come upon the Tequesta Drum Circle celebrating the Winter Solstice. Feel the magick in the drums and the dancing. 'Tis the season.


This Thursday in Study Group, we hear from Karina, our Brazilian Witch.

What has been Karina's journey? How goes her magick and her music? We shall see and hear.

One of the many high lights of the Turning the Tides Festival was the Yule Pagan Caroling. Laertius put together a song book of carols from the Internet. See PaganYuleSing-a-longBook.pdf.  This is a lovely gift to any Wiccans you know who are currently serving time in prison. They can carol their Christian friends.

There is drumming this weekend and a Full Moon Ritual in Miami. There's also animal counseling, if your pooch or kitty is nursing a trauma that they won't share.

Another great stocking stuffer for the family.

B*B, Spel


It must be the end of the year.

I have added the major events from 2012 to my online calendar. Weekly events I add as we get close to them, just to reduce clutter. Each year I think of the turning of the Wheel and how circular time is Goddess Time.

'Tis the season of Yule. let it snow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPOujpp1QKY

We are still not done with festivals. There still might be time to get into Turning the Tides this weekend. Next weekend, there is the 11th Annual Yulefest Gathering at All World Acres. We will be doing our own Yule Saturday December 17th.

This Thursday in Study group, we do a Spontaneous Ritual. Anything but a script is OK. What shall we conjure? Come and see.


In 1987 NoraLee, the founder of our CUUPS chapter found us the story of the MoonPath:

"When you look out across the water at night, after the sun has set and the moon has risen high enough to become bright, then you see a long, glimmering moonpath reaching away into the distance. There it lies, stretching from the moon to the earth, and from the earth to the moon, as bright as silver and gold, and as straight and smooth as a turnpike road..."

The words are from a book published in 1895, The Garden Behind the Moon, by Howard Pyle. He was an illustrator and author, and the book is not quite about witches. The rest of the quote is online at www.moonpathcuups.org/moonpath.htm along with the book. These are magickal words. Thank you NoraLee for finding them.

There is no Study Group next Thursday. It's Turkey Day. Stay home and celebrate this secular harvest festival that was born during the Civil War to promote unity.

December brings us Turning the Tides, Yule, a Tequesta Drum Circle, and a full schedule of Study Groups.

B*B, Spel

11/16/11 'Tis the season! Perhaps you have seen on the Internet the words to "Walking in a Wiccan Wonderland." For a very professional arrangement of it, check out our friend Karina on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dvxoirbvTk&feature=autoshare

Camelot Days was fun Saturday. I wandered about and accosted the Ale Ladies. There were street performers and shows, pageantry and bellydancers, and a very cheerful atmosphere. It's on again this weekend.

There is still time to sign up to attend Turning the Tides the first weekend in December. The price has gone up to $65 but registration has not closed yet.

This Thursday in Study Group we learn "More About Dragons." The Panda will be back with more research and stories.


So Starhawk came to the Youth camp at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

She is a big name in the Pagan community and she spoke about reclaiming old values and old ways. I did not recognize most of the people who showed up. MoonPath contributed $300 for snacks between the afternoon and evening programs.

We meditated and walked about the park, smelling all the aromas around us. A woman's drumming and dance troupe showed us traditions from Brazil to Jamaica. Then the folks walked 20 minutes under the moonlight through the darkened mangroves to the Primitive Area for fire and ritual. The quarter calls of these Earth People were answered by mosquitoes the size of turkey vultures. It was a magickal time for all.

Other news: Rel Davis has passed to the Summerland. He was one of my teachers as I was spiraling into the Craft in the late 80's. Rel was a "solitary by personality" who had a gift for research and story telling. We who learned from him later figured out that we were part of the tradition of second generation Rellians. Rellians can be recognized by 1) their distrust of anyone else's authority and 2) the fervor with which they proclaim, "As I will it, so mote it be!"

This is the first weekend of Camelot Days in TY Park, Hollywood. Here is a fun community in which to dress up in our favorite fantasy garb and act out. See www.CamelotDays.com

November 15, Registration closes for Turning the Tides. See www.emlc.net/joomla/

The Wheel of the Year is turning on, and it is time for me to start posting next year's events.


Thank you to everyone who made our 14th Annual Witches Ball a success.

What with the rain and threats of serious weather, we had light attendance and did everything indoors. Yes, we are Earth people, but witches melt.

Our wonderful Druid's Ritual is online at http://moonpathcuups.org/rituals/druid11.htm So is our Midnight Ritual at http://moonpathcuups.org/rituals/sam11.htm. Now when Googling the Internet for Hypatia of Alexandria, you will find our contribution. Over the years, we have planned many creative Rituals. I recall Ostara of 2009 we did Theseus and the Minotaur.

This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Past Life Regressions from MoonDay. Florida Pagan Gathering is this weekend. Next Tuesday, Starhawk comes to town. Looking ahead, Camelot Days is now a two-weekend event and it's plenty of fun. The first weekend in December is the Turning of the Tides Festival.

Busy little witches are we.


This Thursday we share our stories of Samhain and the Final Harvest. These go on all around the world at this time in the Northern hemisphere. We finish our casting call and do some rehearsing. Rehearsals are good.

This Saturday is our Fourteenth Annual Witches Ball. The doors open at 7:30 PM. There will be DeeJay music by Izfrafel and then live music by Witchs Mark. At 9 PM there will me a Attunement with the Dead in our Memorial Garden, at 10:15 PM our Druid's Ritual, and at Midnight we honor Hypatia of Alexandria. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/hypatia/ All for $15 admission. Do come out and play and dress for the season.

Hey Spel, It's Lauren, one of the readers@ New Age Books and Things in Fort Lauderdale. I am having an event on Nov.18th called the Crystal Ball at Capones NightClub in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, and would like to welcome whomever would like to display their talents, Runes Readers, tarot, fire breathing etc. they can charge what they'd like. If you could put this on Spelcastor's broadcast, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Lauren Quinn


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Arianrhod, Celtic Goddess of the Moon, Sky, and Stars. Lady Nightshade will share her studies and experience.

We will also do a casting call for our Samhain rituals. We need players and bad acting is appreciated. The Midnight Ritual honors Hypatia of Alexandria. See www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/hypatia/

This weekend, it's Howlin' Hammock time at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. This will be spooktacular fun for the whole family. See www.FriendsOfBirchStatePark.org/hammock

The commercial Halloween is the biggest money making holiday after Christmas. There's all those fancy costumes, party, party, party, and don't forget to practice safe hex. For us it's Witch Awareness Week. Muggles take brief interest in us until the Wheel of the Year moves on again.


On the Island of Kauaii, there is a magical bay called Hanalei. I could imagine this is where Puff the Magick Dragon lives? On the other side of the island is the waterfall shown in the opening scenes of Jurassic Park. The Hollywood folk had to clean up when they were done, and I guess they took their T-Rex home with them. Jackie Paper was off surfing some place. Remember that she is a SHE and her orientation is not obvious.

So this place Hawaii is very Pagan. The old ways are being restored. The missionaries of the 1800s were a temporary nuisance who stole the government and banned the hula. The old stories are retold in chants. There are goddesses and gods, kings and invasions. Being accustomed to crafty ways, it is easier to recognize what is going on beneath the surface..

I now have a draft of the Samhain Ritual and we can do a casting call a week from Thursday. This year we will be honoring Hypatia of Alexandria. See www.MoonpathCUUPS.org/hypatia

This Thursday in Study Group we learn about the Slavic pantheon from Max. Max always tells good stories, so we should learn something.


Greetings from Kauai, Hawaii. Spelcastor is on vacation.

I was struck with all the local language place names and the reverence for indigenous culture. It reminded me of Ireland. I went to Witchvox.org and looked up pagan groups. The few are mostly around the main island associated with the military. So is the only UU congregation. Who needs Celtic when they have a perfectly good local Earth Religion?

I see many churches scattered about, a Jewish Temple and A Buddhist Center. There is some resentment among the locals, so I looked it up on Google. In 1893, Queen Liliuokalalani was deposed in a coup d'etat that was later deemed to be illegal, but the queen was not restored. On July 4, 1894, the Republic of Hawaii was proclaimed, and it's first president was Sandord P. Dole, a name to become well-known in American politics and the international pineapple business. And to think that there are people who complain about Iraq.

This Thursday in Study Group we do a spontaneous ritual. Anything but a script is OK. This teaches us toto roll with the flow. This week end, I see drumming opportunities but no open rituals.


We had a wonderful Tequesta Drum Circle last Monday on the Equinox. The weather and everyone else behaved. Attendance was good and we broke even, pretty close, so we expect to be able to do Tequesta again at the Winter Solstice.

This Thursday in Study Group, Barlowe tells us about the use of Kava in ceremony and ritual. Barlowe has built up quite a following with his herbal business, www.barlowesherbalelixirs.com So we have an opportunity to learn new things about old ways.

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us with more drumming opportunities.


This Thursday in Study Group, Spelcastor tells us about Hypatia of Alexandria. She was a philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who was done in by a "Christian" mob." We will also learn a bit about analytical geometry and the math of 400 CE. We will honor Hypatia at our Witches Ball. See more at www.moonpathcuups.org/hypatia/

Friday is the Tequesta Drum Circle. See www.tequestadrum.com. It's $10 at the gate and the gates close at 10 PM. Come early.

This Saturday, there is EarthDance in Miami and more drumming in Fort Lauderdale. Also, this Saturday there will be a memorial for Merlin Stone at the Clearwater UU Congregation. Merlin is a Big name Pagan who wrote "When God Was a Woman."

This will be a busy weekend. Friday a 300 pound blob of space junk will come hurtling out of orbit. It is unlikely that you will notice.

Now for a message on a more personal note: My name is Olga Gonzalez, DeepC Star. I have been diagnosed with epilepsy and will be unable to care for my cats for a few months and am in need of some members to care for them until I am able to take them back. My home is located in Lauderdale Lakes, Fl. My cell phone number is 954-830-7787. Thank you so much, Deep C Star, deepcstar at yahoo.com


This Thursday in Study Group we plan for Pagan Pride and our Mabon Ritual. We will do a casting call and a rehearsal.

Saturday noon til 7 PM we celebrate Pagan Pride Day with vendors, workshops, music and ritual.

Looking down our calendar, we have the Tequesta Drum Circle coming up a week from Friday. The next day there is EarthDance Miami. Later on we have Orion Foxwood and then later Starhawk coming to town.

We have many witching opportunities ahead of us.


This Thursday we hear from Wooga Mann telling us about the Sixteen Element Square of Fate. Bring pens and markers because there will be some drawing. You will learn more when you participate.

This Monday is the last class at with Lord Cuchulain at New Age Books and Things. He will be leading a Full Moon Ritual for Change. Our drummers will be out on the beach under the Full Moon.

We are coming up on our own Pagan Pride Day. That will be the following weekend. From noon til 7 PM we will be at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. There will be vendors, food, workshops and such. At 5:30 PM, we will celebrate the Second Harvest with an Open Ritual.

Some of our Pagan folk discovered the Free Thinkers AA that meets here Thursday nights. AA can be a successful path to recovery. They call upon a higher power. Many groups are intensely Christian, which can be distracting to Pagans. These folks will not insist that you claim a particular deity. Recovery is a good thing, and here is a group that is welcoming of Pagans.


This Thursday we hear from Lady Nightshade about the Goddess Hygeneia. Hygeneia hails from the Greek pantheon of deities. There are no doubt similar deities within other traditions. We did not meet the previous week because the weather looked so threatening. As soon as we called off the meeting, the sun came out and the birds starting singing.

We are approaching the time of Second Harvest. Next month we will celebrate Pagan Pride Day. Further down the calendar the 10th Annual Harvest Rhythm Festival will be held at All World Acres in the Tampa Bay area. Festivals will be popping up all over for the season.

It's nice that the storm did not get us. Well wishes to those it did. Meanwhile, we get back to our lives and whatever it was we were doing.


Let us admit that the weather is nasty and stay home tonight

B*B, Spel

Yes is a good idea. I would love that many members could benefit from the ritual and most likely people would like to be safe and with their loved ones today. See you next week!

Lady Nightshade


It looks like our Weather Witches have been on the job and Hurricane Irene is passing us by. If the weather gets really nasty Thursday night, stay home and we will reschedule for the following week.

Meanwhile, this Thursday we expect to hear from Lady Nightshade about the Goddess Hygeneia. Hygeneia hails from the Greek pantheon of deities. There are no doubt similar deities within other traditions..

We are approaching the time of Second Harvest. Next month we will celebrate Pagan Pride Day. Further down the calendar the 10th Annual Harvest Rhythm Festival will be held at All World Acres in the Tampa Bay area. Festivals will be popping up all over for the season.

We still have high hopes that the Tequesta Drum Circle will happen at the fall equinox. We are awaiting formal approval by park management to the north before we order insurance and porta-potties. We will place our notice online at www.moonpathcircle.org/tequesta.htm and do an email broadcast when we get the word.


This Thursday in Study Group we learn about Kali. Kali is a very complex Hindu Goddess who has to do with more than just death and destruction. Come hear what Kalimir has to say.

This Thursday we have drum circles, a Pagan picnic and doings at Crystal Fantasy. Looking down the calendar further, the resident apothecary of the Florida Renaissance Festival will be offering a series of classes on medicinal plants. Over at New Age Books, Lord Cuchulain continues his weekly classes on the Craft and Living Wicca..

We will have much to do between dodging thunderstorms.


This Thursday in Study Group we celebrate dragnfli's 10 years with MoonPath CUUPS. This lady has done more than CUUPS, she is a founder of the Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom. See www.thesisterhoodofaheladom.org. It's not a coven, it's a... Well, ask her. dragnfli is also a student of the late Lady Demeter. For years she ran a shop, Under the Stars, HPS'd a coven and was a teacher to other local leaders like Lady Bridget. See www.ladybridget.com. Don't know these folks? They have been part of our local community and perhaps a bit secretive.

I you everyone noticed at our Corn Festival Pot Luck, there was real buffalo stew. Buffalo are not endangered and were at an honored place on our table. There was also Fry Bread. This is on no one's healthy diet, but it is regular native fair.

Traditional people look to do traditional things. Like in the North West, Native Americans revived the puberty rite of whale hunting from war canoes. It's exciting, dangerous, and distressing to the tree huggers, but living without tradition is as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.

Here comes another Full Moon. Perhaps our Weather Witches will part the dark rain clouds long enough for us to get some drumming in.


Thank you Black Diamond for leading us in the wonderful native American Corn Ritual. Thanks to everyone who participated and cleaned up. Everything was how we left it.

This Thursday we hear from Debe Dark Moon about "Sea Wisdom." That gets me thinking about Dion Fortune's classic book, "The Sea Priestess." I have no idea if there is a connection.

We are in the season of the First Harvest, typically called Lammas, or Loaf Mass. Grain from the First Harvest is baked into bread for a celebratory mass. Sounds Christian! The other name for the season is Lughnasadh, The Day of Lugh is more difficult to pronounce. Lug was a Celtic hero who grew in legend and grew into a god, a god of many talents. Sounds more Pagan to me.

Have you heard about Interfaith Clergy? I think of a priestess as having a patron god/dess. It reminds me of a similar industry: insurance. A State Farm or Allstate agent will sell you anything his company provides. If they don't offer home insurance in Florida, he doesn't sell it. I think of an Interfaith Priestess saying, "Would you care for eternal salvation or would you like something more in the line of Nirvana?"

We live in strange times.


This Thursday in Study Group we learn about the Birth of Lady Nightshade. The call of the darkening felt by this magickal person among us and how she got to where she is today.

This weekend we have drumming and more drumming. Monday there is Half Quarter Drumming at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale.

There has been much tree trimming going on at the Fort Lauderdale UU. There is now an abundance of logs discreetly stacked about the property that we can move to the fence-line beside our fire circle. We won't be scrounging for wood for a while yet. We still have pallets left over from the labyrinth re-mulching that are ready for a firey end.

Next week Black Diamond leads us in a Native American Corn Dance for our celebration of Lammas. This is the sabbat we do in traditions other than those that come from Europe, Our indigenous people had their own wheel of the year and did quite well with it. You will be hearing more about this sabbat this Thursday and next.

B*B, Spel


This Thursday in Study Group, we celebrate our annual Chocolate Ritual. All aspects of chocolate will be honored, in it's solid, liquid, and dusty vapor aspects. This deeply spiritual event attracts many women, even some from outside our Pagan community.

Come and bring your favorite form of chocolate to share. Wear ritual garb, the color of the night is brown. This is an event to share with a friend.

Then later that night at 12:01 am, the final Harry Potter movie debuts. Be a part of history. If you weren't around for the first showing of Starwars or Windows95, here is an opportunity to take part in the history of your times. Dress up. Weird is good and you probably have all that stuff in your closet already.

And then Friday night, Full Moon Drumming. Dressing up is not as important as bringing Sacred Bug Spray, but here is another special gathering for our community. Saturday and Sunday, there are more gatherings going on.

Have a blessed weekend!


This Thursday in Study Group we learn about Magickal Art Drawing from Sue. Many of us know Sue from drumming circles.

What else, Happy Birthday today to me, Spelcastor. Yes, let us all celebrate, and I am available for breakfast dates.

There is a Psychic Faire this Saturday at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. Drop by and see what the future holds. Not sure if you should go? Ask a psychic.

There is more happening online. Take a look at Writings and Images from the hands of Black Diamond at http://www.t4studios.net/ I particularly like her story of the Witch and the Tax Man. Black Diamond will be leading our Native American Lammas ritual once again.

For those of you who wanted more on the Slavic Zodiac, see Celestial Palaces of the KOL'YADOW DAR (Swarog Circle) excerpts from "The Quest for the Swarga Grimoire" by our own Max DarkStorm at www.MoonPathCUUPS.org/Celestial_Palaces.pdf


This Thursday in Study Group, there just may be Dragons. That is our topic and the Panda will be presenting.

I came across a site on Norse Mythology http://www.viking-mythology.com/ for you Asatru and Druid folk out there

If you are looking about for formal coven involvement, Traditional Gardnerian Covens in the State of Florida opening up their groups for training. If you are interested you can email Lady Cara at yamaya6663@aol.com and your information will be forwarded on to a High Priestess in your area.

And if you are interested in doing a workshop at Samhain FPG, Florida Pagan Gathering in Ocala, go to this site and sign up. Please do it soon as the good spots go fast. http://www.flapagan.org. Thanks, Arachne, FPG Workshop Lugal & FPG Elder.

There are opportunities for involvement for those who are looking.

I have been encouraged that we may get to resume the Tequesta Drum Circle. We will be required to pay more fees and have more security, but Tequesta is worth it and so we will raise the rates at our gate. Yes, we are worth it.


Tomorrow we have Full Moon Drumming on the Beach. On Thursday in Study Group, we share stories of MidSummers and plan our Saturday Sabbat. To get into the mood, go rent a video of MidSummer Night's Dream. Any version will do, but Calista Flockhart does neurotic so well and Carmen Diaz is so sultry as Faerie Queen Titania.

This Saturday, along with our Sabat, there is a Mind-Body-Spirit Fair at Crystal Fantasy and Tribal Solstice V at the Lotus Dance Studio. On Sunday there is the Pagan Picnic and Green Gay Men.

Looking at our calendar, notice we have rescheduled our July Chocolate Ritual two week earlier to accommodate preparations for our Lammas Sabat. We have heard no news on Tequesta Drum Circle yet. We always have hope.

Remember this Saturday at our sabbat, we feast first at 7: 30 PM and do our Midsummer's Ritual at 8:45 pm.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn more about the Slavic Zodiac and Old Religion.

The Slavic countries are where the Vikings and Roman captured their involuntary workers. Hence the word slave is derived from Slavic. Such low status did not make the Slavic religions interesting to those who were carrying them off. Only later and in more modern cultures did these enlightened ways become a focus of attention. We have witnessed a similar pattern in White American culture. Can you say Injun? Come learn and enjoy.

The Tequesta Drum Circle is still shut down. We have written up proposals to park upper management demonstrating our long safety record and the popularity of these events. If we succeed in getting turned back on, we will quickly get the word out.


This Thursday at Study Group, we will learn something of the Dynamics of Drum Circles and then raise some energy to make our Tequesta Fire Drum Circles happen once again. These were recently shut down by park district management over safety concerns about our fire.

Along with our magick, we are working on a proposal documenting our safety record and community support while we look around for more specific fire insurance. Working in the mundane world is good too when you have a need.

Last Saturday, Spelcastor was at a church workshop on "Money Matters." Representatives from area UU congregations to hear from our state leader on how we show our values and how other people see us showing them. I did not push this workshop to the Pagan community, but these factors are the same ones we encounter in our own doings.

I did get to bond with UU leaders around SE Florida. It is good to be personally know within communities where I may show up wanting something.

Meanwhile, there is drumming this weekend. I will be at a Toastmasters gathering. This is another Muggle group of folks honing their speaking and presentation skills. May I should push that to my Pagan friends too.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about the Egyptian Lion Goddess Sehkmet. Kalimir will present and she's been doing good research for a long time. Remember, everything came from Egypt.

Here is a Reading opportunity I heard about: "HI Spel, my name is Lauren I'm a new reader at New Age, but I also coordinate events at Capone's Nightclub in Ft. Laud. I need someone to do mini Tarot readings for an event June 17th at 7 p.m. They can charge what they'd like table is free. Give out my number to who may like to do it: 561-350-7756."

Well, the world did not end last Saturday afternoon. I was at a trade show and forgot to keep track of the time. Who would have guessed? There were Fundies outside of this particular show protesting, and they were still there too after 5 PM. Sometimes the magick doesn't work at all.

Sad news: the Tequesta Fire/Drum Circle has been shut down by park upper management, not the local guys we all know. Something about adequate fire insurance. Here is another opportunity for magick. Me, I am conjuring insurance agents.


This Thursday in Study Group, Spelcastor will present on the 12 elements of ritual. These are the things you might include and where they come from.

Sometimes you would leave a few of these steps out. The bigger your circle, the more theater becomes important and the technical reasons for your motions become less obvious. Other folks will have opinions on this too, so we will share ideas with no need to agree.;

Perhaps in your tradition, you will omit some steps and have others to add. It's your ritual and between just you and your deity.

And speaking of ritual, Hollywood CUUPS will invoke the Goddess Caffeina this Wednesday in there own reverence to the Full Moon.

Tonight is the Full Moon for most folks. Me, I see it as a three night event. There will be drumming on the beach and other places too.


This Thursday in Study Group, we will share experiences from Pagan Festivals. I am just back from Florida Pagan Gathering. There were Big Name Pagan authors, many Druids, and another extravagant ritual.

Other have been to Beltainia or All World Acres. Some go to Pagan Spirit Gathering in the mid-west. Do see how some Scotts do it up, see the Beltane Celebration this year in Edinburgh, Scotland, by the Beltaine Fire Society http://www.flickr.com/photos/beltanefiresociety/5683513864/in/photostream/

Looking at the calendar, locally we have Pagan Picnic and some more drumming opportunities plus the Green Man Gay Pagan Gathering.

For more Pagan resources and networking, check out www.thewitchesweb.net sponsored by the www.childrenoftheoldways.org There just seems to be pagan stuff popping up all over.


This Thursday, some of us are off north to Florida Pagan gathering in Ocala, Florida. We might be labeled solitaries but we attend gatherings such as these which connect us to Pagans beyond those we know in Southeast Florida. The pagan world is build upon such gatherings and well as covens and local communities.

At CUUPS this Thursday we shall celebrate the Ritual of Diana's Bow. The New Moon is but a sliver in the sky and here is a time when we celebrate new beginnings. We will be outside doing ceremony and fire.

Did I say thanks to everyone for making our Beltaine another success? We started slow, but by ritual many familiar faces had appeared. Such sabbats are a time for us to get together.

Last Saturday we did our memorial for Deep Sea Storm. Ash and Spel dressed up really respectably, just in case any Muggle family showed up. Memorials are a time to be inclusive, even if just us pagan folk were there.

Now it is time to prepare for FPG. I am presenting on Amulets & Talismen and I have many props to pack together.


Re-read the Iliad, the story of the Greek's war against the Trojans, and realize it is from a different culture in which the gods meddled daily in the affairs of humans. Note also that this was a very male dominated and patriarchal culture in which the aspiration of males was either to die gloriously in battle or to make sure a worthy adversary died gloriously in battle. Our modern culture is tamer, at least where I hang out, and the males are not constantly dreaming of ripping each other's entrails out.

In Study group we shall hear about the Tengir from the Wooga Mann and then go outside to the fire and do some chest beating and meat eating. It is a part of our human culture, even if it is not popular in politically correct gatherings.

Saturday, it's Earth day at John U Lloyd State Park in on Dania Beach. We get to do some planting and gathering.

Saturday at 2 at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale, there will be a memorial service for the late Stormy. I suspect the style will be predominantly Pagan, but I am not in charge of this one. Come and remember stormy with us.


This Thursday in Study Group, we share stories of Beltaine and the plan our Festival and May Day Ritual.

Saturday we will have vendors and food and live music by Witchs Mark, May Pole Dancing, and Ritual. Come dressed in your Spring garb. Bring picnic, blankets, and chairs and meet others in the Pagan community. See www.MoonpathCUUPS.org/beltain11.htm.

There are other events going around town. There is Earth Day at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. The John U Lloyd Earth Day is moved down a week. I've been publishing a date for Florida Pagan gathering that was a week early too. Plan on May 5-8.

This Sunday if you want to see big-budget Pagan activity, show up at any Roman Catholic or Episcopal church. They will be gathering at dawn, lighting bon fires, traipsing around in dark buildings carrying candles, reading their creation texts, lighting many other candles, waving smoky incense, ringing bells, and hanging up flowers everywhere. It's their Ostara, I mean Easter. It's OK is you can't follow what they are doing. Some of their own people show up only once a year for this sort of thing too.


This Thursday in Study Group we learn about Earth Day. This event was begun back in 1962 by people wearing suits and ties and not tie-dyes. It has grown into an awareness of our planet and what is going on with it. There will be several celebrations in our locality this month.

This Thursday before Study Group the Church Folk will be doing their Empty Bowls Fundraiser. $10 gets you a bowl of soup and more soup. Then are raising money for LifeNet4Families, a local group that his helping not just street people but others who have fallen upon hard times. Yes, there are hard times out there.

This Saturday in Miami the Circle of Isis Rising is doing a Lunar Ritual. The Full Moon falls on Sunday so there will be drumming on the beach. This Sunday at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale at 11 am, they will be doing a Service on the "Green Economy with Spirit." This one may be of more interest to our Pagans. Also, Elaine Silver will be there to perform.

Following that, there is the Pagan picnic at Snyder Park. We shall have plenty to do this weekend.


This Thursday in Study Group, we do our Annual Banish the Fuzzy Bunny Ritual.

It is said of some in the Craft that they are all sweetness and light, would not harm a fly, and spend most of their time singing Kumbiya.

Well, a Witch who cannot kill, cannot cure. One skill is on the opposite side of the same coin from the other. And so we proclaim our balance by banishing the Fuzzy Bunny. We are having a stuffed Fuzzie Bunny procured. This process in itself is magickal. We shall place this bunny on trial, and, should its defense fail, its fate will be the fire.

We have done this before. See www.moonpathcuups.org/rituals/bunny.htm Yes, there is quite a bit of humor, but the underlying message remains present. We do not operate in an either/or world. There are shades of gray along with the light and dark. Come join us and be creative. We shall have some fun, and something is going to get burnt.


This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about the Folk Magick of Eggs. Do bring an egg shell that has been in your house for at least three days. Blow out the egg so you half al least half of a full shell. You know how to do that!

Thus weekend there is a Turkish Festival in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Come learn about this culture and make friends with a Muslim.

As the disaster in Japan continues to unfold, there are ways to give money for aid. The first link is from Pagans and the second link is from UUs. These look like they will get to real people:



Otherwise, there is drumming around town and more festivals coming up in April.

Today, Wicked comes to town. I have been twice and plan to go again. It's the story as seen by the "Wicked Witch of the West." This is a "chick play" and date-approved. See the YouTube link below. Please take off your pointy hat before taking your seat.



This Thursday in Study Group, we learn about Dhumavati, on of the ten Tantric Goddesses.

Friday there is a program on the impact of the corporate monopoly in the broadcast industry. Learn some news about your news.

Look aroad to April and you will see many festivals on our calendar. Beltaines, Turks, Wise Women. It's all there along with more drumming opportunities. Inanna has been freed from the Underworld tomb of Erishkagal, Spring is upon us and Mother Earth is blossoming into life.


This Thursday in Study Group we swap stories of Ostara and then plan and rehearse our Ostara Ritual. The theme is butterflies. Spelcastor will get there after camping out for the afternoon at McGuire's Hill 16 at 535 N. Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale. Take the bus and avoid a DUI.

Saturday we gather at 7:00 pm for our Ostara Ritual. Wear your butterfly wings. faerie wings will do. You do have butterfly wings, don't you? Moonday and Shaper will lead us in this celebration of the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, over on the beach, it's Full Moon, and there will be drummers out there communing with the Goddess at the usual secret location. Then Sunday, the Tequesta Fire/Drum Circle will celebrate the real Equinox. Prior to that, the Pagan Picnic will also be at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, so come early and bring a picnic. Don't forget water, bug spray, and a lawn chair is useful.

If you still have open time, the 32nd Annual Hatsume Faire at the Morikami is going on Saturday and Sunday. Also Sunday there is a new Green Man Gay Pagan Spiritual Study Group.

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us!


This Thursday we learn about and make Pagan Prayer Beads with Kalliope. Every tradition has prayer beads. They are a tool for focus and to quiet the monkey mind.

This is the last weekend of the Ren-Faire. It's an Irish Weekend so play appropriately.

In Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, we will be re-mulching the labyrinth. This is an annual event where we restore the pathways on our Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is another meditation tool. If you attend a Labyrinth Retreat put on by our Christian neighbors, you will find a strong influence of the Blessed Mother and the Goddess.

Looking at other people's spiritual journeys, there is much more similarity than either/or. What with us all being human, many things start looking the same.


This Thursday in Study Group, Ash the Silent will present on Potions. How these things are conjured up, what they might be used for, and how you might do it. This is a workshop she has previously presented with great success in area metaphysical shops.

For those who want to make this more than a "Show & Tell", we will have bottles and droppers available for an extra $1. This is beyond the $1 we ask for room-rent. Hopefully there will not be many who will complain that this is an oppressive financial burden.

Going on this weekend, there is the Ren-Faire, plus the Annual Asian Cultural Festival in Homestead, FL. Remember, Asians include folks from India as well as China. There will be Buddhist and Hindu things going on as well regional foods. Monday, Living Wicca continues at New Age Books & Things.

Lat week's Pagan Happy Trails workshop was well received. I will plan to offer it at Florida Pagan Gathering next Samhain. This Beltaine, I will present Amulets & Talismen. Pagan ministry to the grieving and dying is more appropriate at the darker time of year.


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